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 The Mediterranean 

MOULLART-SANSON, Pierre. [The Old Testament Mediterranean]
Carte de la Geographie Sacrée pour l'Ancien Testament Paris, Robert de Vaugondy, c. 1740, coloured, 410 x 555mm
From Moullart's "Table Methodique". Showing the Mediterranean during Old Testament times with Israel divided between its tribes. The decorative globe suspended in the middle of the map includes the part of Australia mapped by Abel Tasman. On the right hand side of the map is a table giving the geneology of the Old Testament from the Great Flood until Abraham.
[Ref: 8697]    £300.00 ($391 • €347 rates)

SEALE, Richard William. [18th century sea chart of the Mediterranean]
A Correct Chart of the Mediterranean Sea, from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Levant... London, Rapin & Tindall, c.1750. Coloured. 350 x 710mm. A very fine example with good margins and attractive colours.
A detailed sea-chart of the Mediterranean region. Highly detailed with most ports clearly labeled. Decorative title cartouche in the lower left. Rumb lines throughout with a decorative compass rose at the center. To the top right there is an inset plan of 'Leghorn', (Livorno) in Italy.
[Ref: 14957]    £650.00 ($847 • €752 rates)

DUPUIS, Louis André. [A detailed 18th Century two-sheet chart of the Mediterranean Sea]
Carte de la Mer Méditerranée. 1785. Paris, 1785. Two sheets conjoined, dissected and laid on linen as issued. 550 x 1070mm.
A large and detailed sea-chart of the Mediterranean. The same year Dupuis published similar charts of the Baltic, Black Sea and the Danube.
[Ref: 18383]    £1,200.00 ($1,564 • €1,388 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Map of British possessions with vignettes]
British Possessions in the Mediterranean. London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 350 x 250mm. A fine example.
Old map of the British colonies including Gibraltar, Malta & Gozo, Corfu and Cephalonia, with six vignettes.
[Ref: 15248]    £165.00 ($215 • €191 rates)


ORTELIUS, Abraham. [A classic 16th century Dutch map of Cyprus]
Cypri Insulae Nova Descript. 1573. Antwerp, 1573, Latin edition. Coloured. 350 x 500mm. Restoration at centrefold.
The famous map of Cyprus engraved by Johannes à Doeticum for the 'Theatrum Orbis Terrarum'. A large title cartouche top left is balanced by an inset map of Lemnos bottom right, drawn by Ortelius himself from a written account by Pierre Belon, 1555. The pagination matches van den Broecke's description of the 1573 Latin variant edition (the year the map was first published); however the map is his second state (with 'Tepia' added), which he dates to 1574-5. ZACHARAKIS: 1614, illus; VAN DEN BROECKE: 149, second state of four (with waves not stipple and showing Tepia).
[Ref: 17916]    £1,750.00 ($2,280 • €2,025 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [16th century map of Cyprus & Aegean Islands]
Insular Aliquot Aegaei Maris Antiqua Descrip. Antwerp, 1587. Latin text. Original colour. 360 x 470mm. Small repairs to verdigris weaknesses.
A map of Cyprus surrounded by smaller maps of islands in the Aegean sea, including Renia & Delos, Nicaria, Euboea, Samos, Keos, Rhodes, Chios, Lesbos and Samos It was published in the Parergon, Ortelius's atlas of the Ancient World. VAN DEN BROECKE: 216; STYLIANOU 67
[Ref: 18787]    £1,250.00 ($1,629 • €1,446 rates)

ORTELIUS, Abraham. [A pirated edition of the Ortelius Epitome map of Cyprus]
Cyprus Insula. Brescia: La Compagnia Bresciana, 1599. 80 x 105mm, set in Italian letterpress. Good impression
A miniature map of Cyprus, copied from the map in Ortelius's Epitome and published in an edition of Botero's 'Relationi Universali'. These pirates of Ortelius's pocket atlas had a long publication history: an edition appeared in Venice in 1724, over a century after the official publication had ceased. BCCF: 44.
[Ref: 18828]    £450.00 ($586 • €521 rates)

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [Early plan of Famagusta]
Famagusta. Cologne, c.1600. Original colour. 160 x 230mm. Trimmed from a larger sheet, false margins at top & left.
An early 'map-view', with the major buildings shown in profile with little consideration for perspective.
[Ref: 17846]    £240.00 ($313 • €278 rates)

HONDIUS, Jodocus. [17th century map of Cyprus and the islands of the Aegean]
Cyprus Ins.; Stalimini I.; Chius Insul.; Mitilene Ins.; Negroponte In.; Cerigo Insul.; Rhodus Ins. Amsterdam, 1609, French text edition. Old colour. 355 x 490mm. A good, dark impression.
An early example of this map of Cyprus with six inset maps of other Ægean islands underneath: Lemnos, Chios, Mitiline, Euboea, Kythira & Rhodes. In the seas of the main map are two strapwork cartouches, a sea-monster and a galley flying a Crescent Moon flag. This example is from the first French edition, published only three years after its first issue. ZACHARAKIS: 2211, illus.; KOEMAN: Me 19.
[Ref: 17882]    £1,400.00 ($1,824 • €1,620 rates)

BERTIUS, Petrus. [Early 17th century miniature map of Cyprus]
Cyprus. Amsterdam: Jodocus Hondius II, 1616, Latin text edition. Coloured. 90 x 130mm.
A miniature map of Cyprus printed from a new plate engraved by Jodocus Hondius Jnr for his edition of Bertius's 'Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum'. Compared to the earlier map by Cornelis Claez, the Hondius verion has thicker printed borders with longitude and latitude numbers. IOANNOU COLLECTION: 60; BCCF: 58.
[Ref: 19385]    £375.00 ($489 • €434 rates)

Records: 11 to 20 of 53
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