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 Gulf States 

LUFFMAN, John. [Early 19th Century plan of St Augustine, Florida]
St Augustine. Engrav'd for Luffman's Select Plans. St Augustine, the Capital of East Florida. N America, the harbour is shallow but secure. It was ceded during Mr Pitt's administration by the English to the Spaniards. London: Luffman, 1802. 170 x 135mm. Paper lightly age-toned.
Chart of the approaches to St Augustine in Florida, published in Luffman's 'Select Plans of the Principal Cities, Harbours, Forts &c. in the World'. Florida had been British until the Treaties of Paris of 1783, ending the American War of Independence, gave Florida back to the Spanish. The map shows roads, Indian towns, the fort (San Marcos), inland waters and water depths.
[Ref: 13167]    £250.00 ($330 • €280 rates)

FULLARTON, Archibald. [Detailed map of the south central states of the USA]
United States. North America According to Calvin Smith & Tanner. The South Central Section. Comprising Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Western Territory and Part of Missouri. London; c.1872. Steel engraving with original colour. 540 x 420 mm.
Highly detailed map of Texas, the Plains and Southern States. Fullarton's Royal Illustrated Atlas, the last highly decorative atlas published in England. Beautifully engraved and colored with a mixture of printed color and hand color. Swanston, Petermann, Bartholomew, Macnab and Johnson engraved the maps. The maps bear a superficial resemblance to Keith Johnston's Royal Atlas. Fullarton frequently gives the sources for his maps - for the United States maps he gives Calvin Smith and Tanner as sources.
[Ref: 16261]    £175.00 ($231 • €196 rates)


MULLER, Johann Ulrich. [Uncommon Miniature Map of the American Colonies]
[Canada...] Ulm, 1692. 70 x 80mm, set in text.
Charming miniature map of the Great Lakes, New England, New York and Canada, with a letterpress text in German. The Great Lakes are open-ended in the west.
[Ref: 8937]    £230.00 ($303 • €257 rates)

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. [The French colonisation of the island of Montreal]
Karte von der Insel Montreal und den Gegenden Umher nach den Manuscripton der Karten Grundrisse und Tagebucher bey der Marine... 1744. Leipzig: Arkstee und Merkus, 1753. 255 x 320mm.
A German edition of Bellin's map of Montreal Island compiled from manuscript sources, published in the 'Allegmeine Historie der Reisen zu Wasser und zu Lande'. As the most detailed map of the area it was copied several times for use in illustrating the events of the Seven Years' War (1756-63, also known as the 'French and Indian War'), when the British took the colony from the French. Here Montreal is named 'Stadt Maria', referring to the original plan to dedicate the colony to the Virgin Mary.
[Ref: 14467]    £250.00 ($330 • €280 rates)

VIVIEN, L. [Map of Canada & Alaska]
Carte de la partie Septentrionale de Nouveau Monde; ou sont Comprises les Possessions Anglais de l'Amerique du Nord, L'Amerique Russe et les Regions Polaires. Paris: Ménard & Desenne, 1825, original outline colour, 280 x 465mm.
Vivien's map of the Northern part of the New World; Included are those areas of English possessions in North America, The American and Russian Polar Regions.
[Ref: 16216]    £200.00 ($264 • €224 rates)

 West Indies 

HONDIUS, Jodocus. [West Indian Islands]
Cuba Insul; Hispaniola; Havana Portus; Iamaica, I.S. Ioannis, I. Margareta London: Henry Featherstone, 1625, English text edition. Coloured. 145 x 190mm, set in text.
Six maps on one sheet: two main maps of Cuba and Hispaniola, each with a title cartouche and scale, and four smaller maps of Havana Harbour, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Margarita Island (off the coast of Venezuela). First published in the reduced version of the Mercator/ Hondius 'Atlas Minor' of 1607, the printing plates were sold to a London publisher in 1621 and appeared in 'Purchas His Pilgrimies', as this example. Later Dutch editions used new plates by Jansson.
[Ref: 8065]    £150.00 ($198 • €168 rates)

CLOPPENBURG, Johannes. [The West Indian Islands]
Cuba Insula; Hispaniola Insula; Ins.Iamaica; Ins.S.Ioannis; I.S.Margareta. Amsterdam, 1630, French text edition. First Edition. 190 x 260mm. Fine impression.
Five maps on one sheet: Cuba (with an inset of Havana), Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Margarita Island (off the coast of Venezuela). Published in Cloppenburg's version of the Mercator 'Atlas Minor', probably engraved by Van den Keere. KOEMAN: Me 198.
[Ref: 7877]    £250.00 ($330 • €280 rates)

SPEED, John. [The so-called 'miniature Speed' map of Barbados]
Barbados London, Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. 185 x 130mm.
A charming antique map of Barbados, first published nearly half-a-century after Speed's death. In 1676 Bassett and Chiswell added new maps to both the folio and octavo versions of the 'Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World', including this map of Barbados. TIBBETTS: 91.
[Ref: 13617]    £250.00 ($330 • €280 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [The Caribbean]
Isles Antilles. Paris, 1682. Original outline colour. 100 x 130mm.
The West Indies and Caribbean, from Du Val's miniature atlas 'La Géographie Universelle'.
[Ref: 10855]    £200.00 ($264 • €224 rates)

MALLET, Alain Manesson. [17th century miniature map of the Bahamas]
Isles Lucayes. Paris, 1683. Coloured. 160 x 110mm. French text on verso.
Miniature map of the Bahamas, decorated with a sea-battle, from Mallet's 'Description de l'Univers'. The sea is named 'Mer de Nort' or North sea, which was the name given to the Atlantic ocean at that time.
[Ref: 13120]    £160.00 ($211 • €179 rates)

Records: 31 to 40 of 790
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