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BOWEN, Emanuel. [Map of Switerland with a plan of Geneva]
A New & Accurate map of Switzerland with its Allies and Subjects. Composed from ye most approv'd maps &c. and regulated by astronom.l observat.ns By Emanl. Bowen.. London, c .1747. Coloured. 325 x 230mm.
Map of Switzerland from 'A Complete System of Geography'. With a large inset plan of Geneva, with keys at sides to 67 locations.
[Ref: 15597]    £270.00 ($363 • €307 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [18th century map of map of Switzerland]
Nova Totius Helvetiae cum suis Subditis ac Sociis Tab. Geogr. Augsburg, Tobias Conrad Lotter, 1760. Fine original colour. 270 x 210mm.
Decorative map of Switzerland with decorative cartouches for the title and scales, vignette scene of the Rhine Falls and a map of the source of the Rhine.
[Ref: 14744]    £200.00 ($269 • €227 rates)

AVELINE, Pierre A. [A scarce prospect of Geneva]
Geneve. Ville des anciens Allobroges est sur les frontieres sd Savoye situe sur le Rhone a lextrenute du Lac Leman. Paris, Crepy, c.1780. 185 x 240mm. Very good impression, wide margins.
A view of Geneva after Aveline, with a 16-point key.
[Ref: 13863]    £650.00 ($874 • €738 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [Switzerland]
Parte Occidentale dell'Elvezia Divisa ne' suoi Cantoni Di Nuova Projezione. Venice, 1781. Original outline colour. 415 x 325mm.
Western Switzerland, engraved by Zuliani after Pitteri.
[Ref: 9845]    £110.00 ($148 • €125 rates)

LAURIE & WHITTLE. [Switzerland]
A New Map of Switzerland, Divided into the Thirteen Cantons with Their Allies and Their Subjects. London, 1794. Original outline colour. 500 x 670mm.
Detailed map.
[Ref: 8625]    £170.00 ($229 • €193 rates)

FADEN, William. [Switzerland]
Nouvelle Carte de la Suisse dans laquelle sont exactement distingués les Treize Cantons, Leurs Alliés, et Leurs Sujets. London, Faden, 1799. Original body colour. 640 x 860mm.
Despite being published in London all the text on this large and detailed map is in French. Faden acknowledges using the trigonometrical readings of Sir George Shuckburgh-Evelyn, taken in 1775. The colour of this example is particularly good.
[Ref: 7967]    £700.00 ($942 • €795 rates)

KELLER, Heinrich. [Panorama of the view from the summit of Mont Rigi, Switzerland]
Panorama vom Rigibberg... Zurich: Fuesseli & Co., 1820. Engraved panoramaic map with hand colour. 950 x 190mm, folded into marbled boards with publisher's label. Boards rubbed.
A panoramic map of the view from the summit of Rigi, a mountain in central Switzerland, published for the burgeoning tourist market. A map of the area is pasted on the back inner board.
[Ref: 12346]    £280.00 ($377 • €318 rates)

SABATIER, L [19th century view of Geneva]
Vue de Genève Prise Du Jardin Anglais. Paris, c.1840. Coloured ithograph, printed area 190 x 540mm.
View of Geneva taken from the English Garden, on the shores of the lake.
[Ref: 15753]    £380.00 ($511 • €432 rates)

ANDRIVEAU-GOUJON, J. [Detailed map of Switzerland]
Carte Physique et Routiere de la Suisse. Paris, 1841. Original outline colour. 550 x 790mm.
Large and detailed antique map of Switzerland
[Ref: 13393]    £250.00 ($336 • €284 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Map of Switzerland with vignettes]
Switzerland. London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, printed area 260 x 330mm.
old map of Switzerland, drawn and engraved by John Rapkin for the 'Illustrated Atlas', one of the last decorative atlases, with an ornate printed border and vignettes of William Tell, chamois hunters & a view of Bern.
[Ref: 17770]    £100.00 ($135 • €114 rates)

Records: 11 to 20 of 23
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