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ROCQUE, John. [A fine example of Rocque's county atlas]
The Small British Atlas: being a New Set of Maps of all the Counties of England and Wales: To which is added a General Map... London: Rocque, 1753. 8vo, later brown calf; engraved title (in English & French), folding general map, double-page general map & 52 double-page engraved maps, as called for. Good, early impressions of the maps.
The only county atlas by Rocque, who was better known for his large scale surveys of cities. Most of the maps have no illustrations, but Devon has vignettes of the Eddystone Lighthouse and West Yorkshire has a view of a guillotine in use in Halifax half a century before the French Revolution. The folding general map, titled 'A Parliamentary Map of England', is a sketch-map, marking the outlines of the counties and the positions of the major towns only; however it is made more interesting by the tables, which includes the revenue of both land tax and ship tax from each county.
[Ref: 11749]    £4,800.00 ($6,384 • €5,414 rates)

 London Maps 

ROCQUE, John. [A reduced version of Rocque's landmark map of London]
To Martin Folkes Esq.r President of the Royal Sociery: This Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster and Borough of Southwark, with the Contigious Buildings; is humbly Inscribed by his most humble Servants John Pine and John TInney. London: John Ryall, John Bowles & Son & Thomas Bowles, 1763. 515 x 940mm. Minor repairs to edges.
A reduction of Rocque's monumental 24-sheet map of London, here on one sheet, albeit an unusually large sheet of paper for the period. With the plan engraved by Isaac Basire and the letters by R.W. Seale, it was apparently published as an advertisement for the full-size map: the text under the map transcribes the endorsement of Folkes and Davall, two members of the Royal Society, for the accuracy of Rocque's trigonometrical survey. First published in 1749, this example comes from the third state; only the publication line has been changed. Usually a map of this size would have been printed on two sheets and then joined. Producing a map of this size needed not only a large sheet of paper, but also a large copper printing plate and press. HOWGEGO: 100. (3).
[Ref: 14977]    £4,000.00 ($5,320 • €4,512 rates)


ROCQUE, John. [A four-sheet wall map of Ireland]
A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland, Divided into Provinces, Counties and Baronies, Shewing the Archbishopricks, Bishopricks, Cities, Boroughs, Market Towns, Villages, Barracks, Mountains, Lakes, Bogs, Rivers, Bridges, Ferries, Passes; Also the Great, the Branch, & the By Post Roads, together with the Inland Navigation &c by J:Rocque Chorographer to His Majesty. London: Laurie & Whittle, 1794. Original outline colour. Four sheets conjoined, total 1230 x 980mm. Minor repairs to binding folds.
A detailed map of Ireland, decorated with a large cartouche featuring the title apparently written on a crumbling wall, with a cow and a Rubenesque allegorical figure representing the source of a river, presumably the Liffey. Bottom right is an inset chart of the coasts of the British Isles. Rocque is an important figure in British cartography: a French Huguenot émigré, his first works were surveys of the gardens of royalty and the nobility, including Kew Gardens, Windsor and Sion House. However he is best known for his plan of London on the vast scale of 26 inches to a mile, which took him nine years from commencement of the survey to publication in 1746. There had been no new survey since 1682, and Rocque's work started a renaissance in English mapmaking. Originally issued as a separate publication in 1760, the plates of this map passed to Robert Sayer after Rocque's death in 1762. In 1794 Robert Laurie and James Whittle paid £5,000 for their former employer's business and continued publishing Rocque's map. BONAR LAW: 93, state iii of iii.
[Ref: 16007]    £1,800.00 ($2,394 • €2,030 rates)

 Reference Books 

ROCQUE, John. [Facsimile of Rocque's 16-Sheet Map of London]
An Exact Survey of the City's of London Westminster ye Borough of Southwark... Introductory Notes by James Howgeo. Lympne Castle: Harry Margary, 1971. Large folio, red buckram with title label pasted on. 8pp. , index map and 16 double-page sheets.
Facsimile of one of the most important maps of London, on a scale of 5½ inches to a mile.
[Ref: 15133]    £400.00 ($532 • €451 rates)

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