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 Central Italy 

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [18th century map of the Papal States]
Status Ecclesiastici Magnique Ducatus Florentini Nova Exhibitio. Nuremberg, c.1720. Original colour with additions. 480 x 580mm.
Antique map of central Italy and Tuscany, with a decorative allegorical title cartouche featuring papal insignia, marking Florence, Siena and Rome.
[Ref: 13866]    £440.00 ($576 • €495 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [18th century map of Tuscany and the Papal States]
Novissima Et Accuratissima Delineatio Status Ecclesiae Et Magni Ducatus Hetruriae.. Augsburg, c. 1730. Original colour, 500 x 600mm. A very fine example.
Large map of Tuscany and The Papal States centered on Florence. With an elaborate title cartouche
[Ref: 16024]    £650.00 ($852 • €731 rates)

MOUNT, William & PAGE, Thomas. [Portulan of Ancona and surrounding areas]
A Description of the Sea-Coast in the Adriatick-Sea, or the Gulf of Venice. London, c.1740, coloured, page size 465 x 292mm.
From the "English Pilot, Part III", first published by John Seller in 1677. Over the years Mount & Page had replaced a few of the charts, but still many of the charts were seriously outdated. However this was still the best English sea-atlas of the Mediterranean. A double page with numerous coastal profiles pertaining to the Adriatic, with a plan of the port of Ancona with a compass rose and rhumb lines and text relating to local navigation
[Ref: 8908]    £175.00 ($229 • €197 rates)

HOMANN HEIRS. [18th century map of Lazio]
Il Lazio, con le sue piu cospicue Strade Antiche e Moderne... Latium cum Omnibus suis Celebrioribus Viis quo ad Antiquum & Novuum Statum... Nuremburg, 1745. Original colour. 520 x 600mm.
A map of Lazio showing the region bounded by Rome in the West and the Gulf of Terracina on the East, titled in both Italian and Latin with an eighteen point key. Shows the early roads, towns, mountains, rivers, etc. Includes a number of interesting symbols. The Strada Romana per Napoli is shown.
[Ref: 13444]    £300.00 ($393 • €337 rates)

ZOCCHI, Giuseppe. [Zocchi's views of mid-18th century Florence]
Scelta di XXIV Vedute delle principali Contrade, Piazze, Chiese, e Palazzi della Città di Firenze. Florence: Guiseppe Bouchard, 1754. Large folio: contemporary half calf with marbled boards, old mss. title label on front board; engr. dedication, double-page engr. title, 24 double-page plates, as called for. Binding rubbed, inner hinges strained; plate III with tear through title into printed border,, plate IV with rust hole in printed border.
The complete set of 24 views of Florence drawn by Giuseppe Zocchi (c.1711-67) on the commission of the Marchese Andrea Gerini (1691-1766), and engraved by some of the foremost Italian engravers of the period, including Guiseppe Vasi. Although the influences of Piranesi can be seen, Zocchi pays more attention to everyday life in the city, including boatmen, swimmers, knife-grinders, promenaders and coachmen. The last four plates depict the festivals of the city, including the Chariot Race at Piazza Santa Maria Novella. The series was first published in 1744 and, like this edition, was dedicated to Maria Theresa of Austria, whose husband was Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor and Duke of Tuscany.
[Ref: 14735]    £24,500.00 ($32,095 • €27,538 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [18th Century map of Tuscany]
Il Gran Ducato di Toscana : Diviso Nelle Sue Provincie dall Abbe. B. Borghi : Di nuova Projezione Venice, 1783. Original colour. 420 x 330mm.
Eighteenth century map of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.
[Ref: 17659]    £385.00 ($504 • €433 rates)

PIATTI, Guglielmo. [An Unusual Town Plan Of Florence]
Pianta Della Citta Di Firenze. Florence, Piatti, c.1800, 350 x 470mm
A detailed plan of Florence with an extensive key of 173 items. Piatti was a prolific publisher of books, but this map of his home city seems to be the total of his cartographic output.
[Ref: 10485]    £350.00 ($459 • €393 rates)

Anonymous. [The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa]
Vue du Clocher de la Metropolitaine de Pise France. c. 1820. Aquatint. 230 x 160mm.
The Tower at Pisa ( Torre di Pisa ). The border has been painted to recreate the presentation of a watercolour. Engraved by Carocci.
[Ref: 16023]    £250.00 ($328 • €281 rates)

ROSSINI, Luigi. [A monumental work on the buildings of Rome]
Le Antichità Romane ossia raccolta delle piu Interessanti Vedute di Roma Antica Designate ed incise dall' Architetto Incisore Luigi Rossini Ravennate In Numero centuna Vedute. Rome: Negozio Scudellari & Rossini, 1829. Large folio, contemporary half morocco, red morocco title label on front board; title, 1p. catalogue of Rossini's publications and 101 etched plates. Wear to spine, boards faded.
An extensive record of the buildings of Rome at the beginning of the 19th century, the work of Luigi Rossini (1790-1857) an architect and etcher. Although clearly influenced by Piranesi, Rossini wanted to show the buildings in the context of contemporary Rome; therefore he collaborated with Roman artist Bartolomeo Pinelli (1771-1835), whose illustrations of the street life of the city were used as staffage for the architecture. These figures included the Grand Tourists, washerwomen, monks & priests, ferrymen & fishermen and, under the Arch of Septimus Severus, knife-fighters.
[Ref: 14005]    £22,500.00 ($29,475 • €25,290 rates)

VALLARDI, Guiseppe and Pietro. [Town plan of Florence]
Pianta della Citta di Firenze. Milan, c. 1830. Coloured. 200 x 240mm.
Town plan of Florence with an extensive key (in Italian) to 'remarkable places'. Florence Cathedral; the Loggia dei Lanzi, and the Palazzo Vechio (the town hall) are illustrated.
[Ref: 17536]    £180.00 ($236 • €202 rates)

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