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 World Maps 

BACON, George Washington. [Wall map of the world at the beginning of the 20th century]
Bacon's New Chart of the World. Mercator's Projection. London: G.W. Bacon & Co., c.1907. Colour lithographic map. Dissected and laid on linen as issued , total 950 x 1200mm, folded into original covers.
A large map of the world, showing the British Empire, at its height, marked in red. Around the map are inset details: with plans of towns including Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and New York; the Panama and Suez Canals; the British Isles; the two Poles; and a Universal Time Chart. Along the top are a selection of national flags and ensigns; along the bottom are Gazetteers and a list of Principal British Steamship lines.
[Ref: 18410]    £1,000.00 ($1,304 • €1,122 rates)

GILL, Leslie MacDonald. [The beginning of the 'Special Relationship']
The ''Time and Tide'' Map of the Atlantic Charter. London: George Philip & Son, 1943. Colour lithographic map. Sheet 900 x 1140mm. Laid on conservation canvas
A large and decorative map of the world, published by 'Time and Tide' magazine to commemorate the signing of the 'Atlantic Charter' by Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The countries are marked with their commodities, shown in a large key. As well as quoting from the charter, there are other quotes about peace from Emmerson, Artistotle, Cicero and the Bible. The last is illustrated with a man using a sledgehammer on a tank, turning it into ploughshares. This policy statement, issued on 14th August 1941(four months before the U.S. entered the Second World War) set out the Allies' vision for cooperation in the post-war world. Not only did it cement the 'Special Relationship' of the U.S. and Britain, but it also led to the 'Declaration by United Nations' (1st January, 1942) which formed the basis of the United Nations. Tom Harper of the British Library has described this as 'one of the key maps of the 20th century'. Leslie MacDonald Gill (1884-1947, known as Max), younger brother of Eric Gill, specialised in graphic design in the Arts and Crafts style. His most important commission was from the Imperial War Graves Commission, designing the script used on Commission headstones and war memorials, including the 'Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme'. His 'Wonderground Map of London', originally drawn as an advertising poster for London Electric Underground Railway Company in 1914, was such a success it is credited with saving the 'UndergrounD' advertising campaign.
[Ref: 18459]    £8,250.00 ($10,758 • €9,257 rates)


DE BRY, Theodore. [An important book on early American exploration]
[The Great or American Voyages.] Frankfurt: 1594-1617. Parts I-VI only (of 13) in one volume. Latin text. Folio (335 x 235 mm), 17th century vellum over pasteboard, the flat spine with small panel outlined in gilt with rolls, titled in gilt within the panel. A few neat repairs, part VI lacking 2nd section (from page 108 including 2nd frontis. and 28 plates), binding with minor repairs to spine and the board edges, endpapers replaced.
De Bry's important collection of voyages of exploration to the Americas, containing several landmark maps of the continent. Included are Hariot's account of the English colony in Virginia (second edition, second issue, 1606), with the important map of the Roanoke colony in Virginia and plates after John White; Jacques Le Moyne's Florida (second edition, 1609), with his map of south east North America and engravings of Florida and its inhabitants; Hans Stadius's Brazil (second edition, first issue, 1605) with his map of Peru and Brazil; and Girolamo Benzoni's History of the New World (first two parts second editions, 1594 & 1617, the third the first edition of 1596), with maps of the Western Hemisphere, the West Indies and New Spain, and a view of Cusco.
[Ref: 12946]    £75,000.00 ($97,800 • €84,150 rates)

 Eastern Seaboard 

HAGSTROM COMPANY INC. [New York's Subway system in 1950]
Rapid Transit lines of the New York City Transit System Hagstrom, 1950. 440 x 240mm.
A 1950 folding leaflet system map, including route information for the three divisions. Joint IRT/BMT service to Astoria and Flushing is shown; 3rd Avenue El service in Manhattan still extends to South Ferry; the Fulton (showing thru service via Broadway and Lexington), Myrtle and Lexington Ave. Els in Brooklyn; Worth, 18th, 91st St. stations are still open on the Contract I IRT; Canarsie Trolley transfer. On the reverse is detailed Service information; rates of fare, general points of interest and a brief history of the New York City Transit System.
[Ref: 18688]    £200.00 ($261 • €224 rates)


DUMONT D'URVILLE, Jules Sébastian César. [Early map of Hawaii]
Carta delle Isole Hawaii...1834. Italian, c.1834. 210 x 320mm.
Early map of Hawaii from D'Urville's Voyage autour du monde, which is one of the earliest maps to show the name Hawaii with its English spelling and also one of the earliest maps to show the entire chain of islands. This is from a rare Italian edition.
[Ref: 17977]    £480.00 ($626 • €539 rates)

 West Indies 

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [A late 18th century Italian map of the West Indies]
Le Isole Antille Delineate sulle ultime Osservazioni. Rome, 1798. Original colour. 365 x 500mm.
Scarce map of The Caribbean, including Sothern Florida (shown as an archipelago), Bahamas and coast of Venezuela, including ArtibaI, Curacao , Buenayre , Tobago, Trinidad etc. Illustrated with a decorative title cartouche representing indigenous people welcoming a delegation of Europeans. Published in the 'Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale'
[Ref: 7382]    £600.00 ($782 • €673 rates)

 Central America 

FULLARTON, Archibald. [Central America]
Central America, Namely The (Late) Confederate States of Central America; The Mexican States Chiapa, Tabasco & Yucatan; And British Honduras. According to Squier, Keipert &c. London; c.1872. Steel engraving with original colour. 430 x 520mm.
A detailed map of Central America from the Yucatan regions. Centered on Honduras and El Salvador. Published for 'The Royal Illustrated Atlas', 1872.
[Ref: 16267]    £140.00 ($183 • €157 rates)

 South America 

TIRION, Isaak. [Map of the Dutch colony of Surinam with an inset of Paramaribo]
Landkaart van de Volkplantingen Suriname en Berbice. Plan van der Stad Paramaribo. Amsterdam, c.1760. Original colour. 305 x 400mm.
A map of Surinam, with an inset plan of Paramaribo marking two synagogues, reflecting the influx of Jews from Europe in the late 17th century.
[Ref: 18416]    £320.00 ($417 • €359 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Map of Chile and Argentina with vignettes]
Chili and La Plata. London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 355 x 250mm.
Map of Chile and Argentina, drawn and engraved by John Rapkin for the 'Illustrated Atlas', one of the last decorative atlases, with an ornate printed border and vignettes including a view of the Grand Square, Buenos Ayres.
[Ref: 16128]    £115.00 ($150 • €129 rates)


MUNSTER, Sebastian. [The first printed map of Asia]
Die Lander Asie nach irer gelegenheit bisz in Indiam werden in diser Tafel verzeichnet. Basle: Henri Petri, 1560, German text. Coloured woodcut, printed area 270 x 345mm. One tiny hole.
Munster's map of modern Asia, published in the 'Cosmographia Universalis'. Much of the information for this map came from Portuguese sources, indicated by the presence of their Indian colonies Cambay, Goa, Calicut and Kannur. However further east Munster has had to return to Marco Polo's account, written in prison in 1298, for China and the 'Archipelago of 7448 Islands', the Philippines. Ptolemy's 'Taprobana' is now Sumatra rather than Sri Lanka. At the bottom of the map Zanzibar is an island south-east of Madagascar. Decorating the seas is a huge fish and a twin-tailed mermaid.
[Ref: 17590]    £1,350.00 ($1,760 • €1,515 rates)

Records: 21 to 30 of 210
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