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BASEGGIO, Massimino. [A very scarce prospect of Constantinople published in Florence]
Veduta di Costantinopoli Presa da una Altura sopra Scutari Cittá dell' Asia Dirempetto alla Suddetta Cittá Giusamente presa Dove si vede Tutto il Serraglio, La Moschéa di S.a Soffia, e Tutte L'Altre Mosché, La Piazza del Ipodromo, Le Sette Torri, Galata, Pera S; Demitri: Con la Squadra de Capitan Pascia. Florence, c.1787. Sheet 555 x 755mm. Tears expertly repaired.
A striking view of Istanbul from a hill above Scutari, with a 24-point key in a rococco cartouche above the city. In the foreground the Pasha's fleet is firing a broadside. At the time of this view Turkey was at war with Russia (1787-92), mainly caused by Catherine the Great's annexation of the Crimea.
[Ref: 16370]    £6,500.00 ($8,515 • €7,306 rates)

FADEN, William. [Miniature map of Turkey]
Turkish Dominions in Asia or Asiatic Turkey. London: Faden, 1798. Original colour. Sheet size 155 x 180 mm.
Map of Asiatic Turkey engraved by William Palmer for Faden's 'Atlas Minimus Universalis'. William Faden was geographer to George III.
[Ref: 16359]    £85.00 ($111 • €96 rates)

FADEN, William. [Miniature map of Turkey & Cyprus]
Brevis Asiæ Minoris Descriptio London: Faden, 1798. Original colour. Sheet size 155 x 180 mm. Some colour splashes.
Map of Turkey and Cyprus engraved by Hatchett for Faden's 'Atlas Minimus Universalis'. William Faden was geographer to George III.
[Ref: 16400]    £75.00 ($98 • €84 rates)

JEAKES, Joseph. [A large aquatint prospect of Constantinople from the east]
Constantinople. East Prospect, taken from the Hill called Boulgourlou, immediately above the suburb of Scutari on the Anatolian shore of the Bosphorous, after an original Drawing in the Collection of John Spencer Smith Esq. late his Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary to the Ottoman Porte &c &c &c. London: Edward Orme, 1805. Aquatint with original hand colour. 450 x 620mm, on paper watermarked 'J. Whatman Turkey Mill'. Narrow lateral margins
A fine aquatint view of Constantinople, made from a drawing owned by John Spencer Smith (1769-1845) . In 1793 he was private secretary to the ambassador, Robert Liston, and was appointed chargé d'affaires after Liston left Constantinople in November 1795. When Smith left Constantinople in 1801 he had amassed an art collection containing a number of views of the city, several of which were engraved by Jeakes for Orme.
[Ref: 17886]    £1,600.00 ($2,096 • €1,798 rates)

BERGK, Johann Adam. [An early 19th century description of Constantinople]
Beschreibung von Constantinopel... Nebst einem Plane und einem Prospekte dieser Stadt, so wie einer Charte von den Dardanellen. Leipzig: Industrie-Comptoir, c.1807. 8vo; wrappers, front printed with title; pp. 32, three folding engraved plates. Old library stamp on back of front wrapper, showing through to the title.
A German-text description of Constantinople, illustrated with a map and prospect of the city, and a map of the Dardanelles.
[Ref: 14457]    £850.00 ($1,114 • €955 rates)

GRAVES, Thomas & SPRATT, T.A.B. [Old sea chart of the Dardanelles with the search for Troy]
Entrance to the Dardanelles with the Plain of Troy and Tenedos... 1840. London: Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty, 1844. 660 x 490mm.
An antique admiralty chart of the entrance to the Dardenelles (Hellespont), the route from the Aegean towards Istanbul and the Black Sea, with the island of Tenedos (Bozcaada), with two inset details of Tenedos and four coastal profiles. Compiled by Commander Graves and Lieutenant Spratt of H.M.S. Beacon, this nautical chart has more inland detail than most charts. They seem to have spent some time exploring the interior, with specific interest in Troy: they mark a 'Supposed Site of Troy' on the south side of the Plain of Troy, and 'Ilium Novum' near Hisarlik, the site that Heinrich Schliemann excavated thirty years later and proclaimed the true site of Troy.
[Ref: 12428]    £390.00 ($511 • €438 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Mid-19th century map of Turkey]
Asia Minor. London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, printed area 260 x 330mm.
Antique map of Turkey with Cyprus, with four decorative vignettes including a view of Rhodes.
[Ref: 16133]    £125.00 ($164 • €141 rates)

LEBRETON, Louis. [Prospect of Istanbul from Scutari with fine colour]
Constantinople. Vue prise de Scutari. Paris, L. Turgis, c.1855. Tinted lithograph with original hand finishing. Printed area 390 x 500mm.
A very fine view of Istanbul from Scutari with the major buildings named underneath, published for the series 'Ports de Mer d'Europe'.
[Ref: 18149]    £1,500.00 ($1,965 • €1,686 rates)

BRANDARD, John [A music-sheet view of Constantinople]
Constantinople. Quadrille Par Charles D'Albert. London: Chappel, 1856. Coloured lithograph. 345 x 245mm.
An unusual view of Constantinople, overlooking the harbour from a hillside. It was the cover for a quadrille sheet music by Charles D'Albert, issued during the Crimean War, when the British and French fleets gathered at Constantinople on the way to the Black Sea, as shown here. The contents varied: in the right hand corner of the print is a list of prices - Solo 4/- Duet 4/- Full Orchestra 5/- Military Band 10/6.
[Ref: 16078]    £250.00 ($328 • €281 rates)

Records: 21 to 29 of 29
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