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 London Maps 

VALEGIO, Francesco. [Early Italian Plan of London]
Londra. Padua, Lasor à Varea, 1713, set in a page of text, coloured, 85 x 120mm.
Valegio's townplan of London, a reduced version of the Braun & Hogenberg. From the re-issue of Valegio's townbook by Lasor à Varea, called "Universus Terrarum Orbis Scriptorum Calamo Delineatus". HOWGEGO No. 5a
[Ref: 9808]    £220.00 ($303 • €248 rates)

 British Towns 

VALEGIO, Francesco & ROSACCIO, Guiseppe?. [Chester]
Cestria, vulgo Chester, Anglie civitatas; Fortezza di Sopoto. Padua, Lasor a Varea, 1713. Two maps on one sheet, 85 x 120mm & 100 x 175mm, set in text.
Valegio's townplan of Chester, a reduced version of the Braun & Hogenberg; and a view of the Fortress of Sopoto, under siege.
[Ref: 9797]    £80.00 ($110 • €90 rates)

Records: 1 to 2 of 2