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 Pacific and Australasia 

LEVASSEUR, Victor. [The South Pacific with illustrated borders]
Océanie. Paris, c.1850. Original body colour with additions on the vignettes. Steel engraving, 320 x 450mm.
Steel engraved map of the South Pacific, from the 'Atlas Universel Illustre', with a highly decorative engraved border including vignettes of costumes, portraits, etc.
[Ref: 17828]    £170.00 ($226 • €194 rates)

MONIN, Charles V. [Separate-issue map of Australasia]
Océanie. Paris: Auguste Logerot, c.1850. Original colour. 490 x 690mm. With mapseller's ink stamp in the top margin, repair to fold.
A large and detailed map of Australasia, with insets of New South Wales and the south west corner of Australia.
[Ref: 8778]    £220.00 ($292 • €251 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Map of Polynesia with vignettes]
Polynesia or Islands in the Pacific Ocean. London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, printed area 350 x 270mm.
Old Map of the islands in the central Pacific, including Hawaii, Friendly Islands, Fiji, New hebrides, drawn and engraved by John Rapkin for the 'Illustrated Atlas', one of the last decorative atlases, with an ornate printed border and vignette scenes.
[Ref: 17737]    £130.00 ($173 • €149 rates)

WEIMAR GEOGRAPHISCHES INSTITUT. [19th century map of the South Pacific]
Australien entuorfen und gezeichnet von C.F. Weiland Weimar, 1823. Original outline colour. 490 x 630mm.
Australasia, extending to Japan and the Sandwich Islands Australia showing the divisions of De Witts Land, Carpentaria Land, Nuyts Land, Lowin Land, Van Diemens Land, Edels Land, Eendrachts Land, Arnheims Land, Flinders Land. Sydney is still called Port Jackson.
[Ref: 11319]    £400.00 ($531 • €457 rates)

HOLLE, Leinhart. [Wall map of Australasia]
Schulwandkarte von Australasien, gezeichnet, lithographirt und gedruckt von L. Holle... Wolfenbüttel: Holle, c.1860. Original colour. Lithographic map, dissected and laid on linen with brass hanging rings, as issued, total 1050 x 1370mm. Some staining and pencil mss. notes, some wear at folds of linen.
A scarce wall map for schools, with a coloured key for the possessions of European countries, extending to the Malay Peninsula, Japan, Hawaii, French Polynesia and New Zealand. The inclusion of 'Quensland' in Australia dates the map as post-1859. Such school maps are rare, usually disposed off when damaged or superceded. The National Library of Australia has an edition pre-dating Queensland, ref MAP RM 3857.
[Ref: 12843]    £600.00 ($797 • €686 rates)

MORALES, Jose Pilar. [South Pacific with a highly decorative vignette]
Oceania. Spain, Astort Hernandos, c.1880. Wood engraving, printed in colours. 285 x 400mm, set in a page with a coloured wood engraved scene, 175 x 680mm. Overall size: 610 x 845 mm
Map of the South Pacific, with the colonies of each country marked. The other illustration, engraved by Otto Neussel, is a allegorical scene of various islanders approaching a very western-style sea-god lounging on a sea-monster.
[Ref: 8766]    £340.00 ($452 • €389 rates)


CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [A pair of rare 17th Century globe gores showing Australia]
[Two gore sheets from an 47cm diameter terrestrial globe, showing central and eastern Australia, dedicated to William III.] Venice, 1697. Two plates, each (at most) 125 x 335mm. Faint double image.
Two globe gores, designed to be pasted onto a globe 46cm (18") in diameter. The left sheet shows central Australia with a vignette of natives hunting whales with spears; the right sheet show western Carpentaria and Tasmania, with the coast of New South Wales left blank, being unknown to Europeans for another 70 years. A wreath contains a dedication to William III, king of Great Britain, dated 1696. The sheets were published in Coronelli's very scarce 'Libro dei Globi', a collection of gore sheets of globes of different sizes.
[Ref: 17936]    £4,250.00 ($5,644 • €4,858 rates)

BOWEN, Emanuel. [The first large-scale map of Australia by an Englishman]
A Complete Map of the Southern Continent. Survey'd by Capt. Abel Tasman & depicted by Order of the East India Company in Holland in the Stadt House in Amsterdam. London, 1744. Coloured. 380 x 490mm.
The first printed map of Australia by an Englishman, although copied from Thevenot, published in the second edition of John Harris' 'Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels'. Bowen has added the Tropic of Capricorn and two texts: the upper block emphasises that no assumptions have been made, so white space abounds between New Guinea and Carpentaria, and between the mainland, Tasmania and New Zealand; the lower text starts 'It is impossible to conceive a Country that promises fairer from its situation, than this of Terra Australia; no longer incognita, as this map demonstrates...' CLANCY: map 6.25, illus; PERRY: p.60, plate 69.
[Ref: 16275]    £4,750.00 ($6,308 • €5,429 rates)

COOK, Captain James. [The first published chart of the east coast of Australia]
A Chart of New South Wales or the East Coast of New Holland, Discovered and Explored by Lieutenant J.Cook, Commander of his Majesty's Bark Endeavour, in the Year MDCCLXX. London: Strahan & Cadell, 1773. Coloured. 375 x 800mm. Original binding folds flattened.
Important sea chart depicting Cook's discoveries on the east coast of Australia, engraved by W.Whitchurch for Hawkesworth's important work 'An Account of the Voyages.. For making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere'. After observing the Transit of Venus from Tahiti, Cook's brief was to search for the 'Terra Australis Incognita'. Sailing west he accurately mapped New Zealand for the first time, then moved north, discovering the east coast of Australia. Orientated with north to the right, the chart shows Cook's route from Cape Howe north to Cape York. However, having already run aground once, Cook sailed outside the dangerous reefs and so the coast between Cape Flattery and Cape Weymouth was not mapped. These reefs and islands he called 'The Labyrinth'
[Ref: 17154]    £1,850.00 ($2,457 • €2,115 rates)

COOK, Captain James. [Cook's chart of the 'Labyrinth']
Chart of Part of the Coast of New South Wales, From Cape Tribulation to Endeavour Straits. By Lieut. J.Cook, 1770. London: Strachan & Cadell, 1773. FIRST EDITION. 320 x 370mm. Narrow top margin.
Cook's chart of the Cape York Peninsula from Cape Tribulation to Cape York, orientated with north to the right. At Cape Tribulation is a note: 'On this ledge the ship laid 23 Hours, and received much damage'. After this setback Cook sailed outside the dangerous reefs and so the coast between Cape Flattery and Cape Weymouth was not mapped. These reefs and islands he called 'The Labyrinth'. Engraved by J.Cheevers for Hawkesworth's important work 'An Account of the Voyages... for making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere', the official account of Cook's First Voyage.
[Ref: 17137]    £550.00 ($730 • €629 rates)

Records: 11 to 20 of 80
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