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CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham. [Temple at Mecca]
Le Temple de la Mecque avec une Description Exacte de tout ce qu'on y Voit & Des Ceremoniesqu'on y fait. Amsterdam, 1720. 380 x 440mm.
View of the Temple at Mecca with a key and two views of the interior.
[Ref: 17050]    £550.00 ($721 • €618 rates)

AA, Pieter van der. [18th century map of Arabia with a fine border]
De Kusten van Arabie, het Roode Meer, en Persize Zee van Bassora voorby 'T Nau van Ormus Tot aan den Indus, Guzaratte en Kaap Comorin. Leiden, 1729. 225 x 285mm, including separately-printed border.
The coasts of Arabia and India, first published in 1707, but this example published in the monumental 27-volume 'Galérie Agréable du monde', with a new sub-title and the elaborate frame-like border. Originally this map was published to illustrate the voyages of Dom Duarte de Menezes (pre-1488 to after 1539). He was the Portuguese governor of Tangier from 1508-21 & 1536-39 and governor of Portuguese India from 1522 to 1524. Although he was successful as a military commander, as a governor he was considered disastrous: after his first tenure at Tangier his successor. Vasco da Gama, accused him of corruption and had him sent back to Portugal in chains, where he spent nearly seven years in prison before his powerful friends could arrange his rehabilitation. TIBBETTS: 190.
[Ref: 17301]    £480.00 ($629 • €540 rates)

MOLL, Herman. [18th century English map of Arabia]
Arabia Agreable to Modern History. London, c.1730. Coloured, 210 x 270mm.
A map of Arabia engraved by Hermann Moll for Salmon's 'Modern History: or, the Present State of All Nations'. Of interest is the pilgrims' route from Basra to Mecca, with wells marked.
[Ref: 16999]    £380.00 ($498 • €427 rates)

Anonymous. [Temple at Mecca and Camp of the Arabs]
The Temple of Mecca. The Camp of the Arabs on Mount Carmel, near the City of Caifa. J. Cook: London, 1768. Sheet size 310 x 220mm.
Two views on one sheet engraved for Drake's Voyages. The Temple of Mecca and the camp of the Arabs, on Mount Carmel.
[Ref: 16937]    £200.00 ($262 • €225 rates)

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [The Sacred Mosque, Mecca]
Plan du Temple de la Mecque. Vue du Temple de la Mecque. Paris, 1773. Copper engraving. 190 x 340mm.
A plan and a bird's-eye view of Holy Ka'ba in the heart of the "Sacred Mosque"at Mecca, Saudi Arabia .
[Ref: 16016]    £250.00 ($328 • €281 rates)

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [18th century Italian map of Arabia]
L'Arabia delineata sulle Ultime Osservazioni. Rome, 1797. 350 x 490mm. A very fine example with wide margins
A decorative map ot the Arabian Peninsula, from the 'Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale', with a decorative title cartouche depicting a nomadic camp ground, indigenous animals and costumes.
[Ref: 7500]    £750.00 ($983 • €843 rates)

FADEN, William. [Miniature map of Arabia]
The Gulfs of Arabia and Persia with the adjacent Regions. London: Faden, 1798. Original colour. Sheet size 155 x 180 mm.
Map of Arabia engraved by William Palmer for Faden's 'Atlas Minimus Universalis'. Even as late as 1798 the Persian Gulf is still not mapped well enough to show the Qatari peninsula. William Faden was geographer to George III.
[Ref: 16360]    £160.00 ($210 • €180 rates)

LUFFMAN, John. [Early 19th Century chart of the mouth of the Red Sea]
The Mouth of the Red Sea. Engrav'd for Luffman's Select Plans. London: Luffman, 1801. 135 x 160mm. Paper lightly age-toned.
Old chart of the southern end of the Red Sea, marking Assab in Eritrea, Moka in Yemen, with the Strait of Bab-el-Mendeb separating the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aden. Published in Luffman's 'Select Plans of the Principal Cities, Harbours, Forts &c. in the World'.
[Ref: 13180]    £150.00 ($197 • €169 rates)

VANDERMAELEN, Philippe. [Detailed map of Yemen and the entrance to the Red Sea]
Partie de l'Arabie. Brussels, 1827. Original colour. 480 x 570mm.
A map of Yemen and Bab-el-Mandeb, the entrance to the Red Sea, marking Aden. It was published in the 'Atlas Universel de Geographie', the first atlas to have every map on the same scale, 1:1,641,836. Because of this standardisation it was the first time that some areas of the world were shown with any detail. Even before the operning of the Suez Canal in 1869 the region was important to British shipping on route to India, which was falling prey to pirates. In 1839. twelve years after the publication of this map, the East India Company occupied Aden to use as a base to fight piracy. Vandermaelen's atlas contains a landmark map in the cartography of Arabia: one of the other sheets shows Riyadh for the first time on a Western printed map.
[Ref: 13705]    £600.00 ($786 • €674 rates)

VANDERMAELEN, Philippe. [Detailed map of Oman, with Muscat marked]
Partie de L'Arabie. Asie No 92. Brussels, 1827. Original colour. 460 x 530mm.
Showing part of the Arabian peninsula, including Oman, with Muscat and the island of Marirah also marked. Published in the 'Atlas Universel de Geographie', the first atlas to have every map on the same scale, 1:1,641,836. Because of this standardisation it was the first time that some areas of the world were shown with any detail. However the interior of thre peninsula is mostly blank and some of the coastal features are incorrect.
[Ref: 14074]    £750.00 ($983 • €843 rates)

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