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VALK, Gerard. Les Isles Britanniques, qui contiennent les Royaumes d'Angleterre, Ecosse et Irlande... Amsterdam, c.1695. Original colour. 495 x 575mm. Verdigris cracks reinforced, small hole near Scilly Isles repaired.
With an inset of the Orkneys, Shetlands and Faroes, and a decorative title cartouche. SHIRLEY: British Isles 1650-1750, Valck 1.
[Ref: 9456]    £600.00 ($826 • €675 rates)


VALK, Gerard. [Belgium Flanders]
Flandriæ Comitatus. Amsterdam, c.1720. Original colour. 580 x 495mm. Centrefold reinforced, some creasing.
With a decorative cartouche in particularly fine colour.
[Ref: 9458]    £220.00 ($303 • €248 rates)


VALK, Gerard & Leonard. [Early 18th century map of Normany in fine colour]
Normannia Ducatus, tum Superior ad Ortum, tum Inferior ad aceasum... Amsterdam, c.1700. Bright original colour. 490 x 600mm. A very fine example printed on heavy paper.
A detailed map of Normandy is stong original body colour, also showing Jersey.
[Ref: 15399]    £400.00 ($551 • €450 rates)

VALK, Gerard. [Lorraine]
Generalis Lotharingia, Dispartita in Ducatum ejus Proprium, et Barrensem... Amsterdam, c.1710. Original colour. 500 x 595mm. Repairs to the centrefold and verdigris weaknesses.
With a decorative cartouche. The colour is particularly fine.
[Ref: 9454]    £250.00 ($344 • €281 rates)


VALK, Gerard. [Map of Provence in fine original colour]
Provincia Supremarum Galliae Praefecturum una; Vulgariter Gouvernement De Provence in qua Alienae Ditionis Ad Pontifices Romanos Spectans Comitatus Avenioniensis . . . Amsterdam, c.1700. Original colour. 500 x 595mm.
Antique map of the Provence region of France or " French Riviera" or "Côte d'Azur". The map extends from Nice to Arles, with excellent detail in the interior and a decorative cartouche.
[Ref: 13446]    £460.00 ($633 • €518 rates)

Records: 1 to 5 of 5