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VAN RYNE, Jan. [18th century prospect of Mumbai]
Bombay on the Malabar Coast belonging to the East India Company of England. London: Laurie & Whittle, 1794. Coloured. 270 x 400mm. Narrow left margin.
A view of Mumbai from the sea, with the East India Company fort, the custom house and the Church of St Thomas. From a painting by Jan van Ryne from the 1750s.
[Ref: 18980]    £900.00 ($1,155 • €1,011 rates)

SINGLETON, Henry. [The assault on Seringapatam, 1799]
The Assault and Taking of Seringapatam on the of May 1799. Major General Baird having divided his force into two divisions, one under the command of Colonel Sherbrooke and the other of Colonel Dunlop, the troops ascended the breach under a heavy fire, when the latter officer was severely wounded, but though vigorously opposed, both divisions, were completely successful. Dedicated by Permission To His most Gracious Majesty George III King of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain & Ireland, &c.&c.&c. By His Majesty's most dutiful servants. Anth.y Cardon & N. & S. Schiavonetti. London: Anthony Cardon & Luigi and Niccolo Schiavonetti, 1801. Coloured stipple engraving. 585 x 675mm. Repaired tears in margins and printer's creases.
The first in a series of four plates of the siege and capture of Srirangapatna, the battle that ended the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War. It shows the melée once the East India Company troops breached the walls and entered the city. In the centre of the scene is an officer (probably Major-General David Baird, leader of the attack) with raised sword In the title is a bust portrait of General George Harris, the overall commander. Singleton's original oil sketch of the scene belonged to Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, who commanded the rear guard and was made Governor of Seringapatam and Mysore.
[Ref: 17901]    £2,950.00 ($3,785 • €3,313 rates)

LUFFMAN, John. [Early 19th century plan of the mouth of the Ganges]
The Mouth of the Ganges. Engrav'd for Luffman's Select Plans. London: Luffman, 1802. 170 x 135mm. Paper lightly age-toned.
Antique Map of the outflow of the river Ganges into the Bay of Bengal, showing Calcutta and the British East India Company's Fort William.
[Ref: 13168]    £100.00 ($128 • €112 rates)

CARY, John. [Map of India at the beginning of the 19th century]
A New Map of Hindoostan from the Latest Authorities. London, 1806. Original body colour. 470 x 530mm.
Detailed map of India with an inset of Sri Lanka, with original strong colour denoting the increasing area controlled by the British.
[Ref: 15857]    £345.00 ($443 • €387 rates)

ARROWSMITH, Aaron. [Early 19th Century map of Hindoostan]
Map of Hindoostan drawn for Mill's History of British India by A. Arrowsmith London: Sydney Hall, 1817. 620 x 520mm.
Detailed map of Hindoostan showing the British Possessions.
[Ref: 16045]    £600.00 ($770 • €674 rates)

Anonymous. [India]
Indostan Rome, 1825, coloured, 325 x 245mm
An Italian edition after a map by Bonne A very decorative map showing India in its entirety, marked with its regional boundaries and major cities.
[Ref: 10321]    £160.00 ($205 • €180 rates)

ARROWSMITH, John. [Detailed 19th Century map of India]
India. London, 1832. Original colour, 600 x 500mm.
A large and detailed map of India showing its division and administration under British colonial rule.
[Ref: 17845]    £450.00 ($577 • €505 rates)

WYLD, James. [A detailed map of the British administration of India in the 1830s]
Map of India Constructed with Great Care and Research from all the Latest Authorities and intended more particularly to facilitate a reference to the Civil and Military Stations. Arranged under the direction of Captain R.M. Grindlay. London, 1837. Original colour. 935 x 655mm.
A large and detailed map of India made for the East India Company and divided into its regions with all towns shown. Military stations are marked and a chart on the right hand side of the map gives details about their locations as well as population details for Hindustan. A chart at the top right hand corner gives distances between all major cities and towns.
[Ref: 18757]    £650.00 ($834 • €730 rates)

COGAN, Robert. [A detailed 19th Century chart of Bombay Harbour]
Plan du Port de Bombay Levé en 1829, par M. Robert Cogan, Lieutenant de la Marine de la Companie des Indes. Paris: Dépôt-général de la Marine, 1840. 610 x 450mm.
A French edition of the important trigonometirical survey of the port of Mumbai, executed by Robert Cogan of the Indian Navy and first published by James Horsburgh, Official Hydrographer to the East India Company, in 1833. Underneath the chart is a coastal profile of the entrance to the port.
[Ref: 17683]    £1,800.00 ($2,309 • €2,021 rates)

WYLD, James. [Two-sheet large-scale map of India]
Map of the Peninsula of India from the 19th degree of North Latitude to Cape Cormorin London, c. 1844, Two sheets, original colour, each sheet 510 x 830mm
A very large, detailed and decorative map of India on two sheets, with strong original colour highlighting the division of India and the various colonial possessions within it at the time
[Ref: 9638]    £500.00 ($642 • €562 rates)

Records: 31 to 40 of 55
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