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 World Maps 

WALLIS, John. [A Georgian ''goose game'' world map]
Wallis's Complete Voyage Round the World. A New Geographical Pastime. London: John Wallis. 1796. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen as issued, map 335 x 640mm, together with rule sheet 170 x 660, both folded into marbled slipcase with publisher's title label. Slipcase worn.
An early educational ''goose game'', in which players race around the world, starting at Portsmouth and ending at London, through a hundred places, each with a fact and occassional penalty listed on the rule sheet. For example a player would miss a turn by visiting the 'Black Hole' of Calcutta. Worse was landing on 89, the Magellan Straights: ''the traveller is shipwrecked and loses his chance of the game''. According to the cover label this pocket version cost 6 shillings (as did tours though England, Europe and Scotland advertised on the map); boxed versions (containing the map on pastboard, totem and counties neccessary to play the game) were mentioned, unpriced. Totems were standardly used because dice were heavily taxed to discourage gambling.
[Ref: 17501]    £1,600.00 ($2,203 • €1,800 rates)

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