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 Baltic States 

WAGHENAER, Lucas Janzoon. [Early rare chart of Latvia & Estonia in original colour]
Beschrijurnghe van Lijflant ende Courlant metten omliggenden eijlanden... Description de Livonie, et Courlande, et des isles circonvoisins... Amsterdam: Cornelis Claesz, c.1596. Original colour with additions. 200 x 570mm. Narrow top margin.
A very early printed sea chart of the environs of the Gulf of Riga, engraved by Johannes van Deutecom for Waghenaer's smaller pilot-book, the 'Thresoor der Zeevaert'. Orientated with north to the left, it shows from near Tallinn in Estonia south to Kaliningrad Oblast, with Kaliningrad marked 'Conincxbergen', with three fine compass roses. 'The 'Thresoor der Zeevaert' was Waghenaer's pet project, more important to him than the larger 'Spieghel der Zeevarerdt': in fact he transferred the rights to the 'Spieghel' to Claesz in 1588 so he could concentrate on the 'Thresoor'. To Wagenaer the 'Thresoor' was more in keeping with the tradional pilot-book (or 'rutter') and of more use to the coastal pilots who had been his collegues.
[Ref: 12093]    £4,500.00 ($6,062 • €5,063 rates)

Records: 1 to 1 of 1