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 Eastern Europe 

WEIGEL, Christoph. [Uncommon folio map of Hungary]
Hungaria, cum adiacentibus Provinciis nova et accuratiori forma exhibetur. Nuremberg, c.1720. Original wash colour. 420 x 620mm.
An unusual two-sheet map of Hungary, with a decorative title cartouche on the west sheet and an inset view of Temesvar on the east. The map celebrates the end of the Austro-Turkish War of 1716-8: the title cartouche features the Habsburg emperor standing over the defeated Turks; and vignette battle scene shows the victory at Temeswar. On the map the Banat of Temeswar is shown as a province of the Austrian empire. Engraved by Michael Kauffer.
[Ref: 16892]    £650.00 ($863 • €743 rates)

COVENS & MORTIER. [An 18th Century folio map of the Kingdom of Hungary]
Le Royaume de Hongrie et des Pays qui en dependoient autrefois... Amsterdam, c.1725. Original colour. 485 x 570mm.
A map of Hungary and the Balkans after Guillaume de L'Isle.
[Ref: 17983]    £345.00 ($458 • €394 rates)

BODENEHR, Gabriel. [Uncommon early 18th century map of Hungary]
Nova et Accurata Tabula Regnorum Sup. et Inf. Hungariæ It: Sclavoniæ, Bosniæ, Serviæ Albaniæ, Bessarabiæ Ut et Princip: Transylvaniæ Moldaviæ, Walachiæ, Bulariæ wr Romaniæ &c. Augsburg, c.1730. Original colour. 510 x 610mm.
Bodenehr's uncommon folio-sized map of Hungary and the Balkans, with the Danube from Vienna to the Black Sea. Atlas Hungaricus 1528-1850 , Vol I , p 68 , Bodenehr 2 u Fig p.69.
[Ref: 16891]    £950.00 ($1,262 • €1,086 rates)

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [18th Century Map of Hungary]
Regnorum Hungariae, Dalmatiae, Croatiae, Sclavoniae, Bosniae et Serviae cum Principatus Transylvaniae... Nuremberg, c.1730. Original body colour. 490 x 570mm Split at lower centerfold restored.
A large and detailed map of Hungary and its neighbours, with a dedication to Charles VI of Hungary, with the cartouche symbolising his wars against the Turks.
[Ref: 11089]    £380.00 ($505 • €434 rates)

SCHENK, Pieter. [Early 18th century map of the environs of Prague]
Plan der Stadt Praag, met zyn onderhorige Plaatze, door Een Voornaam Ingenieur getekent. Amsterdam: Covens & Mortier, c.1740. Original colour. 400 x 510mm. A very fine example
Map of the environs of Prague, now mostly incorporated into the city.
[Ref: 14994]    £600.00 ($797 • €686 rates)

LE ROUGE, Georges-Louis. [Bohemia during the War of the Austrian Succession]
Theatre de la Guerre en Boheme avec les principaux Postes de ce Royaume. Paris, 1741. Original colour, 510 x 650mm A fine example
A large and detailed map of Bohemia with eleven inset plans of major towns and castles with their defences, including Prague, published during the French occupation of the country. The War of the Austrian Succession (1740-48) began as France and Prussia sought to undermine the Habsburg monarchy by refusing to accept that the crown could pass to a woman, Maria Theresa. Soon a dozen European powers, including Britain were at war. In 1741 the French and Bavarian armies invaded Bohemia and the French took Prague in November, after which the Elector of Bavaria crowned himself King of Bohemia. However the withdrawal of Prussia from the war in 1742 allowed Maria Theresa to drive the invaders out and in May 1743 she was crowned Queen of Bohemia in St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague.
[Ref: 13680]    £625.00 ($830 • €714 rates)

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [An unusual later edition of the Coronelli-Nolin map]
Le Royame de Hongrie divisé eb Haute et Basse Hongrie, avec L'Esclvonie, Subdivisees en leurs comtez. Paris, Jean Baptiste Nolin (II), 1742. Original outline colour. 445 x 595mm. Dissected and laid on canvas as issued , old ink mss. label on canvas.
Originally published by Jean Baptiste Nolin in 1687, this example was published by his son (also Jean Baptiste), with the date revised to 1742 and Nolin's collaborator Tillemon's name added to the advert. The cartouche, encloses the title, scale and advertisment for Nolin's stock, shows a Hapsburg army breaching the fortified walls of an Ottoman-held city.
[Ref: 11453]    £360.00 ($478 • €411 rates)

TIRION, Isaak. [Bohemia]
Nuova Carta del Regno di Boemia, ducato di Slesia, Marchesato di Moravia, e Lusazia. Venice, Albrizzi, 1740. Coloured. 310 x 360mm.

[Ref: 11292]    £180.00 ($239 • €206 rates)

RIEGEL, Christoph. [A broadsheet plan of the Siege of Prague in 1742]
Verbesserter Grundriss der Königl. Bohmischen Haupt Stadt Prag mit der Königl. Ungarschen Belagerung und attaquen A. 1742. Nürnberg: Christoph Riegel, c.1750. 590 x 490mm. Binding folds flattened, a few small repairs.
A detailed plan of Prague showing the positions of the Austrian soldiers as they besieged the French army occupying the city during the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-8). Underneath is a view of the Austrian camp as they bombard the city. The siege lasted six months, but a French column of 16,000 men managed to slip past the rather complacent Austrian besiegers and escape. The remaining troops, the ones not able to make the escape, left the city with the honours of war. This plan was originally published during the siege, with no mention of the escape: this state has the word 'Verbesserter' ('improved') added to the title but no other obvious edits.
[Ref: 15422]    £875.00 ($1,162 • €1,000 rates)

WERNER, Friedrich Bernhard. [A mid-18th century prospect of Bratislava]
[Bratislava] Posonium. Presburg. Augsburg: Georg Balthasar Probst, c.1760. Two sheets conjoined, total 400 x 1060mm.
A prospect of Bratislava from the Danube, with an 23-point key in Latin but only 22 in German (missing the Danube).
[Ref: 18374]    £1,850.00 ($2,457 • €2,115 rates)

Records: 21 to 30 of 53
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