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WILLDEY, George. [Superbly-decorated map of Ogilby's roads of England and Wales]
The Roads of England According to Mr Ogilby's Survey. London: George Willdey, c.1713. Contemporary colour refreshed. 590 x 595mm. Repairs to folds, laid on archival paper.
A scarce separate-issue map of England and Wales arranged to show the roads as surveyed for John Ogilby's 'Britannia'. To make the detail marked on the roads clear (for example the distances between towns) the geographical outline of the country is distorted, fitting into a circle. Bottom left there is no attempt to show the Cornish peninsula, yet Land's End is marked. The rich borders are decorated with acanthus leaves, with roundels containing armorials. The map is unusual in that it was printed from two plates, a circular plate, 525mm in diameter, for the map and a second plate for the border. As this border has no distinct 'up', examples exist where the border is rotated in relation to the map into all four cardinals. This example is rotated 90º clockwise to the illustration in Shirley. The map can also be found without the border. Ogilby's 'Britannia' was the world's first printed road atlas, published 1675, a hugely-influential publication; soon his roads started appearing on British county maps, and, nearly forty years later, Ogilby's work was still being used. SHIRLEY: Willdey 1, 'striking road map'; this second state, not listed in Shirley, has apparent 'crossing-out' lines through Willdey's imprint.
[Ref: 16276]    £4,250.00 ($5,542 • €4,769 rates)

 English Counties 

WILLDEY, George. [Uncommon map of Cambridgeshire from a Saxton county atlas]
Cambridge-Shire and the Great Level of ye Fenns extending into the Adjacent Shires, according to Surveys as it is now drained at the Charges of ye R.t Hon.ble W. Earl of Bedford, & ye other Proprieters by S.r Jonas Moore, &c. London: Thomas Jefferys, c.1749. Coloured. 404 x 480mm.
An uncommon map of Cambridgeshire, reduced from the 16-sheet map by Sir Jonas Moore, published in Jefferys' edition of the Saxton county atlas. In the original Saxton edition of 1579 Cambridge was one of five counties on one plate. Philip Lea had Moore's map copied for his 1689 edition, but when George Willdey bought Lea's stock in 1730 the plate was missing, so he had this close copy engraved. For his edition Jefferys had Willdey's imprint removed. SHIRLEY: BM Atlases T.SAX-1k.
[Ref: 15847]    £1,250.00 ($1,630 • €1,403 rates)

Records: 1 to 2 of 2