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VISSCHER, Nicolas. [An elegant map of the Americas]
Novissima et Accuratissima Totius Americae Descriptio. Amsterdam, c.1670. coloured. 440 x 550mm. Split lower centerfold restored.
Showing California as an island and a partial coastline of New Zealand which has been placed too far southwest, with two ornate cartouches. McLaughlin 48.
[Ref: 9572]    £1,500.00 ($1,950 • €1,677 rates)

 Sri Lanka 

VISSCHER, Nicolas. [A large and colourful map of Sri Lanka]
Insula Ceilon olim Taprobana Incolis Tenarisin et Lankawn exactissime delineata... Amsterdam, c.1680. Original colour refreshed. 500 x 595mm.
A decorative Dutch map, orientated with north to the right, with the Dutch forts marked with flags. The cartouche shows three natives with a domesticated elephant, also in full colour.
[Ref: 17463]    £1,000.00 ($1,300 • €1,118 rates)


VISSCHER, Nicolas. [An Anglo-Dutch separate-issue road map of England]
A New Mapp of the Kingdome of England Representing the Princedome of Wales, and other Provinces, Cities, Market Towns, with the Roads from Town to Town. And the Number of reputed Miles between them, are given by Inspection without Scale or Compass. Printed and given out by Nicolas Visscher upon the Dam at the signe of the Fischer... and are to be sold by John Overton at the White Horse without Newgate. Amsterdam,, c.1694. 570 x 500mm. Trimmed close to neatline, laid on contemporary paper as originally issued.
A callaboration between publishers in Amsterdam and London. A detailed map of England and Wales criss-crossed by straight lines representing roads. This state, about ten years after the first, is identified by the dedication to William III under the elaborate title cartouche supported by putti and surmounted with the Royal Arms. Shirley "British Isles" Visscher 2 , State 4 of 5.
[Ref: 10557]    £480.00 ($624 • €537 rates)

VISSCHER, Nicolas. [17th century sea chart of the English Channel]
Manica, Gallis La Manche, et Belgis Het Canaal, Pars Oceani inter Angliam et Galliam... Amsterdam, c.1698. Original colour. 480 x 570mm. A fine example
A chart of the English Channel, showing the British coastline from Cardigan to Orford and the Continental coast from Calais to Nantes, with the River Seine to Paris.
[Ref: 15700]    £650.00 ($845 • €727 rates)

Records: 1 to 4 of 4