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Anonymous. [Scandinavia]
Li Regni Di Svezia Di Danimarca E Di Norvegia Rome, 1802, coloured, 335 x 240mm
An Italian edition after a map by Rigobert Bonne. Showing the whole of Scandinavia with borders, towns and cities marked
[Ref: 10245]    £160.00 ($209 • €184 rates)

BRUÉ, Adrien Hubert. [Detailed 19th century map of Scandinavia]
Carte Générale des Royaumes Suède, De Norvège et de Danemark. Paris, 1825. Original colour. Steel-engraving, 550 x 400mm. Fine impression.
Detailed map.Two insets, one of Denmark and one of Iceland
[Ref: 10277]    £160.00 ($209 • €184 rates)

DELAMARCHE, Felix. [Map of Scandinavia]
Norwège, Suède et Danemark. Paris, 1826. Original colour. 300 x 340mm.
With a large inset of Iceland and a smaller one of the Faroe Islands
[Ref: 13429]    £125.00 ($163 • €144 rates)

STÜLPNAGEL, Friedrich von. [Sweden & Norway]
Schweden Und Norwegen Gotha: Justus Perthes,1850. Original outline colour. 330 x 400mm.
Depicting a large part of Scandinavia with insets of Stockholm and its surrounding country in the lower right hand corner. Stülpnagel, a draughtsman and engraver, took over the production of "Stieler's Hand-Atlas" after Stieler's death. Such was the success of the atlas that it was published up to 1945.
[Ref: 9642]    £120.00 ($157 • €138 rates)

PHILIP, George & Son. [Detailed map of Sweden & Norway]
Sweden & Norway. Liverpool, c.1851. Original colour. 620 x 520mm.
Large & detailed map of Sweden & Norway.
[Ref: 9201]    £140.00 ($183 • €161 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Decorative map of Sweden and Norway]
Sweden and Norway. London: JohnTallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour with additions. Steel engraving, printed area 350 x 250mm.
Antique map of Sweden and Norway from one of the last 'decorative atlases', with printed border and decorative vignettes also showing Norwegian and Swedish peasants, the iron mine in Upsala and a view of Stockholm.
[Ref: 17773]    £150.00 ($196 • €173 rates)

GINSBERG, William B. [Reference Book on Scandinavia]
Printed Maps of Scandinavia and the Arctic 1482-1601. Septentrionalium Press, 2006. New. Cloth & illus. d/w. pp. 214.
The first in-depth book to deal with the early mapping of Scandinavia and the far North, embellished with more than 180 illustrations. An essential reference book for those with an interest in early printing, the development of cartography and early polar exploration. Shipping within the UK is £10. Please email us if delivery is elsewhere.
[Ref: 18772]    £60.00 ($78 • €69 rates)


MALLET, Alain Manesson. [Spitzbergen]
Spitzbergen et N.Nemble. Paris, c.1683. Coloured. 140 x 100mm.
Published in the 'Description de l'Univers'.
[Ref: 8783]    £65.00 ($85 • €75 rates)

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [Early 18th Century Battleplan of Fredrichshall]
Plan Der Belagerung Von Fridrichshall... Nuremberg,c. 1720, original colour, 485 x 590mm
A plan of the fortress Fredriksten under siege by the Swedish king Charles XII in 1718. 40,000 Swedes laid siege to the fortress of Fredriksten, overlooking the border town of Fredrikshald on the border between Norway and Sweden. The Swedish trenches had almost reached the main fortification walls when on the evening of December 11, 1718, a bullet struck and killed Charles XII while he inspected the work. The death of the king effectively ended Sweden's invasion plans.1718, a bullet struck and killed Charles XII while he inspected the work. The death of the king effectively ended the attack on Fredriksten and the invasion was called off.
[Ref: 11091]    £750.00 ($980 • €865 rates)

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [Decorative map of Norway]
Regni Norvegiae Accurata Tabula in qua Praefecturae quinque Generales Aggerhusiensis Bergensis Nidrosiensis Wardhusiensis et Bahusienis... Nuremberg, 1720. Original colour. 600 x 500mm.
A decorative map of the Kingdom of Norway, from Gothenburg to the North Sea. The title cartouche is crowned by the coat of arms of the Norwegian Royal Family. The inset map at the top left shows regions of northern Norway and Trondheim. On the right is a cartouche entitled ‘notarum explicatio’ (known explanation) which contains a short political statement for some of the areas. The Peace of Roskilde in 1658 and the Peace of Copenhagen in 1660 are mentioned. These agreements ended the war between Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Denmark conceded possessions in what is now southern Sweden.
[Ref: 17200]    £425.00 ($555 • €490 rates)

Records: 21 to 30 of 73
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