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 World Maps 

WELLS, Edward. [Double-hemisphere map of the world with prospects of Oxford]
A New Map of the Terraqueous Globe according to the latest Discoveries and most general Divisions of it into Continents and Oceans. Oxford, 1700. Coloured. 375 x 510mm.
Double hemisphere world map with decorative borders including a view of the Bodleian Library in Oxford. The map has America associated with Atlantis, with California marked as an island. The map was published in the 'New Set of Maps of Both Ancient and Present Geography', dedicated to Prince William, son of Princess Anne Stuart, who was being groomed for the English monarchy, but who died the year this map was published, two years before his mother became queen in 1702. The engraver was Michael Burghers, a Dutchman who came to England and became Engraver to Oxford University. His most famous work was the map for Plot's 'Natural History of Oxfordshire', 1677.
[Ref: 17468]    £1,250.00 ($1,721 • €1,406 rates)

 Central Italy 

WELLS, Edward. [Early 18th century map of Central Italy]
A New Map of Latium, Etruria, and as much of Ancient Italy, as lay between Gallia Cisalpina and Græcia Magna... Oxford, c. 1700. Coloured. 375 x 495mm.
Map of central Italy showing the area during the days of the Roman Empire.The map identifies many important cities and towns and uses ancient names throughout. The Roman regions of Latium, Etruria, Apulia and Campania are also noted. There is a decorative cartouche featuring the coat of arms of the Duke of Gloucester. The map is dedicated to Prince William, Duke of Gloucester.
[Ref: 15438]    £220.00 ($303 • €248 rates)


WELLS, Edward. [An English map of France]
A New Map Of Ancient Gaul Or Gallia Transalpina Shewing The Divisions... Oxford, 1700. Coloured. 370 x 500mm.
Engraved by Robert Spofforth and published for " A new sett of maps both of antient and present geography". This map was one of a set of 22 maps dedicated to William, Duke of Glouchester, who was then an 11 year old student at Oxford. Showing Roman France as divided by Augustus Caesar in its entirety and marking and categorising all the main settlements and geographical features. With an inset of France as it was divided during the reign of Julius Caesar.
[Ref: 10558]    £250.00 ($344 • €281 rates)


WELLS, Edward. [Germany]
A New Map of Ancient Germany... Oxford, 1700. Coloured. 365 x 490mm.
Published for the 'New Sett of Maps of Both Ancient and Present Geography', with a fine title cartouche.
[Ref: 9761]    £200.00 ($275 • €225 rates)

Records: 1 to 4 of 4