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 Polar Maps 

BUFFON, George Louis le Clerc. [Rare Dutch Edition of Buffon's Map of the Magnetic Poles.]
Carte Magnétique des Deux Hemisphères. Amsterdam: J.H. Schneider, 1775. Original colour. 485 x 940mm. Binding folds flattened as usual.
A double-hemisphere world map designed to display magnetic variation, so centred on the North and South Poles. Buffon has given the position of the supposed magnetic north as being in Canada, to the north of Hudson's Bay and east of Baffin's Bay. Published in the Dutch edition of Buffon's 'Histoire Naturelle', in the mineralogy volumes. As this section was not as popular as the bird volumes it is believed that only 250 copies of this edition were printed.
[Ref: 7527]    £600.00 ($757 • €665 rates)

COOK, Captain James. [HODGES, William.]
The Ice Islands, seen the 9th of Jan.ry 1773. London: Strahan and Cadell, 1777. 245 x 395mm.
An illustration to Cook's 'A Voyage towards the South Pole', showing 'Resolution'a longboats collecting ice for drinking water and shooting at sea birds. On his Second Voyage (1772-5) James Cook circumnavigated the world as far south as he could, attempting to locate any 'Terra Australis Incognita'.
[Ref: 17118]    £150.00 ($189 • €166 rates)

BÉNARD, Robert. [Captain Cook's chart of the Southern Hemisphere]
Carte de L'Hemisphere Austral Montrant les Routes des Navigateurs les plus Célebres Par le Captaine Jacques Cook. Paris, Saillant et Nyon & Panckouke, c.1780. Coloured. 550 x 550mm. Binding folds flattened as usual on this map.
Antique sea chart of the Southern Hemisphere, marking the routes of Cook on his First and Second voyages, as well as those of Captains Furneaux, Cartaret, Byron, Halley & Bouvet. On his First Voyage Cook mapped New Zealand and the east coast of Australia accurately for the first time; on his Second he circumnavigated the world as far south as possible, disproving the theory of a Great Southern Continent.
[Ref: 6740]    £550.00 ($694 • €609 rates)

MARZOLLA, Benedetto. [Italian map of the North Pole]
Carta generale del Polo Artico. Naples, 1854. 440 x 580mm.
Rare map of the Arctic regions, by Neapolitan mapmaker, Benedetto Marzolla. From 'Atlante Geografico corredato di notizie relative alla Geografia Fisica e politica '. Set in extensive Italian text
[Ref: 18111]    £340.00 ($429 • €377 rates)

MOREL-Fatio, Antoine Léon. [Dumont D'Urville in the ice of Antarctica]
Les Glaces. Les Corvettes l'Astrolabe & la Zelée parties de France en 1837, pour exécuter un voyage de circumnavigation sous le commandement du Capitaine de Vaisseau Dumont D'Urville. Paris: François Delarue, c.1855. Aquatint. 530 x 670mm. Some minor spotting and faint surface abrasion.
A scene from Jules Dumont D'Urville's expedition to the Antarctic to find the South Magnetic Pole (1837-40). It shows some of the crew on the pack ice trying to free one of the corvettes. Once free the ships turned north to give his men a respite from the cold, making another attempt in 1840. Morel-Fatio (1810-71) was made 'peintre officiel de la Marine' (Painter of the Fleet) in 1853.
[Ref: 18307]    £1,200.00 ($1,514 • €1,330 rates)

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