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 World Maps 

THOMSON, John. [A map of the Atlantic marking Nelson's movements before Trafalgar]
Atlantic or Western Ocean. Edinburgh, c.1814. Original colour. 525 x 650mm. Trimmed just into plate at bottom.
A map of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding coasts, marking 'The Gulf Stream According to Governor Pownall'. Thomas Pownall (1722-1805) had been lieutenant governor of New Jersey and governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay in the run-up to the Seven Years' War, and placed great importance on mapping the area in preparation. He also took an interest in how the little-known Gulf Stream affected trans-Atlantic trade: his pamphlet and map on the subject, published 1787, acknowledged the assistance of his friend Benjamin Franklin. Also marked on the map is the route of Admiral Nelson as he chased a French Fleet to the West Indies and back to the famous Battle of Trafalgar, 1805.
[Ref: 18039]    £400.00 ($510 • €446 rates)


THOMSON, John. [An unusual variant of Thomson's antique map of Scotland]
Scotland. Edinburgh, John Thomson, c.1825. Original colour. Map 600 x 540mm, with extra printed table borders, total 675 x 810mm, dissected and laid on linen, folded into a marbled slipcase with title label. Slipcase worn.
Although the imprint states that this map was 'Drawn and Engraved for Thomson's New General Atlas', this example has been issued folded with an engraved text description of Scotland, a table of roads of Scotland, and a table of the places on the Mail Coach Road between Edinburgh and London via York. The slipcase label reads 'A New Travelling Map of Scotland... Constructed from Mr Arrowsmith's Celebrated map... Published by John Thomson & Co.'. Curiously, the map appears to be printed on the verso of sheets of other Thomson maps: the Scotland map on 'The Southern Hemisphere'; the Scottish road table on 'Denmark and the Faroe Islands'; and 'the Edinburgh-London table on South America'. This is only obvious when held up to the light.
[Ref: 12322]    £400.00 ($510 • €446 rates)

Records: 1 to 2 of 2