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FRANCINI, Alessandro. [A superb early 17th century plan of Fontainebleau]
Portrait de la Maison Royale de Fontaine Belleau. French, c.1614. Engraving, Sheet 560 x 470mm. Trimmed within plate, as issued, a few small repairs.
A fine bird's-eye view of the royal palace of Fontainebleau, engraved by Michael Lasne after Alessandro Francini, with a 32-point key. Alessandro (d. 1648) and his older brother Tommaso (1571-1651), from Florence, were hydraulic engineers who work transformed French formal gardens with fountains and water-driven automata. Alexandre's engravings were instrumental in publicising the new styles.
[Ref: 16610]    £750.00 ($962 • €842 rates)

BRAUN, Georg & HOGENBERG, Frans. [An early plan of Bar-le-Duc, Lorraine]
Description de la ville de Bar facite L'An 1617. Cologne: 1617. Original colour. 445 x 350mm. A very fine example
A 'map-view' of Bar-le-Duc with key identifying 41 locations, published in the last volume of the 'Civitates Orbis Terrarum', the first atlas of printed town plans. KOEMAN: B&H 6.
[Ref: 15129]    £300.00 ($385 • €337 rates)

MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio. [Uncommon map of Corsica]
Corsica Isola, olim Cyrnus. Venice: Fabio Magini, 1620. Coloured. 345 x 455mm.
Decorative map of Corsica, orientated with north to the left, with strapwork cartouches for the title, scale and dedication, and with sea monsters and a galleon in the sea. As Corsica was still subject to Genova this map appeared in Magini's 'Nova descrittione d'Italia', the first printed atlas of Italy, published after Magini's death by his son Fabio.
[Ref: 11366]    £850.00 ($1,091 • €955 rates)

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [17th century antique map of the Ile de Ré and Oleron]
Insulae Divi Martini et Uliarius, Vulgo L'Isle de Ré et Oleron. Amsterdam, 1640, Latin text edition. Original colour. 390 x 540mm. The green of the original colour darkened.
Original antique map of the Ile de Ré and Oleron, orientated with north to the left, with La Rochelle marked on the mainland. With maritime-themed cartouches for the title and scale and numerous vignette ships and sea-battles. KOEMAN: Bl 22.
[Ref: 12342]    £450.00 ($577 • €505 rates)

HONDIUS, Jodocus. [17th Century Map of France]
[Hondius his Map of France.] London: Henry Featherstone, 1625, English text edition. Coloured. 150 x 190mm, set in text. 'Hondius his Map of France' overprinted on the map border.
First published in the 'Atlas Minor' of 1607. The printing plates were sold to a London publisher in 1621 and appeared in 'Purchas His Pilgrimies', as this example. Later Dutch editions used new plates by Jansson.
[Ref: 8063]    £150.00 ($192 • €168 rates)

TAVERNIER, Melchior. [Cardinal Richelieu and the Huguenots at Oleron]
Carte De la Coste de la Rochelle a Brouaige et de l'Isle d'Oleron Observee par le Sr. de Chattillon ingenieur du Roy. 1627. Paris, c.1632. Old colour. 400 x 520mm. Faint damp stain in lower border.
Oleron shown in detail, with an inset showing the route of an English fleet to La Rochelle. At the time of mapping the area was a stronghold of the Protestant Huguenots, under siege by the Catholic monarchy under the control of the infamous Cardinal Richelieu. In events forming the background to Alexandre Dumas's novel 'The Three Musketteers', Charles I of England sent the Duke of Buckingham and a fleet of 90 ships and 10,000 men to relieve La Rochelle. The expedition was a failure and the next year Richelieu took the town, causing the Huguenot diaspora to England and America. PASTEREAU: Tavernier IIa 39.
[Ref: 9502]    £420.00 ($539 • €472 rates)

HONDIUS, Henricus. [17th century map of France]
Galliæ supra omnes in hac forma editiones locu plentissima et exactissima descriptio. Amsterdam, Hondius, 1639, French text edition. Coloured. 370 x 500mm. Centrefold reinforced on verso
A detailed map of France, engraved in 1631, but not used in an atlas until 1633. With the title in a decorative cartouche surmounted by a putto bearing torches and flanked by Bacchus and Ceres, decorated with sea-monsters and galleons. It was engraved by Hondius for inclusion in his editions of the Mercator atlas.
[Ref: 8025]    £400.00 ($513 • €449 rates)

JANSSON, Jan. [A 17th century antique map of ancient France]
Galliæ Veteris Typus. Amsterdam, Henricus Hondius, 1639, French edition. Original colour. 385 x 490mm.
Antique map of Roman France, divided into Provinces, marking the various tribes. KOEMAN: Me 92a.
[Ref: 8177]    £300.00 ($385 • €337 rates)

HONDIUS, Henricus. [17th century map of Champagne]
Champagne. Comitatus Campania. Amsterdam, Jan Jansson, c.1640, blank verso. Original colour. 375 x 495mm.
Champagne, with many villages and chateaux marked. KOEMAN: ME 100a
[Ref: 8418]    £250.00 ($321 • €281 rates)

BLAEU, Johannes. [Corsica under the rule of Genova]
Corsica Insula. Amsterdam, 1642, Dutch text edition. Coloured. 160 x 245mm, set in text.
A map of Corsica, orientated with north to the left, published when Corsica was under the dominion of Genova, appearing in Blaeu's 'Atlas of Italy'. KOEMAN: Bl 38a.
[Ref: 18181]    £400.00 ($513 • €449 rates)

Records: 21 to 30 of 149
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