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 Decorative Items 

BRION DE LA TOUR, Louis. [An 18th century illustration of an Armillary Sphere]
Introduction a la Géographie. Paris, the Author & Desnos, 1761. Original colour. 360 x 525mm.
An armillary sphere on a rococo stand. On either side is engraved descriptive text in French, and around that is a separately-printed frame-like border.
[Ref: 14140]    £280.00 ($392 • €319 rates)

LE NOBLE, Eustache. [A map of the 'Isle of Marriage']
Carta Topografica dell'Isola del Maritaggio di Monsieur Le Noble per la Prima Volta Tradotta Dal Francese in Italiano. In Cosmopoli, MDCCLXV. Italy, 1765. 8vo, contemporary vellum; letterpress title, pp. 40, folding map, 250 x 355mm. Map with repaired tear.
A treatise on the Island of Matrimony, written as a travel book, describing: how to reach the island, through the ports of 'Love', 'Bad Advice' or 'Self-interest'; and where to live, including the provinces of 'the Jealous' and 'the Cuckolds', and the 'Mountains of in-laws'. Once on the island it is impossible to leave, but it is possible to go to the peninsulas of 'Widowhood' and 'Divorce', the 'Great Mausoleum' and, for the truly masochistic, 'Bigamy Island'. The title cartouche features a man with the 'cuckold's horns'. There are other features we have not been able to translate from the slightly archaic Italian, so this item is worthy of further research.
[Ref: 13030]    £1,800.00 ($2,520 • €2,052 rates)

CLOUET, Jean Baptiste Louis. [Armillary Sphere]
[Armillary Sphere.] Paris, 1770. Original colour. 320 x 555mm. Split in centrefold repaired.
A decorative engraving of an armilllary sphere, with Earth at the centre and the rings representing the various planes, on an ornate stand. Down the sides is a descriptive text. Published for the Geographie Moderne.
[Ref: 7904]    £250.00 ($350 • €285 rates)

CLOUET, Jean Baptiste Louis. [Wind Rose]
[Des Ventes] Paris, 1770. Original colour. 320 x 555mm. Split in lower centrefold repaired, minor printer's crease in unprinted area.
A very decorative 'Wind Rose' 300mm in diameter, with a descriptive text down the sides. Published for the 'Geographie Moderne'.
[Ref: 7906]    £300.00 ($420 • €342 rates)

DESNOS, Louis Charles. [A decorative pair of old globes and armillary spheres]
Globe Terrestre and Globe Celeste; Sphere Droit and Sphere Parallel. Paris, c.1770. Original colour. Each 280 x 479mm. Marginal staining and surface dirt, few repaired tears.
A pair of original antique prints representing Terrestrial and Celstial Globes and Armillary spheres. With french text panels on the sides and elaborate ornamental borders featuring putti and floral wreaths.
[Ref: 12132]    £600.00 ($840 • €684 rates)

ROBERT, Hubert. [Vesuvius erupting in 1779]
Vue de la Sommité et du Crater du Vésuve au moment de l' Eruption du 8 Août 1779. Cette gerbe de feu qui dura trois quarts d'heure, s'éleva à la hauteur de dix mille pieds. Paris, c. 1780. Coloured. 440 x 335mm.
A dramatic image showing Mount Vesuvius ( Vesuvio ) erupting in August 1779. Figures in the foreground are shown running to escape.
[Ref: 17657]    £175.00 ($245 • €200 rates)

EDRIDGE. Henry. [Portrait of the explorer Mungo Park from the account of his first Niger Expedition]
Mr M. Park. London: G. Nichol, 1799. Stipple engraving. Sheet 270 x 210mm.
A fine stipple engraved oval portrait of the Scottish explorer Mungo Park (1774-1806), engraved by Thomas Dickinson after Edridge and published as the frontispiece to his 'Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa'. Under the patronage of Sir Joseph Banks and the African Association, Park travelled to Africa to seek the source of the River Niger (1795-7). His expedition was delayed by captivity and illness (he spent seven months convalescing in a man's home), and he was believed dead when he returned to Britain. His detailed account of his travels gave Europeans one of the first accurate descriptions of the African interior and its inhabitants. He wrote that the Mandinka he met being taken to the European slave ships believed they were going to be eaten by the whites! His summation that 'whatever difference there is between the negro and European, in the conformation of the nose, and the colour of the skin, there is none in the genuine sympathies and characteristic feelings of our common nature' did much for the Abolitionist cause. Park returned to the Niger in 1805; this time his luck deserted him and he drowned trying to escape a native attack.
[Ref: 14250]    £150.00 ($210 • €171 rates)

CHAPMAN, J. [A colour-printed stipple portrait of Leonhard Euler]
Leonard Euler. J.Chapman sculp.t. London: J.Wilkes, 1804. Colour-printed stipple engraving. 160 x 110mm. Very fine condition.
An oval portrait of the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-83), whose prolific output has been celebrated in his home country, Russia (where he supervised the creation of the 'Atlas Russicus', published 1745) and Germany (where he published the 'Atlas Geographicus' in 1753). The portrait shows his right eye shut, blinded after a near-fatal fever in 1735; by 1766 a cataract rendered his left eye almost useless. However his productivity hardly diminished: in 1775 he was still writing an average of one mathematical paper a week.
[Ref: 11809]    £220.00 ($308 • €251 rates)

DIGHTON, Robert. [England depicted as a man on a seamonster]
Caricature of England and Wales. London: Bowles & Carver, c.1808. Original colour. Card, 140 x 105mm.
A separate-issue card, reduced from Dighton's famous 'Geography Bewitched' caricature map. England is a pot-bellied man, foaming mug of beer in his hand, pipe in his mouth, sitting astride a scaly sea-monster. Wales is his jacket. Outside the printed border a text 'Caricatures of Ireland, Scotland, &c. with other ingenious devices' advertises the other maps in the series.
[Ref: 17716]    £950.00 ($1,330 • €1,083 rates)

DIGHTON, Robert. [A famous caricature map of Scotland]
A Caricature of Scotland. Geography bewitched. _ Bonny Scotia. London: Bowles & Carver, c.1808. Original colour. Card, 140 x 105mm.
A separate-issue card, reduced from Dighton's famous 'Geography Bewitched' caricature map. Scotland is depicted as an ugly man kneeling on a tasselled cushion, holding a tartan bag behind his back.
[Ref: 17717]    £950.00 ($1,330 • €1,083 rates)

Records: 21 to 30 of 46
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