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WYLD, James. [An English mid-Victorian table globe]
A Terrestrial Globe Compiled from the latest & Most Authentic Sources, Including all the recent Geographical Discoveries. London, c.1870. Printed globe, 12" diameter (305mm), on three-legged, wooden stand, brass meridian and horizon with engraved paper calendar and zodiac, total height 18" (460mm), A few small signs of wear.
A fine table globe, marking James Clark Ross's discoveries in Antarctica (1841), 'The United States of Colombia' (1861-88) and Alaska as part of the United States (1867).
[Ref: 17297]    £7,250.00 including VAT ($9,237 • €8,084 rates)

 Central America 

WYLD, James. [Antique map of the Central American crossings]
Map of Central America Shewing the Different Lines of Atlantic & Pacific Communication. London: James Wyld, 1850. Original colour. Lithographic map, sheet 600 x 810mm. Trimmed on left, binding folds.
Antique Map of Central America from Vera Cruz in Mexico south to the Gulf of Darien, showing the possible crossings of the isthmus, including Tehuantepic and Panama. An inset map shows the geology of the Panama route, and four sections display the altitudes of the routes.
[Ref: 12409]    £800.00 ($1,019 • €892 rates)


WYLD, James. [Two-sheet large-scale map of India]
Map of the Peninsula of India from the 19th degree of North Latitude to Cape Cormorin London, c. 1844, Two sheets, original colour, each sheet 510 x 830mm
A very large, detailed and decorative map of India on two sheets, with strong original colour highlighting the division of India and the various colonial possessions within it at the time
[Ref: 9638]    £500.00 ($637 • €558 rates)

 Near East 

WYLD, James. [Detailed map of the the Ottoman province of Syria]
Map of Syria Ancient and Modern. London: Wyld, 1840. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen as issued, 990mm x 640mm, with slipcase with publisher's title label. Old ink ownership inscription on slipcase label.
A detailed map of the Ottoman province of Syria, covering modern Syria, Israel, Gaza and the West Bank and Lebanon. The information on the map is a mixture of contemporary and classical, as far back as the Phoenecians.
[Ref: 11747]    £350.00 ($446 • €390 rates)

WYLD, James. [Map of Syria]
Map of Syria London: Wyld, c.1864. Original Colour. 290 x 230mm
Detailed map of Syria from James Wyld's Atlas of the World. Includes "Tables of the subdivisions of Syria at different periods".
[Ref: 15479]    £125.00 ($159 • €139 rates)

WYLD, James. [The Passage to India as the Suez Canal opened]
Map of the Countries between England and India Designed to shew the Over-Land and Sea Routes to the East. The Line of Communication with our Indian Possessions and the relative position of Russia to England and Hindostan. London: Wyld, 1876. Original colour. Dissected and laid on new linen, total 665 x 840mm.
A map of Europe and Asia between Britain and India, with the Mediterranean coast of Africa, Egypt and Nubia. An inset map shows the sea route around the Cape of Good Hope to China and Australia. The title gives clues to the double purpose of this map: firstly the routes to India only four years after the opening of the Suez Canal; and, secondly, highlighting the threat of Russia to Britain's possession of India, the so-called 'Great Game'. Russia had been acquiring territory in Central Asia, pushing south through the Caucasus, Tartary and Bukhara to the northern borders of Afghanistan (here 'Caubul'). Such was the climate of apprehension that two years after this map was published the Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-80) broke out because Russia merely sent diplomats to Kabul!
[Ref: 16458]    £385.00 ($490 • €429 rates)


WYLD, James. [Detailed map of Australia in fine colour]
Map of Australia, Compiled from the Nautical Surveys, Made by Order of the Admiralty and other Authentic Documents. London: James Wyld, c.1855. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen, edged in green silk, publisher label pasted on verso. 600 x 870mm. Some wear to folds of linen. edging frayed.
A map of Australia detailing the burgeoning English colonies in the south of the continent. It also shows some of the ealy attempts to explore the interior, including Charles Sturt's third and final expedition, 1845. Insets feature Tasmania and the world showing the position of Australia with the British Empire in red. Far off the east coast are Bampton Shoals (now Bampton Reef, part of the Chesterfield Islands archipelago), with a note 'Two Islands with trees', on the coordinates of 'Sandy Island'. This island was famously declared non-existent in 2013 and removed from Google Maps!
[Ref: 12335]    £500.00 ($637 • €558 rates)

 London Maps 

WYLD, James. [London during the Great Exhibition of 1851]
Wyld's New Plan of London. London, 1851. Original colour. Wood engraving, 560 x 940mm. Minor repairs to folds.
A detailed plan of London, marking the 'Crystal Palace' of the Great Exhibition on the south side of Hyde Park. The borders contain eleven vignettes of notable buildings, including the Great Exhibition buildings and 'Mr Wyld's Model of the Earth in Leicester Square'. 'Wyld's Great Globe' was a 60-foot diameter hollow globe with the surface of the Earth, complete with mountains and rivers, modelled in plaster of paris on its interior. Visitors would climb an internal staircase for viewing. James Wyld (1812-87), the publisher of this map, originally proposed this attraction for the Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace, but it was judged too big and commercial for that show. Therefore Wyld acquired a ten-year lease on land in Leicester Square gardens and built it there. At first it was a great success, but the novelty wore off; after the lease was up Wyld could not find a buyer for the attraction and so the globe was sold for scrap. HYDE: Printed Maps of Victorian London, 25.
[Ref: 13247]    £1,400.00 ($1,784 • €1,561 rates)

WYLD, James. [A large and fine wall map of London]
London and its Environs. London, c.1875. Coloured. Dissected & laid on linen as issued, 1090 x 1300mm.
A very large and detailed map of London in fine original colour, extending from Kew Bridge in the west, clockwise to Highgate, Leytonstone, Canning Town, Greenwich & Blackheath, Norwood and Richmond Park. The map is within a printed frame, pasted on, which contains the title and lists of parishes. HYDE: D & H 415.
[Ref: 13722]    £4,000.00 ($5,096 • €4,460 rates)

 Baltic States 

WYLD, James. [The Baltic Theatre of the Crimean War]
Wyld's Map of the Baltic or East Sea, including the Gulf of Finland and the Surrounding Countries, embracing the Present Seat of War. London: Wyld, 1854. Lithographic map with original hand colour. Dissected and laid on linen, total 520 x 695mm.
Chart of the sea from the east coast of England to St Petersburg, with insets of the environs of St Petersburg and Russian territorial advances in Scandinavia. A separate-issue map published to illustrate the news accounts of the Anglo-French fleet that had been sent to blockade St Petersburg, Russia's only northern port open all year around, on the outbreak of the Crimean War in 1854. In two successive years the fleet blockaded the Gulf of Finland successfully and had a few minor victories, including the capture of the Russian garrison at Bomarsund and the bombardment of Sweaborg and Hogland. However the failure of the fleet to attack either Cronstad or St Petersburg meant that the action was stategically ineffective.
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