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 London Maps 

METROPOLITAN RAILWAY. [Map of London's underground railways in the late 1920s]
Metropolitan Railway and Connections. Also see Particulars of Theatres, Railway Termini, Places of Interest, &c., on reverse side. Crescens Robinson & Co Ltd, 1932.. Colour lithograph. Sheet 340 x 430mm.
A leaflet published by the Metropolitan Railway, with their lines (now the Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City and part of the Circle Line) marked in red, with other lines in blue. Also highlighted are twelve golf courses along the Metropolitan Line, Regent's Park Zoo, Olympia and White City exhibition halls, Lord's and the Oval Cricket Grounds, and the grounds of Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Millwall, Queen's Park Rangers & Watford Football Clubs. This variant of the map first published c.1923 has the Stanmore spur 'under construction'. On the reverse are descriptions of some of the quaint villages now accessible to the commuter, including Pinner and Amsersham. The General Manager is now J.S. Anderson instead of R.H. Selbie.
[Ref: 18016]    £340.00 ($449 • €389 rates)

BECK, Henry C. [A scarce 1946 'Quad Royal' poster map of the Underground by H.C. Beck]
London's UndergrounD. London: Waterlow & Sons, February 1946. Colour lithographic map. Sheet 955 x 1210 mm Original folds, a few repairs, laid on linen, slightly trimmed.
A poster map of the London Underground published thirteen years after the introduction of Beck's iconic 'electric diagram' map of the Underground. An interesting innovation here is the geometric border designed by 'Shep' (apparently a Captain Shepherd). Unusually Beck's signature has been moved from the bottom left into the Thames. Bushey Heath, Mill Hill East to Edgeware and Highgate to Alexandra Palace and Finsbury Park; on the Circle Line from Loughton to Ongar; and on the Bakerloo Line from Elephant & Castle to Camberwell. GARLAND: Mr Beck's Underground Map.
[Ref: 18616]    £4,950.00 ($6,534 • €5,663 rates)

BECK, Henry C. [A scarce 1952 'Quad Royal' poster map of the Underground by H.C. Beck]
London Transport Railways. London: Waterlow & Sons, 1952. Colour lithographic map with arrow 'This Station' sticker pointing at Putney Bridge. Sheet 1010 x 1265mm. Original folds as issued, otherwise in superb condition.
A poster map of the London Underground, still designed by Beck despite his having resigned from London Transport to teach at the London School of Printing and Graphic Arts. For this version, nearly twenty years after the first edition of 1933, he has simplified the design by removing all the proposed extensions (Northern and Bakerloo Lines); he has added a bend in the Thames to bring Richmond to the riverside; and he has added a reference grid with an index of stations. To the east the last eight stations are only listed. GARLAND: Mr Beck's Underground Map, 32, full-page illus.
[Ref: 15853]    £3,850.00 ($5,082 • €4,404 rates)

 London Views 

CUSTOS, Dominicus. [James I and the Spanish Match, with a prospect of London]
Abilltung wie königliche Maistät in Engelandt Die Artickel Dess Spanischen Heyraths Jur: Bekreftiget Anno 1623. Augsburg, c.1623. Coloured. 275 x 325mm. Evidence of a crack in the printing plate (as the example held in the British Museum).
Four scenes: James I signing the Spanish Match treaty in the Chapel Royal; James dining with the Spanish ambassador; James I in procession; and a prospect of London, with the Norman St Paul's Cathedral. In 1614 the Count of Gondomar arrived in London as the Spanish ambassador to the Court of King James, his purpose to stop English privateers attacking Spanish shipping in the Americas and prevent England joining the Thirty Years's War. In return he promised Spain would cease supporting opponents of James's rule in Ireland. To sweeten the deal he proposed the marriage of the Spanish Infanta to Charles, Prince of Wales (later Charles I), promising a dowry of half-a-million pounds. James, who desperately needed money, was enthusiastic, but Parliament refused to accept any deal and James dissolved it in fury. It eventually transpired that the Infanta had no intention of marrying a protestant, and Spain was just stringing out negotiations to stop England entering the war. In 1625 Charles married Henrietta Maria of France instead. BRITISH MUSEUM: 1870,1112.212.
[Ref: 18200]    £680.00 ($898 • €778 rates)

AVELINE, Pierre A. [An early 18th century prospect of pre-Fire London]
Londinum Urbs Praecipua Regni Angliae. Paris, c.1700. Coloured. 400 x 505mm.
An attractive prospect of London taken from the south, showing the riverside between Whitehall and the Tower of London, with the Norman St Paul's Cathedral and London Bridge packed with buildings. The theatres of the South Bank are also shown. Includes figures on horseback in the foreground, also the river Thames is populated with a great number of different types of vessels. A ten point numbered key at the bottom identifies the major buildings.
[Ref: 18088]    £3,250.00 ($4,290 • €3,718 rates)


DOPPELMAYR, Johann Gabriel. [The path of the 1706 total solar eclipse over Europe]
Eclipseos Solis Totalis cum mora, d.12 Maji 1706, horis autem: in Europa celebratæ… Amsterdam: Pieter Schenk, c.1710. Original colour. 485 x 570mm. Minor repairs in bottom margin.
A rare map of the route of the 1706 solar eclipse across Europe, which was total across southern Spain and France, central Germany, northern Poland, Livonia, eastern Finland and Russian Lapland. One diagram explains the science of an eclipse and another predicts the path of the 1715 eclipse, the one observed by Halley.
[Ref: 18580]    £1,400.00 ($1,848 • €1,602 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [A classic 18th century map of Europe]
Europa Religionis Christianae Morum et Pacis ac Belliartium Culto Omnium Terrarum Orbis... Augsburg, c.1730. Original colour. 495 x 575mm.
A striking map of Europe, with an ornate title cartouche featuring allegorical figures and putti.
[Ref: 17036]    £650.00 ($858 • €744 rates)

 Italian Islands 

ARGARIA, Casparo. [An early plan of Messina published by Antonio Lafreri]
La Nobile Citta di Messina. Rome: Antonio Lafreri, 1567. 425 x 565mm. A few tiny nicks to edges.
An extremely rare map-view of Messina from the mainland (although the strait is depicted as a very narrow channel), with a 167-point key. The dedication is to the Duke of Bibona (Bivona?). Little is known of Argaria other than the fact he produced two maps: the environs of Naples (1538) and this plan. The publisher, Frenchman Antonio Lafreri (or Antoine Lafréry, c.1512-77), became a major figure in Italian cartography with his 'assembled-to-order' books of maps which had the figure of the Titan Atlas holding up the globe.
[Ref: 18591]    £3,850.00 ($5,082 • €4,404 rates)


KEULEN, Johannes van. [A scarce early 18th century Dutch sea chart of Majorca]
Nieuwe Afteekening van het Eyland Maiorca Geleegewn ub de Middelandsche Zee Tussen de Eylanden Minorca en Yvica Met all desselfs geleengentheeden In't Groot. Amsterdam, c.1734. 480 x 590mm. Rust hole filled, with a few other small repairs.
A rare chart of Majorca, but with considerable inland detail including the roads. It appeared in the sea-atlas 'De Nieuwe Groote Lichtende Zee-Fackel' from 1734. KOEMAN: Keu 95.
[Ref: 18577]    £2,350.00 ($3,102 • €2,688 rates)


FLORIMI, Matteo. [An early Italian town plan of Paris]
La Nobilissima et Grande Citta di Parigi. Siena, c.1600. 410 x 505mm. A good dark impression other than the very bottom edge.
An uncommon bird's-eye plan of Paris derived from the Lafreri school of map makers, orientatated with north to the bottom right, with the title on a banner top left and a cherub carrying the Royal arms and the cresat of the city of Paris top right. Bottom left is an inset map of France and bottom right is an extensive key and a brief history of the city.
[Ref: 18301]    £3,250.00 ($4,290 • €3,718 rates)

Records: 31 to 40 of 45
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