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 North America 

TARDIEU, Ambroise. [19th century map of Mexico and Texas]
Carte du Mexique Dressee pour l'Intelligence de l'Histoire Generale des Voyages de Laharpe Paris, 1821. Original outline colour. 410 x 260mm.
A detailed map of Mexico, Texas and the Rocky Mountains, published in La Harpe's Histoire Générale des Voyages and inspired from the Humboldt surveys. Several Indian tribes and places are named. Shows Salt lake and also the mythical lake to the south. Published in the same year as Moses Austin obtained his first grant from the Spanish authorities to settle 300 familes in what would later become the Republic of Texas.
[Ref: 18665]    £275.00 ($360 • €309 rates)


TARDIEU, Ambroise. [French map of Cuba & the Bahamas]
Carte de L'Isle de Cuba et des Isles Lucayes. Paris, c.1795. Coloured. 335 x 435mm. Example with wide margins, printed on plano, without the crease in the middle.
Showing Cuba and the Bahamas with good detail.
[Ref: 18318]    £340.00 ($445 • €382 rates)

Records: 1 to 2 of 2