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SPEED, John. [Speed's map of Monmouthshire]
The Countye of Monmouth with the sittuation of the Shire-towe Described Ann 1610. London: William Humble, 1646. Coloured. 390 x 510mm.
Engraved by Jodocus Hondius, this is one of the most decorative maps of the county, with an inset plan of Monmouth, armorials, a portrait of Henry V and the Prince of Wales' feathers. It was published in John Speed's 'Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain', with a description of the county and a table of place names on the reverse.
[Ref: 18229]    £725.00 ($912 • €807 rates)

BLOME, Richard. [17th century map of Monmouthshire]
A Map of ye County of Monmouth Shire with Hundreds.. London, c.1673. Coloured. 320 x 260mm.
Published in Blome's 'Britannia', with two decorative cartouches (one with a dedication). Basing it on Speed's map, Blome, a renowned plagarist, said 'I do not own myself the Author, but the Undertaker of this work'.
[Ref: 15709]    £140.00 ($176 • €156 rates)

SPEED, John. [Radnor]
The Countie of Radnor Described and the Shyretownes Sittuatione Anno 1610. London, Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. Coloured. 390 x 510mm.
Engraved by Jodocus Hondius, this is one of the most decorative maps of the county, with an inset plan of Radnor, armorials and the Prince of Wales' feathers.
[Ref: 9874]    £280.00 ($352 • €312 rates)

SPEED, John. [The first British atlas map of Wales]
Wales. London, Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. Coloured. 385 x 515mm. Repaired tear in bottom margin.
Engraved by Jodocus Hondius, this is the most decorative map of the country, with twelve large prospects of the Shire Towns, four smaller ones of the Cathedral Cities, four armorials and a large compass rose. As neither Saxton's atlas nor Camden's 'Britannia' contained a map of the country this is the first map of Wales to appear in a British atlas. With an English text on the reverse.
[Ref: 11544]    £2,000.00 ($2,516 • €2,226 rates)

ALLEN, Joseph. [A scarce playing-card map of Monmouthshire]
Monmouthshire. Somers Town, London: Joseph Allen & Robert Rowe, 1811. Original hand colour, 93 x 63mm. Split in crease, tip of top left corner lost.
A rare first edition of this playing card map of Monmouthshire, decorated with a foliate border containing the title. The game was played by taking tricks by playing a county adjoining the card on the deck. The England & Wales map was included as an aid, with a different coloured back. In this first edition each card has the publishers inscription 'Pub. by J. Allen, 3 Hampden Str. Sommers's Town 1811' under the title at top, and 'Also by R. Rowe, No. 19 Bedford Str. Bedford Row London' in the bottom border. In the second edition, later the same year, Rowe's inscription had been replaced by a panel of topographical information; apparently the partnership of Allen & Rowe had been dissolved. The maps next appeared in J. Thomson's 'New English Atlas' in 1823, and finally in Orlando Hodgson's 'The Pocket tourist & English atlas, being a new and complete set of county maps', 1827, by which time the maps were hardly 'new'. Surprisingly it was Hodson's edition that was the most familiar to the map world: it was not until 1985 that London map and playing card dealer Yasha Beresiner discovered this playing-card format and recognised the connection. MAP COLLECTOR: 30, p.40-1; KING: Miniature Antique Maps, p192 + Addenda.
[Ref: 18716]    £250.00 ($315 • €278 rates)

HUGHES, Hugh. [A caricature map of Wales published in Wales]
Dame Venodotia, Alias Modryb Gwen; A Map of North Wales. Caernarvon: H. Humphreys, c.1845. Lithograph, sheet 340 x 270mm.
A famous caricature of North Wales as 'Aunt Gwen', an old woman with a sack on her back, striding along stoically. An extensive key down underneath lists lighthouses, towns, lakes, rivers and mountains. Hugh Hughes (1790-1863) was an artist and publisher whose views of local scenery (for example 'Beauties of Cambria', 1823) did much to establish North Wales as a tourist destination.
[Ref: 18273]    £800.00 ($1,006 • €890 rates)

ALEPH [HARVEY, William]. [Pictorial map of Wales]
Wales. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1869. 250 x 210mm.
Anthropomorphic map of Wales. The text below the image reads, ''Geography bewitch'd - Owen Glendowr, In Bardic grandeur, looks from shore to shore, And sings King Arthur's long, long pedigree, and cheese and leeks, and knights of high degree''. It was published in 'Geographical Fun', a charming atlas of caricature maps of European counties, drawn, according to the preface, by a fifteen-year-old girl to amuse her sick brother. The author was, however, William Harvey (1796-1873), a London Doctor and Journalist, best-known for his book 'London Scenes and London People', 1863. The maps contain many references to the political changes sweeping through continental Europe, with representations of Garibaldi and Bismarck.
[Ref: 17234]    £650.00 ($818 • €723 rates)

Records: 11 to 17 of 17
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