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QUAD, Matthias. [England by the Welsh cartographer Humphrey Lhuyd]
Angliae regni florentissimi nova descriptio auctore Humeredo Lhuÿd Denbÿgiense. Cologne: Johann Bussemacher, c.1592. 185 x 270mm. Very sharp impression on heavy paper and wide margins.
England & Wales, engraved by Henrich Nagel after Humphrey Lhuyd's map as published by Ortelius. SHIRLEY: 172.
[Ref: 11288]    £280.00 ($369 • €313 rates)

 The Netherlands 

QUAD, Matthias. [Holland]
Hollandia. Cologne, c.1600. 165 x 270mm.
Engraved by Johannes Bussemacher after Henricus Nagel, published in Quad's 'Geographisch Handtbuch'.
[Ref: 9094]    £400.00 ($527 • €448 rates)

QUAD, Matthias. [Early 17th century map of Holland]
Hollandia quae olim Batavia.. Cologne, c.1600. Colured. 165 x 270mm.
Oriented to the West. Engraved by Johannes Bussemacher after Henricus Nagel, published by Quad in the 'Geographisch Handtbuch'. The stippled sea is populated with several types of sailing ships, and the map is embellished with a strapwork title cartouche, a leo belgicus coat of arms, and decorative distance scale.
[Ref: 16565]    £350.00 ($461 • €392 rates)


QUAD, Matthias. [AN early 17th century map of Flanders]
Flandriae Descriptio. Cologne, Bussemacher, c.1600. Latin edition. 210 x 275mm.
Engraved by Johannes Bussemacher, published in Quad's 'Fasciculus Geographicuss'. Title above coats-of-arms at upper left. Additional text above map and in cartouche at lower right.
[Ref: 16566]    £250.00 ($330 • €280 rates)

Records: 1 to 4 of 4