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 West Indies 

DU VAL, Pierre. [The Caribbean]
Isles Antilles. Paris, 1682. Original outline colour. 100 x 130mm.
The West Indies and Caribbean, from Du Val's miniature atlas 'La Géographie Universelle'.
[Ref: 10855]    £200.00 ($252 • €222 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [17th century miniature map of the Bahamas]
Isles Lucayes. Paris, 1683. Coloured. 160 x 110mm. French text on verso.
Miniature map of the Bahamas, decorated with a sea-battle, from Mallet's 'Description de l'Univers'. The sea is named 'Mer de Nort' or North sea, which was the name given to the Atlantic ocean at that time.
[Ref: 13120]    £160.00 ($202 • €177 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [Bahamas]
Isles Lucayes. Frankfurt, c.1690, 150 x 105mm.
Chart of the Bahamas, decorated with a sea-battle. From a German edition of Mallet's "Description De L'Univers"
[Ref: 8716]    £120.00 ($151 • €133 rates)

MULLER, Johann Ulrich. [Uncommon Miniature Map of the West Indies]
Insulæ Antilles. Ulm, 1692. 70 x 80mm, set in text.
Charming miniature map, with a letterpress text in German.
[Ref: 8928]    £175.00 ($221 • €194 rates)

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [Hispaniola]
La Spagnuola. Venice, c.1696. 230 x 300mm, set in text.
Hispaniola, from the 'Isolario'.
[Ref: 7853]    £300.00 ($379 • €332 rates)

OTTENS, Joachim. [Early 18th century map of the Caribbean Islands]
Tabula Novissima atque accuratissima Caraibicarum insularum sive Cannibalum quæ etiam Antillae Gallicae dicuntur... Amsterdam, Joachim Ottens, c.1710. Original colour. 590 x 500mm. Very fine condition.
A detailed map of the Windward Islands from Guadeloupe south to Grenada, including the small islands of Mustiques and Union, with a large inset map of Martinique. Grenada has been moved north and is shown west of Carriacou, so that it fits on the sheet. This map is usually seen as published by Joachim's two sons, Reiner & Josua.
[Ref: 17440]    £1,200.00 ($1,514 • €1,330 rates)

FORD, Richard. [A rare English map of Barbados]
A New Map of the Island of Barbados, wherein every Parish, Plantation, Watermill, Windmill and Cattlemill is described with the name of the Present possessor and all things els Remarkable according to a Late Exact Survey thereof. London: George Willdey, c.1715. 485 x 570mm. Binding folds flattened, some creasing upper left.
An extremely influencial map of Barbados, orientated with north to the right, with four inset town plans ('Bridge Toun', 'Ostines Toun', 'Hale Toun', and, without a border in the sea, 'Speights Toun'. Bottom right, within a border featuring allegorical figures of Britannia & Ceres and the arms of George I, is 'A New Description of the Island of Barbados'. Other decorations include a compass rose, a scale cartouche featuring cherubs and carouches for the publisher's inscription and key. On the map the owner of each plantaion is named and there are depictions of sugarcane, pineapples, 'bennawno' (banana trees, Indian corn, a pawpaw, and apparently cotton plants and palm trees. The map was surveyed by Richard Ford (or Forde) and first published c.1674 by London publishers John Overton, Robert Morden, William Berry, and Thomas Pask. Soon afterwards the plate was bought by Philip Lea and John Seller. Despite the lifespan of the plate this is a very scarce map.
[Ref: 16282]    £8,000.00 ($10,096 • €8,864 rates)

LEA, Philip. [A very scarce map of The English Possessions in America]
A Generall Mapp of the Continent and Islands which are Adjacent to Jamaica. [on sheet with] The English Empire. [on sheet with] A New Mapp of the Island of Jamaica London: George Willdey, c.1715. 490 x 570mm.
Three maps of one sheet: the lower half is a detailed map of Jamaica, with an inset of Port Royal; top left is a map of the West Indies with the mainland up to Cape Fear; and top right is a map of the English colonies between the Ashley and Cooper River to Boston. Although it was originally published by Lea in 1685, Burden could find no example of the first state; the second state had Lea's new address in Cheapside; this third and final state has Willdey's imprint. BURDEN: 608.
[Ref: 16283]    £4,500.00 ($5,679 • €4,986 rates)

HOMANN HEIRS. [English Possessions in the West Indies]
Dominia Anglorum in præcipuis Insulis Americæ ut sunt S. Christophori, Antegoa, Jamaica, Barbados, nen non Insulæ Bermudes vel Sommers dictæ... Nuremberg, c.1730. Original outline colour. 500 x 580mm. Some restoration.
Five maps on one sheet: St Kitts, Antiga, Bermuda, Barbados and Jamaica, all English possessions.
[Ref: 8448]    £450.00 ($568 • €499 rates)

MOLL, Herman. [The Island of Barbados]
A New Map of the Island of Barbadoes, Containing All ye Parishes and Principal Plantations; together with ye Forts, Lines, Batteries, Roads &c. London, 1736. 185 x 265mm.
A highly detailed map of Barbados showing roads, paths, villages, settlements and other man-made and natural features.
[Ref: 16947]    £225.00 ($284 • €249 rates)

Records: 11 to 20 of 77
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