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ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century map of Asia]
L'Asia divisa ne' suoi Principali Stati Di Nuova Projezione. Venice, 1777. Original outline colour. 315 x 410mm.
Asia on a curved projection. The sea between Korea and Japan is named 'Mare di Corea' which means Sea of Corea.
[Ref: 18998]    £270.00 ($347 • €315 rates)

 Far East 

ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century four-sheet map of the East Indies]
Indie Orientali di Quà e di la Dal Gange col Loro Arcipelago. Venice, c.1784. Original colour. Four sheets, each 325 x 420mm.
A four-sheet map of south-east Asia, showing Afghanistan, India and the Maldives in the west, Indochina, the Philippines and Indonesia in the east.
[Ref: 9423]    £725.00 ($932 • €847 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [Chinese Tartary and Korea]
La Tartaria Chinese. Venice, 1784. Original outline colour. 325 x 420mm.
Eighteenth century Italian map of the Far East, covering parts of China, Korea, Mongolia and the Japanese island of Hokkaido ('Jeso-Gasima'), then unmapped by the West.
[Ref: 18969]    £120.00 ($154 • €140 rates)


ZATTA, Antonio. [Japan]
L'Impero del Giapon divisio in sette principale parti cioe Ochio Quanto Jetsegen Jetsen Jamiasoit, Xioco E Ximo. Venice, 1785. Original colour. 325 x 420mm. Excellent condition.
Japan, divided into its provinces, engraved by G. Pitteri for Zatta's Atlante Novissimo. WALTER: OAG 119.
[Ref: 10343]    £400.00 ($514 • €467 rates)


ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century Italian map of the Philippines]
Isole Filippine. Venice, 1785. Original outline colour. 410 x 320mm. Slight printer's crease through map.
One of the most decorative and sought after antique map of the Philippines. Decorated wth a lLarge illustrated title cartouche in full colour, the map was published in Zatta's famous 'Altante Novissimo'.
[Ref: 18907]    £1,800.00 ($2,313 • €2,102 rates)

 Pacific and Australasia 

ZATTA, Antonio. [Map of Australia and New Zealand after Cook's First Voyage to the Pacific]
Nuove Scoperte Fatte nel 1765, 67 e 69 nel Mare del Sud. Venice, 1776. Original colour. 320 x 420mm.
Oceania, showing the routes of Carteret and Byron, but most importantly the discoveries made by Captain Cook, 1768-71. These include the first circumnavigation of New Zealand and the mapping of the eastern coast of Australia. The coastline of southern Australia is only guessed at.
[Ref: 18673]    £1,000.00 ($1,285 • €1,168 rates)

 New Zealand 

ZATTA, Antonio. [An Italian map showing Cook's charting of New Zealand]
La Nuova Zelanda trascorsa nel 1769 e 1770 dal Cook comandante dell'Endeavour vascello di S.M. Britannica. Venice, 1778. Original colour. 455 x 360mm. Narrow margin lower left.
One of the most decorative versions of Cook's map of New Zealand, engraved by Zuliani after Pasquali. Cook's route around the islands is marked in colour, and the title vignette shows a Maori village. TOOLEY: Australia 1433.
[Ref: 19348]    £1,600.00 ($2,056 • €1,869 rates)

 Northern Africa 

ZATTA, Antonio. [Abyssinia]
La Nubia ed Abissinia. Venice, 1784. Original colour. 320 x 410mm.
North eastern Africa, but showing the Red Sea and coast of Arabia in some detail.
[Ref: 9473]    £80.00 ($103 • €93 rates)


ZATTA, Antonio. [Two-sheet map of England & Wales]
Parte Settentrionale dell' Inghilterra e del Principato di Galles di nuova Projezione; Parte Meridionale dell' Inghilterra e del Principato di Galles di nuova projezione... Venice, 1778. Original colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 585 x 415mm.
Italian map of England and Wales in two sheet, each sheet with a fine and prominent title cartouche.
[Ref: 19009]    £220.00 ($283 • €257 rates)

 English Counties 

ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century map of Kent]
Provincia di Kent di nuova Projezione. Venice 1779. Original colour. 205 x 320mm. Trimmed from a larger sheet, new margin added.
Kent, with a decorative title cartouche. Zatta only published maps of four English counties, the others being Surrey, Middlesex and Essex.
[Ref: 19308]    £120.00 ($154 • €140 rates)

Records: 11 to 20 of 50
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