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WEIGEL, Christoph. [Decorative 18th century map of Ireland]
Regni Hiberniae accurata tabula oer Hermañum Moll recognita... Nuremberg, c.1718. Original body colour. 395 x 330mm.
A map of Ireland engraved by Kauffer after a map by Hermann Moll.
[Ref: 17561]    £475.00 ($616 • €548 rates)

 Eastern Europe 

WEIGEL, Christoph. [Uncommon folio map of Hungary]
Hungaria, cum adiacentibus Provinciis nova et accuratiori forma exhibetur. Nuremberg, c.1720. Original wash colour. 420 x 620mm.
An unusual two-sheet map of Hungary, with a decorative title cartouche on the west sheet and an inset view of Temesvar on the east. The map celebrates the end of the Austro-Turkish War of 1716-8: the title cartouche features the Habsburg emperor standing over the defeated Turks; and vignette battle scene shows the victory at Temeswar. On the map the Banat of Temeswar is shown as a province of the Austrian empire. Engraved by Michael Kauffer.
[Ref: 16892]    £650.00 ($843 • €750 rates)


WEIGEL, Christoph. [18th century map of Greece]
Graeciae Novae Tabula.. Nuremberg, c.1720. Coloured. 340 x 410mm.
A detailed map of Modern Grreece with a decorative cartouche of a pair of mermen, riding sea creatures whilst holding large shell.
[Ref: 16762]    £350.00 ($454 • €404 rates)

 Italian Islands 

WEIGEL, Christoph. [Early 18th Century msp of Sardinia]
Regni Sardiniae descriptio... Nuremberg, c.1720. Original body colour. 405 x 325mm.
A lovely map of Sardinia, with a decorative title cartouche.
[Ref: 17625]    £450.00 ($584 • €519 rates)

Records: 1 to 4 of 4