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 Central Asia 

WALKER, J. & C. [19th Century Map of Afghanistan]
Bokhara, Afghanistan, Beloochistan, &C. London, Charles Knight; 1852. Original outline colour. 420 x 355mm.
Map made for the SDUK (Society for the Diffusion of Useful knowledge), centred on Afghanistan (referred to as Kabool). Shows Bokhara, Afghanistan and part of Persia.
[Ref: 17165]    £150.00 ($191 • €168 rates)


WALKER, J. & C. [A large and detailed map of India]
Map of India from The most recent Authorities. London: William Houghton Allen, 1882. Steel engraving with original colour. Dissected and laid on linen with bookseller's ads, total 970 x 890mm, folded into a contemporary Stanfords buckram slipcase with title label. Fine.
A large and colourful map of India, also including Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and northern Burma. Originally published in the 1840s this example has been updated considerably; a new key of the possessions of the European powers is placed east of Sri Lanka, but the outline of the old key still remains in the lower left corner.
[Ref: 17410]    £550.00 ($699 • €618 rates)

 English Counties 

WALKER, J. & C. [Antique folding map of Nottinghamshire]
Nottinghamshire. London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Co., 1836. Original colour. Folding map, dissected and laid on linen, 410 x 340mm, with covers with publisher's label.
Old map of the county of Nottinghamshire
[Ref: 12605]    £60.00 ($76 • €67 rates)

 Baltic States 

WALKER, J. & C. [Old chart of the Baltic during the Crimean War]
Baltic Index-Chart. London: Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty, 1854. 650 x 980mm.
A large and detailed chart, published on the outbreak of the Crimean War, when an Anglo-French fleet was sent to blockade St Petersburg, Russia's only northern port open all year around. In two successive years the fleet blockaded the Gulf of Finland successfully and had a few minor victories, including the capture of the Russian garrison at Bomarsund and the bombardment of Sweaborg and Hogland. However the failure of the fleet to attack either Cronstad or St Petersburg meant that the action was stategically ineffective.
[Ref: 12269]    £250.00 ($318 • €281 rates)


WALKER, J. & C. [Old sea chart of the environs of Karlskrona]
Baltic. Carlskrona Harbour from a Danish Plan. London: Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty, 1853. 650 x 485mm. Narrow margin on right.
Detailed sea chart of the approaches to Karlskrona, home of the Swedish Navy.
[Ref: 12264]    £240.00 ($305 • €270 rates)

 St Petersburg 

WALKER, J. & C. [Detailed chart of the approaches to St Petersburg]
The Bay of St. Petersburg from the Russian Survey. London: the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty, 1854. 475 x 630mm.
Detailed chart of the approaches to St Petersburg, published two weeks before the British declared war on Russia, as the Crimean War. Although the main focus of the British participation was in the Crimea, a fleet was also sent to the Baltic to harass St Petersburg, then the imperial capital city. Although it successfully blockaded all the Russian ports, keeping the Russian Baltic Fleet at its moorings, its attempts to capture any land base were ineffectual.
[Ref: 11717]    £200.00 ($254 • €225 rates)

Records: 1 to 6 of 6