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LIDL, Johann Jacob. [Scarce chart illustrating a Jesuit missionary voyage to the East]
[Untitled map of the South Atlantic, Africa and the Indian Ocean.] Vienna: Lidl, 1748. 285 x 390mm.
A chart showing the route taken by Portuguese Jesuits from Lisbon to Goa 1736-7, decorated with an armorial, two compass roses and two galleons. Published in Joseph Stoecklein's 'Der Neue Welt-Bott', an account ot Jesuit missionary work in America and Asia, the map's styling gives the look of a map a century older.
[Ref: 18804]    £1,200.00 ($1,525 • €1,361 rates)

DANET, Guillaume. [A scarce French map of Africa]
L'Afrique Dressée Sur Les Relations & nouvelles decouvertes de differens Voyageurs Conformes aux observatio.ns Astronomiques. Paris: Louis Charles Desnos, 1760. Original colour. 490 x 720mm.
A large and rare map of Africa, not listed in either Tooley or Norwich. It is decorated with a large allegorical cartouche featuring a female Europe and a male Africa, both holding manacles, representing the valuable slaves trade. The engraved border is filled with 4 armorials, European and Asian as well as African, interspersed with shells. Danet was the son-in-law and successor of De Fer, and republished many of his maps, but this item is apparently a new work, one of a series of World and Continents originally published 1729-32. The crack in the printing plate in the right border was present in the 1732 edition,
[Ref: 16496]    £2,200.00 ($2,796 • €2,495 rates)

BOULTON, Solomon. [An English 18th century wall map of Africa]
Africa, Performed by the S.r Danville under the Patronage of the Duke of Orleans. Revised and Improved by Mr. Bolton. London: J. & P. Knapton, 1766. Coloured. Four sheets conjoined, total 1010 x 990mm.
A finely engraved wall map of Africa, produced by Emanuel Bowen for 'Mr. Postlethwayte's Dictionary of Trade & Commerce'. With an inset of the Azores.
[Ref: 16564]    £1,250.00 ($1,589 • €1,418 rates)

BRION DE LA TOUR, Louis. [Eighteenth century map of Africa]
L'Afrique Dressée Pour L'Etude De La Géographie Paris: Desnos, c.1770. Original colour. 370 x 550mm.
A fine example of this scarce deluxe edition map of Africa, which includes a highly decorative architectural border frame showing cherubs, globes and garlands. The map has separately-printed French text in two columns, left and right of the map.
[Ref: 18106]    £275.00 ($350 • €312 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century Italian map of Africa]
L'Africa divisa ne Suoi Principali Stati Di Nuova Projezione. Venice 1776. coloured. 315 x 405mm.
Africa divided into colonial regions. Issued for Zatta's Atlante Novissimo. The cartography is based on Janvier's maps. Decorated with a a colorful cartouche of a winged bird and a leopard. NORWICH: 79.
[Ref: 19323]    £350.00 ($445 • €397 rates)

JANVIER, Jean. [The Santini/Remondini edition of Janvier's map]
L'Afrique divisée en ses principaux Etats... Venice: Paolo Santini, c.1780. Original outline colour. 480 x 650mm.
A map of Africa published in Venice, the geography shows the knowledge of the continent of the mid 18th Century which is almost accurate, but with some remnants of fantasy such as the twin lake source of the river Nile in the "Montagnes de la Lune, which is shown north of the Equator. Two further small inset maps of Cap de Bonne-Esperance and Isle de France. Ornamental title cartouche featuring palm trees and a lion in the upper left corner.
[Ref: 13706]    £450.00 ($572 • €510 rates)

PROBST, Johann Fredrich. [A rare small-format map of Africa]
Africa. Augsburg, c.1780. Original colour. 160 x 245mm.
Scarce small map of Africa based on the cartography of Johann Schreiber. The shape of the southern part of the continent is rather broad with a large inlet in the middle of the Congo, a protruding part of the east coast in the vicinity of Mozambique, and a flat southern tip. The interior is filled with the spurious topographical features typical of the 18th century. At right is a panel of German text describing the major regions. The title cartouche features a tribesman with a bow and a crocodile. Published in Probst's 'Atlas Minor'.
[Ref: 18858]    £350.00 ($445 • €397 rates)

NOLIN, Jean Baptiste. [18th century map of Africa]
Afrique Divisée en ses Grandes Regions, et Subdivisée en ses Grands Estats, et moindres Régions et differens Peuples. Paris: Bassett, 1781. Original outline colour. 490 x 660mm.
Map of Africa with a rococco title cartouche and engraved text describing the nations down the sides.
[Ref: 14328]    £400.00 ($508 • €454 rates)

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [A scarce 18th Century Italian map of Africa]
L'Africa Secondo Le ultime osservazioni Divisa ne'suoi Stati Principali. Rome, 1788. Original colour. 340 x 480mm.
A scarce map of Africa: the large title cartouche shows an allegorical figure representing the continent holding up an elephant's tusk, surrounded by a lion, crocodile and a horned serpent. Rare: not listed in either Tooley or Norwich.
[Ref: 15540]    £500.00 ($636 • €567 rates)

LAS CASAS, Emmanuel. [A scarce English edition of La Sage's map of Africa]
Africa with its Geographical Divisions, European Colonies, &c, &c. London: R. Juigné, 1813. Original colour. Map 345 x 375mm, set in letterpress text, total printed area 460 x 675mm.
An unusual English edition of this map of Africa, which has stripped away the fictitious interior of earlier maps, but unfortunately including Rennell's fictitious 'Mountains of Kong' in West Africa. The continent is divided into six areas: Egypt, Barbary, Western Coast, Southern Part, Eastern Coast, and, largest of all, 'Interior Parts almost entirely Unknown'. Thus much of the detail is coastal, for example marking the Slave Forts of Elmina & Fort Christiansbourg on the Guinea coast five years after the Royal Navy's West Africa Squadron started anti-slaver patrols in 1808. The routes of five explorers are shown: James Bruce's search for the source of the Nile in Nubia and Abyssinia (1768-71); François Levaillant in South Africa (1781-4); William George Browne's expedition to Darfur (1793); Mungo Park in the Gambia (1795-7); & Hormann in Egypt and Libya (1798). Around the map is extensive descriptive historical and geographic text. The was published in 'Le Sage'
[Ref: 13770]    £350.00 ($445 • €397 rates)

Records: 21 to 30 of 144
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