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 South America 

MULLER, Johann Ulrich. [Uncommon Miniature Map of Argentina]
[Tucuman.] Ulm, 1692. 70 x 80mm, set in text.
Charming miniature map of northern Argentina, with a letterpress text in German. Underneath is a woodcut of a boy blowing bubbles from a pipe.
[Ref: 8940]    £100.00 ($127 • €112 rates)

SENEX, John. [A two-sheet map of South America]
South America Corrected from the observations comunicated to the Royal Society's of London and Paris. London: Sexex, c.1715. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 970 x 655mm. Some restoration, as normal on these large maps.
A large scale map of South America, dedicated 'To Edmund Halley, LLD, Savilian Professor of Geometry in Oxford, Fellow of ye Royal Society, This Map Corrected from his own Discoveries, In grateful acknowledgment of his ready assistance to Encourage this design, is humbly dedicated by his oblig.d Serv.t C. Price'. Halley had made two voyages to the South Atlantic to investigate the magnetic variation of the compass, publishing a chart on his return. The dedication suggests that he had a hand in preparing this map. Of interest is a little note above the title cartouche: 'In this icy sea there are many animals which are half fish, half fowl. There have a neck like a swan which they often thrust above the water for Air the rest is allways under water'. This is apparently an early reference to penguins. Senex originally published a version of this map together with Charles Price and John Maxwell in 1708. After this partnership broke down in 1711 Price retained the original plate, forcing Senex to engrave a new version for his English Atlas. The title and dedication to Halley are identical.
[Ref: 13670]    £625.00 ($796 • €702 rates)

COVENS & MORTIER. [South America]
L'Amerique Meridionale. Amsterdam, c.1730. Original colour. 485 x 585mm.
A fine map of South America with an ornate cartouche containing the title and scale.
[Ref: 13679]    £680.00 ($866 • €764 rates)

MOUNT & PAGE. [An 18th century chart of Guiana and Surinam]
A Draught of the Coast of Guiana, From the River Oronoque To the River Amazones. The River Oronoque From the Entrance thereof to St Thomas's. The River Surinam and places adjacent. London: W. & J. Mount and T. Page, 1748. 450 x 565mm.
Three charts on one sheet:, from Mount & Page's 'The English Pilot. The Fourth Book Describing The West India Navigation...', the first sea atlas of America containing charts only from English sources.
[Ref: 16049]    £450.00 ($573 • €505 rates)

ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, GILLES [18th Century French map of South America]
Amerique Méridionale, dressee, sur les Memoires les plus recents et assujetie aux observations astronomique. Par le Sr. Robert de Vaugondy fils de Mr. Robert Geographe ordin. du Roy. Avec Privilege. 1750. Paris, c.1750. Original outline colour. 500 x 630mm. A very fine and crisp impression.
South America with extensive detail of rivers and lakes and numerous place names, primarily along the coast. Decorative cartouche showing an Indian woman, fruits, parrot and alligator.
[Ref: 15590]    £280.00 ($356 • €314 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [Classic 18th century map of South America]
America Meridionalis per sua regna provinc: et Ins... Augsburg, Tobias Conrad Lotter, 1760. Original colour with additions to cartouche. 200 x 265mm.
Decorative map of South America From Atlas Minor. Large cartouche which features a mermaid, sailing ships and wildlife.
[Ref: 18949]    £280.00 ($356 • €314 rates)

TIRION, Isaak. [Map of the Dutch colony of Surinam with an inset of Paramaribo]
Landkaart van de Volkplantingen Suriname en Berbice. Plan van der Stad Paramaribo. Amsterdam, c.1760. Original colour. 305 x 400mm.
A map of Surinam, with an inset plan of Paramaribo marking two synagogues, reflecting the influx of Jews from Europe in the late 17th century.
[Ref: 18416]    £320.00 ($407 • €359 rates)

GAZZETTIERE AMERICANO. [Italian 18th Century map of South America]
Carta rappresentante l'America Meridionale Livorno, 1763. Old Colour. 240 x 185mm.
Map of South America drawn by Veremondo Rossi and published in Il Gazzettiere Americano, edited in 3 volumes by Marco Coltellini, Livorno.
[Ref: 18114]    £120.00 ($153 • €135 rates)

LOTTER, Tobias Conrad. [18th century map of South America]
America Meridionalis... Augsburg,1772. Original body colour with additions. 470 x 590mm.
After De L'Isle's map, with a decorative title cartouche, engraved by Gustav Conrad Lotter. Sows the routes of Magellan - 1520, Drake -1577) le Maire & Schouten -1616, and Sarmineto -1570.
[Ref: 16432]    £500.00 ($637 • €562 rates)

CARTERET, Philip. [Alejandro Selkirk Island]
A view of the N.W. side of Mas-a-fuera. Wallis's Islands. London: Strachan & Cadell, 1773. 195 x 320mm.
A coastal profile of Más Afuera (Farther Out to Sea), the most westerly of the island of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, Chile. The island was renamed 'Alejandro Selkirk Island' in 1966, although Alexander Selkirk, the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe, was marooned on the nearby 'Isla Más a Tierra' (now Robinson Crusoe Island). The map was published in Hawkesworth's 'An account of the voyages undertaken by the order of His present Majesty for making discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere', which contained the official account of Cook's First Circumnavigation.
[Ref: 13817]    £150.00 ($191 • €168 rates)

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