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 Spain & Portugal 

BOSSUET, Jacques Benigne. [Miniature Map of Spain]
Espagne. Amsterdam, François L'Honoré, 1743. Coloured. 145 x 165.
A charming pocket map of the Iberian peninsula and Balearic Islands. Credited in the title to Nicholas Sanson Jr.
[Ref: 10243]    £100.00 ($121 • €109 rates)

LE ROUGE, Georges-Louis. L' Espagne Suivant Les Nouvelles Observations. Paris, Crépy, c.1767, coloured, 210 x 280mm
An attractive map of the Iberian Peninsula marking out its regional boundaries and principal cities and towns. Crépy acquired the c.1748 Le Rouge plates, and re-issued them in Paris, often putting his imprint & the date 1767 in the cartouche.
[Ref: 8841]    £150.00 ($182 • €164 rates)

LOPEZ, Don Thomas. [An 18th century Spanish map of Iberia]
Mapa General de España, dedicatdo Al Serenissimo Señor Don Carlos Antonio, Principe de Asturias. Madrid, 1770. Original colour. 505 x 605mm.
A rare map of Spain and Portugal, by Don Thomas Lopez de Vargas Machuca (1730-1802), Geographer to the King of Spain. The dedication is to the heir to the throne, later Charles IV (1748-1819), forced to abdicate in 1808.
[Ref: 14231]    £700.00 ($850 • €765 rates)

BRION DE LA TOUR, Louis. [Spain & Portugal]
L'Espagne Et Le Portugal Divisés Par Gouvernemens Généraux Et Provinces Ecclésiastiques Desnos, Paris, 1786, coloured, 235 x 265mm
From the "Géographie Moderne Historique Et Politique". Spain and Portugal divided according to regional government and ecclesiastical boundaries. With inset pasted explanatory texts on either side, and a decorative rococo title cartouche flanked on one side by a lion in the lower right hand corner of the map.
[Ref: 7518]    £60.00 ($73 • €66 rates)

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [Spain & Portugal]
Li Regni di Spagna e di Portogallo.. Rome, 1794. Original colour. 350 x 490mm.
An uncommon map of the Iberian Peninsula, published in the 'Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale', with a decorative title cartouche.
[Ref: 13867]    £300.00 ($364 • €328 rates)

WYLD, James. [Spain & Portugal]
Edinburgh, 1824. Coloured. 295 x 225mm.
Detailed map of Spain and Portugal. With a vignette 'Bay of Lisbon'. Printed by Thomson.
[Ref: 13315]    £80.00 ($97 • €87 rates)

WILKINSON, Robert. [Map of Iberia]
Spain and Portughal London, Hamilton, Adams & Co: 1828. Original colour. 240 x 300mm.
Map of Spain and Portugal, engraved by Frogett and first published in Wilkinson’s atlas in 1801.
[Ref: 17712]    £85.00 ($103 • €93 rates)

MASSA, Gaspar. [19th century Spanish sea chart of approaches to the Strait of Gibraltar]
Carta Esferica de la Costa de España desade Cabo S.n Vicente hasta P.ta Europa con la parte correspondiente de Africa. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1831-. Touches of original colour. 630 x 925mm. Blindstamp of the Direccion de Hidrografia. Slight damp staining in margins.
A large and detailed antique sea chart of the coasts of Portugal and Spain from Cape St Vincent past Cadiz and Gibraltar to Estepona. On the African side Tangier and Ceuta are marked. The lighthouses are marked in colour.
[Ref: 12792]    £400.00 ($486 • €437 rates)


BORDONE, Benedetto. [Early maps of Cadiz and the Azores, with the mythical island 'Brazil']
[The Azores] [&] [Cadiz] Venice, 1528. Original colour. Two woodcuts on one sheet, printed area of each 85 x 145mm, set in text. Worm hole just touching border of Cadiz.
A sheet from Bordone's 'Isolario', a book describing the islands of the world, with a woodcut map on each side. Included among the Azores is the island of 'Brazil' which, according to Irish legend, was only visible once every seven years and even then was unreachable.
[Ref: 18194]    £400.00 ($486 • €437 rates)

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [Early prospect of Loja]
Loxa. Cologne, 1575-, Latin text edition, coloured. 355 x 495mm.
Loja, a town west of Granada, after Joris Hoefnagle, published in Braun & Hogenberg's 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum', the first series of printed townplans. Hoefnagel (1542-1601) was an painter and engraver born in Antwerp who travelled extensively in Europe, including Spain (1563-7, in the company of Abraham Ortelius) and England (1569-71). In this plate he has included a portrait of himself on foot and Ortelius riding a horse.
[Ref: 7340]    £325.00 ($395 • €355 rates)

Records: 11 to 20 of 83
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