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TALLIS, John. [West Canada]
West Canada. London, J. & F. Tallis, c.1851. Original outline colour. Printed area 260 x 340mm.
Map of Western Canada, showing the eastern coast of Lake Huron, with Lakes Erie and Ontario. Drawn and engraved by John Rapkin, the map has decorative borders and vignettes of the Niagara Falls, Kingston, an Indian encampment and beavers. It was published in John Howard Hinton's 'History of the United States of America, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time'.
[Ref: 18060]    £150.00 ($199 • €175 rates)

 West Indies 

CLOPPENBURG, Johannes. [The West Indian Islands]
Cuba Insula; Hispaniola Insula; Ins.Iamaica; Ins.S.Ioannis; I.S.Margareta. Amsterdam, 1630, French text edition. First Edition. 190 x 260mm. Fine impression.
Five maps on one sheet: Cuba (with an inset of Havana), Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Margarita Island (off the coast of Venezuela). Published in Cloppenburg's version of the Mercator 'Atlas Minor', probably engraved by Van den Keere. KOEMAN: Me 198.
[Ref: 7877]    £250.00 ($332 • €292 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [The Caribbean]
Isles Antilles. Paris, 1682. Original outline colour. 100 x 130mm.
The West Indies and Caribbean, from Du Val's miniature atlas 'La Géographie Universelle'.
[Ref: 10855]    £200.00 ($265 • €234 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [17th century miniature map of the Bahamas]
Isles Lucayes. Paris, 1683. Coloured. 160 x 110mm. French text on verso.
Miniature map of the Bahamas, decorated with a sea-battle, from Mallet's 'Description de l'Univers'. The sea is named 'Mer de Nort' or North sea, which was the name given to the Atlantic ocean at that time.
[Ref: 13120]    £160.00 ($212 • €187 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [Bahamas]
Isles Lucayes. Frankfurt, c.1690, 150 x 105mm.
Chart of the Bahamas, decorated with a sea-battle. From a German edition of Mallet's "Description De L'Univers"
[Ref: 8716]    £120.00 ($159 • €140 rates)

MULLER, Johann Ulrich. [Uncommon Miniature Map of the West Indies]
Insulæ Antilles. Ulm, 1692. 70 x 80mm, set in text.
Charming miniature map, with a letterpress text in German.
[Ref: 8928]    £175.00 ($232 • €205 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [Early 18th century map of Martinique]
L'Isle de la Martinique. Paris, 1704. 260 x 360mm. With a separate sheet of desriptive text. Narrow margin at top due to the size of the plate.
A map of Martinique, engraved by Starckmann, with an extensive key.
[Ref: 18419]    £250.00 ($332 • €292 rates)

MOLL, Herman. [The Island of Barbados]
A New Map of the Island of Barbadoes, Containing All ye Parishes and Principal Plantations; together with ye Forts, Lines, Batteries, Roads &c. London, 1736. 185 x 265mm.
A highly detailed map of Barbados showing roads, paths, villages, settlements and other man-made and natural features.
[Ref: 16947]    £225.00 ($299 • €263 rates)

Anonymous. [Map of Martinique to illustrate news of the Seven Years' War]
Martinico one of the French Caribbee Islands in the West Indies. London: T.Kinnersley, 1759, Sheet 105 x 205mm. Narrow bottom margin.
A map of the French colony of Martinique. Because of the importance of the island's sugar to the French economy it became a target for British operations during the Seven Years' War (1756-63). Late in 1758 a fleet was sent to the West Indies with orders to attack French and Spanish Colonies, including Martinique, Guadeloupe and Cuba. Martinique was attacked in January 1759, but the British gave up the assault without realising how close the French were to capitulation, moving on to take Guadeloupe. They successfully took the island in 1762 but handed it back the following year in the Treaty of Paris. This map was published in the April edition of 'The Grand Magazine of Magazines. or Universal Register'. Mostly written by David Henry, the magazine was published as a competitor to the 'Gentleman's Magazine'. The circulation was never high and it folded in 1760.
[Ref: 14899]    £160.00 ($212 • €187 rates)

BONNE, Rigobert. [Hispaniola]
Carte de L'Isle de St.Domingue une des Grandes Antilles, Colonies Françoise et Espagnole. Paris, c.1770, coloured, 220 x 320mm.
Haiti & the Dominican Republic.
[Ref: 10091]    £110.00 ($146 • €129 rates)

Records: 21 to 30 of 742
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