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 London Views 

DAYES, Edward. [A Georgian view of Bloomsbury Square]
To his Grace Francis, Duke of Bedford, Marquis of Tavistock &c. &c. This View of Bloomsbury Square, Is with the greatest respect inscribed by His Grace's obedient & obliged Servants, Rob.t Pollard & Fra.s Jukes. London: Robert Pollard & Francis Jukes, 1789. Coloured aquatint with line etching. Sheet 440 x 575mm. Two slight printer's creases.
A view of Bloomsbury Square, looking north towards Bedford House, with a mixture of pedestrians, coaches and carts. Of particular interest is the milkmaid, driving two cows around the square. Edward Dayes (1763-1804) was one of the leading topographical artists of the late eighteenth century. This was one of a series of four views of the great London squares, the others being Hanover Square, Grosvenor Square and Queen Square. According to the note bottom left 'The outline sketched by R. Thew, with an instrument', before being etched and and published by Robert Pollard and Francis Jukes.
[Ref: 18035]    £1,200.00 ($1,564 • €1,388 rates)

Anonymous. [A scarce 18th century German prospect of London]
Londen, die vornehmste u. Residenz Stadt der Könige in Engelland. Löbau? c.1790.
An unusual prospect of London, apparently an amalgam of two views from before and after the Great Fire of 1666. The City churches, including Wren's St Paul's Cathedral, are taken from the famous Kip prospect of 1720, as well as the key; however, as this view omits the South Bank, Southwark comes from a much earlier view and still includes Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, which was closed by the Puritans in 1642 and pulled down three years later. For some reason the publishers chose to put a medallion portrait of German king Conrad III (1093-1152) above the prospect.
[Ref: 18483]    £1,500.00 ($1,955 • €1,736 rates)

WESTALL, William. [View of London from Greenwich]
London from Greenwich Park London: Engelman, Graf, Coindet & Co, August 1826. 280 x 360mm.
A view from Greenwich Park, showing London in the background with the dome of St Paul's Catherdral amongst other church spires.
[Ref: 18819]    £280.00 ($365 • €324 rates)

MORRIS, Richard. [A section of Morris's spectacular panorama of Regent's Park]
Cumberland Villas - Chester Terrace - Cambridge Terrace. London: R. Ackermann, 1831. Aquatint with original colour, on two sheets conjoined, total 105 x 830mm. Lateral printed borders made up with manuscript.
A section of Morris's thirteen-sheet 'route panorama' (i.e. a continuous view taken from multiple viewpoints) recording the perimeter of Regent's Park before the general public were allowed admittance. It shows the opulent residences designed by John Nash and Decimus Burton and built 1825-6. Little is known about Richard Morris other than his professions of plantsman and surveyor. He published: 'The Botanist's Manual', 1824; 'Essays in Landscape Gardening', 1825; and 'Flora Conspicua' in 1826. ABBEY: Life 524.
[Ref: 18381]    £1,600.00 ($2,085 • €1,851 rates)

HEATH, William. [A military review in Hyde Park before Queen Victoria]
This Print of the Grand Review which took place in Hyde Park, On Monday the 9th of July 1838 in the Presence of Her Most Gracious Majesty Victoria, the Foreign Princes and Ambassadors attendant at Her Coronation, Is Presented as a Loyal Memorandum of that Pleasing and Joyous Event, by The Publishers. London: Lewis & Johnson, c.1840. Aquatint with fine hand colour. Sheet 490 x 585mm. Trimmed just within plate, mount burn around image.
A lively scene of a military review held in the north-east corner of Hyde Park as part of the celebration of Queen Victoria's coronation two weeks earlier, the 28th of June. Cavalry gallop around the outside of the field while infantry demonstrate a defensive square and artillery pieces fire blanks, both generating clouds of smoke. On the right is Victoria's coach surrounded by dignitaries, with the houses of Park Lane behind, their roofs lined with spectators. A rare print: the only example we could trace is in the British Museum, published by J. Salisbury. The publication, the only one by Salisbury in the BM, could not have been a success as the plate was soon in the hands of Lewis and Johnson. Primarily publishers of music sheets, they purchased and reissued a few plates in the 1840s. The artist, William Heath (1794-1840), is famous for the political satires he published under the pseudonym 'Paul Pry'. BM: 1902,1011.8832.
[Ref: 18441]    £1,500.00 ($1,955 • €1,736 rates)

BREWER, Henry William. [Detailed prospect of the West End of London]
A Bird's-Eye View of the West End of London. London: The Graphic, 1889. Wood engraving. 465 x 1130mm.
An unsual arial view of London, taken from above the Houses of Parliament, but looking away from the City, issued as a supplement to the Graphic newspaper on 21st September 1889. On the right edge is Trafalgar Square with Nelson's Column and the National Gallery; the the right foreground are Westminster Abbey and St Margaret's Church; in the middle distance at the centre is Buckingham Palace, with the Royal Albert Hall and Albert Memorial behind; and on the left is Pimlico, with Vincent Square, Victoria Station and Chelsea Bridge.
[Ref: 17896]    £1,500.00 ($1,955 • €1,736 rates)

Records: 21 to 26 of 26
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