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 Near East 

WYLD, James. [Detailed map of the the Ottoman province of Syria]
Map of Syria Ancient and Modern. London: Wyld, 1840. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen as issued, 990mm x 640mm, with slipcase with publisher's title label. Old ink ownership inscription on slipcase label.
A detailed map of the Ottoman province of Syria, covering modern Syria, Israel, Gaza and the West Bank and Lebanon. The information on the map is a mixture of contemporary and classical, as far back as the Phoenecians.
[Ref: 11747]    £350.00 ($459 • €393 rates)

MITCHELL, S. Augustus. [19th century map of the Middle East]
Persia Arabia &c. Philadelphia, Cowperthwait: 1850. Original colour 320 x 385mm.
From 'A New Universal Atlas'. The map depicts Persia and the Arabian Peninsula in great detail, including present day Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. Ancient cities including the Ruins of Babylon, Persepolis, Palmayra and Susa are located.
[Ref: 16990]    £100.00 ($131 • €112 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Syria & the Holy Land]
Syria. London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 340 x 255mm.
With four vignette scenes, including a camel train and a view of Jerusalem. Tallis Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Holy Land
[Ref: 12733]    £110.00 ($144 • €124 rates)

WYLD, James. [Map of Syria]
Map of Syria London: Wyld, c.1864. Original Colour. 290 x 230mm
Detailed map of Syria from James Wyld's Atlas of the World. Includes "Tables of the subdivisions of Syria at different periods".
[Ref: 15479]    £125.00 ($164 • €141 rates)

WYLD, James. [The Passage to India as the Suez Canal opened]
Map of the Countries between England and India Designed to shew the Over-Land and Sea Routes to the East. The Line of Communication with our Indian Possessions and the relative position of Russia to England and Hindostan. London: Wyld, 1876. Original colour. Dissected and laid on new linen, total 665 x 840mm.
A map of Europe and Asia between Britain and India, with the Mediterranean coast of Africa, Egypt and Nubia. An inset map shows the sea route around the Cape of Good Hope to China and Australia. The title gives clues to the double purpose of this map: firstly the routes to India only four years after the opening of the Suez Canal; and, secondly, highlighting the threat of Russia to Britain's possession of India, the so-called 'Great Game'. Russia had been acquiring territory in Central Asia, pushing south through the Caucasus, Tartary and Bukhara to the northern borders of Afghanistan (here 'Caubul'). Such was the climate of apprehension that two years after this map was published the Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-80) broke out because Russia merely sent diplomats to Kabul!
[Ref: 16458]    £385.00 ($504 • €433 rates)

Anonymous. [The Near East during the First World War]
Map of Eastern Turkey In Asia, Syria And Western Persia. London: Royal Geographical Society, c.1915 Photozincographed map, dissected and laid on linen, folded into blue paper covers and presented, together with 5pp. pamphlet of accompanying notes, within blue pocket and case. 760 x 800mm. Slight damp spotting on verso.
Map of the Middle East, extending from the east coast of the Mediterranean to the Caspian and from the Black Sea south to Basra. The map is a compilation of the discoveries of various travellers, discussed in the notes, including Captains Aylmer and Butler in the Syrian Desert in 1908. Originally published 1910, the map was updated in 1915 to include the railways.
[Ref: 12030]    £325.00 ($426 • €365 rates)

RAYMOND, Alexandre. [An important study of Islamic Art]
L'Art islamique en orient. II: Partie. Prague: M. Schultz, 1924. One volume only (of two). Imperial folio, original half cloth, boards with illustrated lithographic. title, printed d/w, inside pastedowns & endpapers with chromolithographic ornamental decoration printed in gold, green and blue; chromo. title and dedication both with tissue, pp. 12 with litho. vignettes, 52 fine chromo. plates, nine folding (8 counted as 2 plates, so numbered to 60, as called for. With a 4pp. prospectus for Part II, with list of plates. D/w worn, occasional glue stains in gutter, otherwise fine.
A finely-chromolithographed work illustrating Islamic architecture and decorative details from various mosques and other buildings. The dedication is to Charles Richard Crane (1858-1939), former American ambassador to China and a noted connoisseur of Arab culture. An uncommon work: the Atabey collection only contained this volume, with the Sotheby's sale catalogue noting 'apparently the first part was never published'. However since then at least two examples of Part I have come on the market. See Atabey Sale, Sotheby's 29 May 2002, lot 990.
[Ref: 14729]    £2,200.00 ($2,882 • €2,473 rates)


PTOLEMY, Claudius. [A rare and important 15th century map of Arabia]
Sexta Asie Tabula. Ulm, Johan Reger, 1482-86. Woodcut, original colour, slightly retouched. 300 x 565mm. Some restoration mainly to bottom margin.
The Arabian peninsula from an incunabula edition of Ptolemy's Geographia , within a trapezoid border with metal type for the lettering. The title is on the verso with a Latin-text description, with a coloured capital. The map was originally published by Lienhart Holle in an edition of Ptolemy’s 'Geography' with revisions by the cartographer Nicolaus Germanus Donis. This was the first European atlas published outside Italy and the first to be illustrated with woodcut maps. Soon afterwards Holle went bankrupt, probably because of the cost of producing the atlas, and Reger acquired the rights to the 'Geography', reissuing the second and last edition of this version in 1486. See TIBBETTS: 8.
[Ref: 14514]   P.O.A.

RUSCELLI, Girolamo. [16th century Italian map of Arabia]
Arabia Felice nuova Tavola. Venice, c.1562. 190 x 260mm.
Ruscelli's 'modern' map of Arabia from his 'La Geografia di Claudio Tolomeo'. Based largely on the earlier Ptolemaic maps by Giocomo Gastaldi from 1548, the map extends from the Arabian Desert south as far as the Horn of Africa and includes modern day Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. Early settlements, rivers, mountains, lakes, and various topographic features are noted.
[Ref: 18343]    £400.00 ($524 • €450 rates)

BERTIUS, Petrus. [Early 17th century miniature map of Arabia in rare original colour]
Arabia. Amsterdam, 1603. Original colour. 90 x 130mm.
A miniature map of Arabia, an example of the first plate, without longitude or latitude scales.
[Ref: 14203]    £325.00 ($426 • €365 rates)

Records: 21 to 30 of 112
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