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 Gulf States 

SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century map of Florida]
La Floride Par N. Sanson . . . Paris, 1683. Original outline colour. 185 x 260mm.
Sanson's important early map of Florida and the Southeast, illustrating a number of early and important cartographic features. The first atlas map to correctly name Lake Erie, although it is pushed 2.5 degrees too far south, increasing the claims of France. Several new rivers appear in Virginia. The Caroline depicted on the map is Ft. Caroline, not the Carolinas.
[Ref: 19111]    £450.00 ($584 • €522 rates)

 South America 

SANSON, Nicolas. [A mid-17th century French map of Colombia and Venezuela]
Terre Ferme, ou sont les Governations, ou Gouvernemens de Terre Ferme, Cartagene, S.te Marthe, Rio de la Hache, Venezuela, Nouvelle Andalusie, Popayan, Nouveau Roy.me de Grenade, &c. Paris: Pierre Mariette, 1656. Original outline colour. 405 x 540mm. A little restoration to bottom margin.
The first state of Sanson's map of Colombia and Venezuela, but also showing the fictitious Lake Parime and 'El Dorado', the city of gold.
[Ref: 19056]    £600.00 ($778 • €697 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century French map of Brazil]
Le Bresil, dont la Coste est possedée par les portugais et divisée en Quatorze Capitanieries... Paris, 1683. Original outline colour. 205 x 280mm. Small archival tissue repair in top margin.
Reduced version of Sanson's map of the Portuguese possessions in Brazil. A reasonable amount of detail along the major rivers of the interior and a frame-like title cartouche filling the
[Ref: 19116]    £180.00 ($233 • €209 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century map of India]
L'Inde deca et dela le Gange, ou est L'Empire du Grand Mogol Et Pays Circonvoisins Tiree de Purchas... Paris. 1654. Coloured. 355 x 560mm.
A detailed map of the Mogul Empire, based on information supplied by Sir Thomas Roe (c.1581-1644), ambassador to the emperor Jahangir 1615-18. At a time that roads were not usually shown on maps, this marks his route to the court as a line of villages from Surat to Kabul in Afghanistan. His route was a southern spur of the Silk Road, making this one of the few contemporary maps to include such information.
[Ref: 17086]    £400.00 ($519 • €464 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century map of Arabia]
Carte des Trois Arabies. Tirée en Partie de l'Arabe de Nubie en partie de divers autres Autheurs. Paris, Pierre Mariette, 1654, Outline colour. 415 x 500mm. A very fine example with wide margins.
The three Arabias are Petrée, Deserte and Heureuse. The kingdom of 'Bahraim' is outlined in colour. TIBBETTS: 98, colour illus.
[Ref: 15071]    £1,800.00 ($2,335 • €2,090 rates)

SANSON, Nicolas. [Sanson's small format map of Arabia]
L'Arabie Petree, Deserte, et Heureuse. Paris, 1702. Coloured. 195 x 265mm.
A detailed map of the Middle East focused on the Arabian Peninsula. Oman and Mecca are shown. Engraved by De Winter
[Ref: 17210]    £320.00 ($415 • €372 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [A map of the Bosphorus in Classical times]
Anaplus Bosphori Thracii Ex Indagationibus Petri Gullis Delineatus. Paris: Pierre Mariette, 1666. Original outline colour. 415 x 535mm. A very fine large paper example.
A map of the Bosphorus in Classical times. Underneath the elaborate title cartouche there is a vignette of Xerxes I leading the Persian army across a pontoon bridge c. 482 BC.
[Ref: 18038]    £375.00 ($486 • €435 rates)

SANSON, Nicolas. [A map of Classical Turkey and Cyprus]
Asia Minor in Epitomen Contracta, Magnas Regiones, seu Provincias Representans, in quibus Populi, Primariae Urbes, Locaque Præcipua Notantur. Paris: Gilles Robert de Vaugondy, c1731. Original outline colour. 410 x 635mm.
A map of Asia Minor, first published by Pierre Moullard Sanson in 1697, but this example published by Gilles Robert du Vaugondy, who took over his business in 1731.
[Ref: 17597]    £650.00 ($843 • €755 rates)

 Southern Italy 

SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century map of southern Italy]
Calabre Citerieure et Vlterieure. Paris, c.1648. Original colour. 415 x 560mm. Narrow margins, ink stamp of the 'Depot de la Marine' in sea area.
Detailed map of Southern Italy with Calabria and the Northeastern coast of Sicily. The neighbouring Lipari and Aeoliaen islands are shown.
This item is currently on reserve

SANSON, Nicolas. [The Kingdom of Naples]
Royaume de Naples. Paris, c1679. Original colour. 410 x 580mm. Narrow margins, ink stamp of the 'Depot de la Marine' in sea area, engraved date overwritten with '1679' in old ink.
Antique map of The Kingdom of Naples, covering central and south-east Italy.
[Ref: 13572]    £150.00 ($195 • €174 rates)

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