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 Western USA 

SANSON, Nicolas. [First State of Sanson's quarto map of California as an island]
Audience de Guadalajara, Nouveau Mexique, Californie, &c... 1657. Paris, 1657. Original colour. 205 x 240mm. A very fine and crisp example.
A famous map of the island of California and the adjoining part of Mexico, published in Sanson's 'L'Amerique en plusiers cartes'. The title is within a winged cartouche top right. Although the map is a reduced version of Sanson's own 'Le Nouveau Mexique et la Floride' of the previous year, it was published in an atlas first. With these two maps Sanson introduced the indented northern coastline of the island, which was the predominant depiction until it rejoined the mainland. BURDEN: 327; McLAUGHLIN: 16.
[Ref: 16930]    £1,200.00 ($1,524 • €1,363 rates)

 Gulf States 

SANSON, Nicolas. [Sanson's map of Spanish & French territories in southern North America, showing California as an island]
Le Nouveau Mexique et La Floride: Tirees de diverses Cartes, et Relations... Paris: Sanson, 1679. Original colour. 315 x 550mm. A very fine example.
An influential French map, engraved by Jean Sommer and first published 1656, highlighting their territorial ambitions in the Gulf region. Not only does 'French Florida' fill the region between the Brtitish Province of VIrginia and Spanish Florida, but the two 'Great Lakes' shown, Ontario and Erie, are shown too far south to increase their claimed lands. On the west coast California is an island, with Sanson adopting the Luke Foxe model, with two large bays on the north coast. BURDEN: 319, state iv of iv,
[Ref: 17403]    £5,500.00 ($6,985 • €6,248 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [Sanson's map of Canada with an early depiction of the Great Lakes]
Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, &c... 1656. Paris, Pierre Mariette, c.1662. Fine original colour. 405 x 545mm.
A scarce map of the French possessions in North America, the first map to show Lake Erie in a recognisable form, although the western lakes are still open-ended. A North West Passage is suggested running from Butons Bay. On the St Lawrence Montreal, built by the French c.1642, appears. New York is still named 'Nouvelle Amsterdam', as it was not captured by the English until 1662. Engraved by Jan van Somer, this map was the standard for the next fifty years. First published in 1656 as a separate-issue map, this example comes from Sanson's Atlas 'Les Cartes Générales de toutes parties du Monde', first issued 1658. BURDEN: 318, second state of three, with Mariette's name but without plate number '2' added c.1667.
[Ref: 17449]    £3,500.00 ($4,445 • €3,976 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century map of India]
L'Inde deca et dela le Gange, ou est L'Empire du Grand Mogol Et Pays Circonvoisins Tiree de Purchas... Paris. 1654. Coloured. 355 x 560mm.
A detailed map of the Mogul Empire, based on information supplied by Sir Thomas Roe. Afghanistan and Pakistan are to the west and western China to the east; extends north to the Himalayas and south to the Indian Ocean.
[Ref: 17086]    £550.00 ($699 • €625 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century map of Arabia]
Carte des Trois Arabies. Tirée en Partie de l'Arabe de Nubie en partie de divers autres Autheurs. Paris, Pierre Mariette, 1654, Outline colour. 415 x 500mm. A very fine example with wide margins.
The three Arabias are Petrée, Deserte and Heureuse. The kingdom of 'Bahraim' is outlined in colour. TIBBETTS: 98, colour illus.
[Ref: 15071]    £1,800.00 ($2,286 • €2,045 rates)

SANSON, Nicolas. [Sanson's small format map of Arabia]
L'Arabie Petree, Deserte, et Heureuse. Paris, 1702. Coloured. 195 x 265mm.
A detailed map of the Middle East focused on the Arabian Peninsula. Oman and Mecca are shown. Engraved by De Winter
[Ref: 17210]    £320.00 ($406 • €364 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [17th C. Sweden]
Sueonie ou Suede, Ou Sont Les Provinces De Uplande, Sudermannie, Westmannie, Noricie... Paris, Pierre Mariette, 1666, original colour, 445 x 580mm Minor paper reinforcement at bottom on verso, dark impression.
Centered on Koping and naming Stockholm, Uppsala, and Gavle (Gevalia). The map is bounded by Vattern Lake in the south, a portion of Vanern Lake in the west, to approximately Soderhamn in the north, with some of the Aland islands shown in the east. With the title contained in a dramatic cartouche depicting a battle.
[Ref: 10960]    £400.00 ($508 • €454 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [Southern Sweden]
Ostro-Gotlande Ou Sont Les Provinces De Ostro-Gotlande, Smalande, Et Oeland.... Paris, Pierre Mariette, 1666, original colour, 570 x 430mm
Showing the Smaland/Ostergotland region in Southern Sweden, divided into its counties and marking the cities of Vadstena, Vaxjo and Karlskrona (Christianopel) and the Vattern Lake.
[Ref: 10971]    £250.00 ($318 • €284 rates)

SANSON, Nicolas. [Southern Sweden]
Sud-Gotlande, Et Pays circumvoisins... Paris, Pierre Mariette, 1659, original colour, 570 x 430mm Minor paper tissue reinforcement on verso, good impression.
Showing the tip of southern Sweden and part of Sjelland (Denmark), marking Malmo, Helsingborg and Copenhagen and the islands of Bornholm, Gotland and Oland.
[Ref: 10974]    £250.00 ($318 • €284 rates)

 Southern Italy 

SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century map of southern Italy]
Calabre Citerieure et Vlterieure. Paris, c1648. Original colour. 415 x 560mm. Narrow margins, ink stamp of the 'Depot de la Marine' in sea area.
Detailed map of Southern Italy with Calabria and the Northeastern coast of Sicily. The neighbouring Lipari and Aeoliaen islands are shown.
[Ref: 17167]    £280.00 ($356 • €318 rates)

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