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ALLARD, Carel. [An 18th century map of Scotland]
Novissima Regni Scotiæ Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Tabula divisae in Ducatus, Comitatus, Vice-Comitatus, Provincias, Praefecturas, Dominia et Insulas Amsterdam, Covens & Mortier, c.1730. Coloured. 505 x 595mm.
A decorative map of Scotland, divided between north and south, with an inset of the Orkneys. It is decorated with a title cartouche featuring the Roman gods, an elaborate dedication cartouche (to Nicolaes Witsen, a confidant of William III, administrator of the VOC and ambassador to the English Court) and a vignette featuring the Scottish Royal Arms. This map was originally published by Allard in 1697.
[Ref: 17552]    £950.00 ($1,245 • €1,058 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [18th century map of Scotland]
Nova et accurata totius Regni Scotiæ... Augsburg, c.1740. Original body colour. 585 x 500mm. A very fine impression and strong colour.
A striking map of Scotland, with cartouches for the title and scale which emphasise the natural resources of the country, including game and fish.
[Ref: 14972]    £750.00 ($983 • €836 rates)

LE ROUGE, Georges-Louis. [18th century French map of Scotland]
Le Royaume d'Ecosse Divisé en ses parties Meridionale et Septentrionale. Paris, c.1748. Original body colour. 280 x 210mm.

[Ref: 8500]    £150.00 ($197 • €167 rates)

COLLINS, Capt. Greenvile. [Sea chart of the Firth of Forth from the first English sea-atlas]
[The Firth of Forth.] To the Right Hon.ble Iames Earle of Perth Lord Chancellor of the Kingdom of Scotland, This Chart is humbly dedicated by Capt. Greenvile Collins Hydrographer to the King. London: Mount & Page, c.1750. Coloured, 450 x 560mm.
A sea chart of the mouth of the Firth of Forth marking Edinburgh, 'Lieth', 'Dumfermling', 'North Berwickla' and Dunbar. The dedication cartouche features Scottish martial trophies and mermaids. It was published in an edition of Collins' 'Great Britain's Coasting Pilot, being a New Survey of the Sea Coast', the first English sea-atlas based on personal survey. Undertaken on the orders of Charles II, Collins started his survey in 1681, a task that lasted seven years. The complete atlas was finally completed in 1693, and was so popular that editions were released, with only occasional revisions, until 1792.
[Ref: 14900]    £480.00 ($629 • €535 rates)

BRION DE LA TOUR, Louis. [Eighteenth century map of Scotland]
L'Ecosse, Dressee conformement aux Observations Astronomiques et aux Itineraires... Paris: Desnos, c.1770. Original colour. 370 x 550mm.
A fine example of this scarce deluxe edition map of Scotland, which includes a highly decorative architectural border frame showing cherubs, globes and garlands. The map has separately-printed French text in two columns, left and right of the map.
[Ref: 17961]    £260.00 ($341 • €290 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [Scotland 2 sheet]
La Scozia Settentrionale Divisa Nelle sue Contee Particolari; La Scozia Meridionale... Venice 1779. Original colour. Two sheets ea c. 325 x 420mm.
Two maps, engraved by G. Pitteri. Each map has a a fine title cartouche, the South sheet depicting an angler.
[Ref: 9392]    £345.00 ($452 • €384 rates)

REILLY, Franz Johann Joseph von. [Scarce map of the Orkneys]
Die Orcadischen Inseln. Vienna: von Reilly, 1789. Original colour. 230 x 360mm.
An Austrian map of the Orkney Isles, orientated with north to the right, published in the very uncommon 'Grosser Deutscher Atlas'.
[Ref: 15033]    £140.00 ($184 • €156 rates)

MILLAR, George H. [A Georgian map of Scotland]
A New and Correct Map of Scotland, Drawn from the Latest Surveys of that Part of Great Britain. London, 1790. Coloured. 310 x 220mm.
Map of Scotland with an inset in the bottom left-hand corner, of the Shetland Islands which includes this note, "Note these Islands are placed here because they are in a higher Latititude than what the Scale of the Map will admit of. Originally published in George H. Millar's 'The New Complete and Universal System of Geography'.
[Ref: 17196]    £280.00 ($367 • €312 rates)

CAMPBELL, Robert. [Wall Map of Scotland]
A New and Correct Map of Scotland or North Britain with all the Post and Military Roads, Divisions &ca. Drawn from the Most Approved Surveys Illustrated with Many Additional Improvements, and Regulated by the Latest Astronomical Observations by Lieutenant Campbell. London, Laurie & Whittle, 1794. Original outline colour. Four sheets conjoined, total 1230 x 1070mm. Minor repairs to binding folds.
A huge map of Scotland, based on the Marcus Armstrong map first published by Sayer & Bennett in 1782, but here revised with improved western coastlines by Admiralty surveyor Lieutenant Robert Campbell.
[Ref: 16013]    £1,400.00 ($1,835 • €1,560 rates)

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [Uncommon Two-Sheet Map]
La Parte Settentrionale della Scozia...; Parte Meridionale della Scozia... Rome, 1795. Coloured. Two sheets, ea. c.350 x 485mm.
A fine impression of Cassini's two-sheet map of Scotland, each with a decorative title cartouche relating to fishing. As the publication of Cassini's atlas was a financial disaster his maps are uncommon.
[Ref: 7370]    £400.00 ($524 • €446 rates)

Records: 21 to 30 of 46
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