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 Eastern Seaboard 

HAGSTROM COMPANY INC. [New York's Subway system in 1950]
Rapid Transit lines of the New York City Transit System Hagstrom, 1950. 440 x 240mm.
A 1950 folding leaflet system map, including route information for the three divisions. Joint IRT/BMT service to Astoria and Flushing is shown; 3rd Avenue El service in Manhattan still extends to South Ferry; the Fulton (showing thru service via Broadway and Lexington), Myrtle and Lexington Ave. Els in Brooklyn; Worth, 18th, 91st St. stations are still open on the Contract I IRT; Canarsie Trolley transfer. On the reverse is detailed Service information; rates of fare, general points of interest and a brief history of the New York City Transit System.
[Ref: 18688]    £200.00 ($261 • €224 rates)


MUNSTER, Sebastian. [The first printed map of Asia]
Die Lander Asie nach irer gelegenheit bisz in Indiam werden in diser Tafel verzeichnet. Basle: Henri Petri, 1560, German text. Coloured woodcut, printed area 270 x 345mm. One tiny hole.
Munster's map of modern Asia, published in the 'Cosmographia Universalis'. Much of the information for this map came from Portuguese sources, indicated by the presence of their Indian colonies Cambay, Goa, Calicut and Kannur. However further east Munster has had to return to Marco Polo's account, written in prison in 1298, for China and the 'Archipelago of 7448 Islands', the Philippines. Ptolemy's 'Taprobana' is now Sumatra rather than Sri Lanka. At the bottom of the map Zanzibar is an island south-east of Madagascar. Decorating the seas is a huge fish and a twin-tailed mermaid.
[Ref: 17590]    £1,350.00 ($1,760 • €1,515 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [Classic 18th century map of Asia]
Asia cum omnibus Imperiis Provinciis, Statibus et Insulis... Augsburg, c.1730. Original colour with additions to the cartouches. 500 x 585mm.
A decorative map of Asia, with two fine cartouches representing the wealth and culture of the continent. Both 'Yedso' and 'Companie Land' appear above Japan; Novaya Zemla is connected to mainland Russia; and New Britain is depicted in a squarish shape, expanded from the southern coast mapped by Dampier in 1700.
[Ref: 18432]    £780.00 ($1,017 • €875 rates)


CLUVER, Philip. [Seventeenth century miniature map of China]
Imperii Sinarum Nova Descriptio. Amsterdam: Elzevier Press, 1659. Original colour. 120 x 125mm.
An attractive miniature map of the Chinese Empire, also encompassing Japan and the mythical 'Yeso'. Published in Cluver's 'Introductionis in Universam Geographicam'.
[Ref: 18764]    £225.00 ($293 • €252 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [Early 18th century map of China]
La Partie Orientale de L'Asie ou se trouvent Le Grand Empire des Tartares Chinois et Celuy du Japon. Paris, 1705. 240 x 340mm.
Interesting map of China, Korea and Japan, with a large 'Terre D'Yeço' connected to the mainland. The island of Taiwan is labeled "I.Formosa ou Bel Isle" and the Great Wall is shown Engraved by Inselin.
[Ref: 18428]    £450.00 ($587 • €505 rates)

BELCHER, Edward. [The first survey of Hong Kong]
Hong Kong. Surveyed by Capt.n Sir Edward Belcher, in H.M.S. Sulphur 1841. London: Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty, May 1st 1843-6. 625 x 930mm. A few small repairs.
A very important chart of Hong Kong, engraved by J. & C. Walker from the survey by Sir Edward Belcher in 1841, the year before the island was ceded to Britain. This is a very early example, with corrections to 1846, only three years after the first edition. The settlement at Victoria is unnamed, although Victoria Bay and Victoria Peak are so marked. On the south side of the island both Aberdeen and Stanley have yet to be given their English names, and Kowloon is little more than a fort. This remained the best chart of Hong Kong for many years and was re-issued until at least 1960, heavily revised. Early examples of these charts remain rare as they were issued for practical use and were discarded when updated versions became available. Captain Edward Belcher produced charts of all over the world for the Navy and also wrote accounts of his voyage around the world and an expedition to the Arctic. He ended his career in the navy as an Admiral.
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 Pacific and Australasia 

ZATTA, Antonio. [Map of Australia and New Zealand after Cook's First Voyage to the Pacific]
Nuove Scoperte Fatte nel 1765, 67 e 69 nel Mare del Sud. Venice, 1776. Original colour. 320 x 420mm.
Oceania, showing the routes of Carteret and Byron, but most importantly the discoveries made by Captain Cook, 1768-71. These include the first circumnavigation of New Zealand and the mapping of the eastern coast of Australia. The coastline of southern Australia is only guessed at.
[Ref: 18673]    £1,000.00 ($1,304 • €1,122 rates)


HODGES, William. [Portrait of a Maori, from Cook's Second Voyage]
Man of New Zealand. London: Strahan and Cadell, 1777. 260 x 215mm. Narrow margins left and bottom.
A portrait of a Maori with tatoos, sketched during Cook's second visit to New Zealand, 1773. Rangituanui (Tuanui), the principal chief of Ngati Hikatoa, is shown with feathers in his hair, albatross feather earrings, moko and a bone toggle fastening his cloak. He was given two sows and two boars by Cook's crew, from which the wild pigs known as 'Captain Cookers' are descended. This plate was engraved by Jean Baptiste Michel after a red chalk drawing by Hodges (now in the National Library of Australia) and published in 'A Voyage towards the South Pole', the offiical account of Cook's Second Voyage. On this expedition (1772-5) he circumnavigated the world as far south as he could, attempting to locate any 'Terra Australis Incognita'.
[Ref: 17112]    £275.00 ($359 • €309 rates)


MUNSTER, Sebastian. [A 16th century woodcut map of the British Isles]
Von den Britannischen Insuln. Basle, c.1570, German text edition. Woodcut, Coloured, image size 250 x 170mm.
Despite being a 'modern' map and first published after the Ortelius map of Britain, Scotland still has the eastward slant ususally associated with Ptolemaic maps. Guernsey ('Grenze') is placed in the middle of the English Channel. On verso is a woodcut portrait of James I (1603-1625). See SHIRLEY: British Isles 1477-1650, 122.
[Ref: 18472]    £350.00 ($456 • €393 rates)

 English Counties 

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [16th century prospects of Windsor & Oxford]
Oxonium nobile Anglie oppidum...; Vindesorium celeberrimum Anglie castrum... Cologne, 1598, Latin text edition. Coloured. 365 x 490mm.
A classic prospects of Oxford and Windsor Castle after Hofnagle, published for the Civitates Orbis Terrarum, the first series of printed town plans. French text on verso.
[Ref: 17668]    £900.00 ($1,174 • €1,010 rates)

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