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 English Counties 

BLAEU, Johannes. [A Classic 17th century Dutch map of Middlesex]
Middle-Sexia. Amsterdam, 1658, Spanish edition. Original colour. 395 x 410mm. Very fine condition
County map of Middlesex, with a decorative title cartouche and an armorial. London is shown pictorially, and Marylebone, Chelsea and Clerkenwell are marked as villages.
[Ref: 11946]    £600.00 ($759 • €667 rates)

BLAEU, Johannes. [17th century map of Dorset]
Comitatus Dorcestria sive Dorsettia vulgo Anglice Dorset Shire. Amsterdam, 1662, Spanish-text edition. Original colour. 380 x 510mm. Split in lower centre fold margin, small hole in printed border.
Decorative antique map of Dorset, published in Blaeu's 'Atlas Major', with a large title cartouche, armorials and galleons.
[Ref: 12141]    £600.00 ($759 • €667 rates)

SMITH, William. [The so-called "Anonymous" map of Surrey]
Surriæ Comitatus Continens in Se Oppida Mercatoria VII. Ecclesias Parochiales CXL. London: John Overton, c.1665. 385 x 485mm. Narrow margins as issued, otherwise a very good example, dark impression.
A close copy of John Norden's map of Surrey, but on a larger scale. It is one of a collection of twelve county maps drawn by William Smith and believed to have been engraved by Jodocus Hondius in Amsterdam in 1602-3. On the map Smith has marked the major roads, something which did not become a feature on other county maps until after Ogilby's 'Britannia' in 1675. The other counties were never engraved, possibly because Hondius dropped the project in favour of Speed's atlas. About 1650 the plates came into the possession of Peter Stent, who added "Printed andd Sould by P.Stent" bottom left; this example comes from the third and final state, with "Sould by Jo: Overton at the white horse without Newgate neere y fountaine tauern" centre bottom.
[Ref: 9177]    £2,000.00 ($2,530 • €2,224 rates)

MILLERD, James. [An extremely rare prospect of Bristol]
The Citty of Bristoll. Bristol: James Millerd, & London: John Overton & Thomas Wall, 1673. Two sheets conjoined, total 305 x 705mm. Repaired tear.
An elevated prospect of Bristol from the south, with Aston and Clifton on the left horizon, the Royal Fort in the centre and Horsfield & Ashley on the right. The title is on a banderole in the centre, with the arms of two Earls of Bristol underneath, with space for a third. In the top corners are the arms of Charles II and his Queen, Catherine of Braganza, with the arms of the City of Bristol and the Society of the Merchants of Bristol underneath. In the bottom corners are two verses in Latin, keys of Churches and other landmarks. Along the bottom is an advert for Millerd's four-sheet map of Bristol. Just above that is an oddity: a dedication to the major and aldermen of the city has had curtains engraved over the top, probably because Millerd did not receive the civic recognition he felt was his due. The example in the Bristol Museums Galleries has the same feature. Millerd's three works were first published between 1670 and 1677, the other two being maps of Bristol. He is also recorded as being a mercer and a 'Guardian of the Poor', appointed to administer the poor laws in the city. WORMS & BAYNTON-WILLIAMS: British Map Engravers, p. 450.
[Ref: 16868]    £3,500.00 ($4,428 • €3,892 rates)

SPEED, John. [Staffordshire]
Stafford Countie and Towne, with the ancient citie Lichfeild described. London, Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. Coloured. 385 x 510mm.
Engraved by Jodocus Hondius, this is one of the most decorative maps of the county, with inset plans of Stafford & Lichfield, armorials and vignette battle scene.
[Ref: 9870]    £620.00 ($784 • €689 rates)

SPEED, John. [Somerset]
Somerset_Shire Described ãd into Hundreds devided, with the plott of the most famous and most wholsom waters and citie of the Bathe. London, Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. Coloured. 380 x 510mm. Small crack in lower centrefold margin repaired.
Engraved by Jodocus Hondius, this is one of the most decorative maps of the county, with escutcheons, a plan of the city of Bath, and vignettes of the baths.
[Ref: 9889]    £750.00 ($949 • €834 rates)

SPEED, John. [Speed's map of Buckinghamshire]
Buckingham Both Shyre, and Shyre_towne describ. London: Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. Coloured. 380 x 510mm. A good example
One of the most decorative maps of Buckinghamshire, with inset plans of Buckingham and Reading and armorials within architectural frames.
[Ref: 13988]    £925.00 ($1,170 • €1,029 rates)

SPEED, John. [Speed's classic map of Surrey]
Surrey Described and Divided into Hundreds. London, Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. Coloured. 385 x 510mm. Top left corner missing as usual in this edition due to the printing plate being broken, minor repairs.
One of the most decorative maps of Surrey, engraved by Jodocus Hondius in 1610. Inset elevations of Richmond and Nonsuch Palaces, armorials, a compass rose and strapwork decorations add to its attractiveness.
[Ref: 16920]    £1,200.00 ($1,518 • €1,334 rates)

SPEED, John. [17th century English map of Lincolnshire]
The Countie and Citie of Lyncolne Described with the Armes of Them That Have Bene Earles Thereof since the Conquest. London: Bassett & Chiswell, 1676. Coloured. 385 x 505mm.
Engraved by Jodocus Hondius, this is one of the most decorative maps of the county, with a town plan of Lincoln, a strapwork title cartouche with a royal crest and a compass rose, a scale cartouche with compass and putti, armorials and a stylised battle. On verso is an English text history of the county.
[Ref: 9869]    £800.00 ($1,012 • €890 rates)

JANSSON, Jan. [17th Century map of Oxfordshire]
Oxonium Comitatus Vulgo Oxford Shire. Amsterdam, Schenk & Valk, c.1680, blank verso. Original colour. 380 x 480mm. Verdigris reinforced on verso
Jansson's antique map of Oxfordshire, with fine body colour, decorated with 18 armorials on banners held aloft by putti and a title cartouche featuring two scholars. After Jan Jansson died in 1664 the business was shared between his two daughters (a share each) and his nephews and nieces (also one share). The firm continued for another decade, but in 1674 the assets were put into auction. Much was bought by Petrus Schenk and Leonard Valk, including the plates for the Novus Atlas, of which this is one. Apart from adding their names they have added grid lines.
[Ref: 12286]    £550.00 ($696 • €612 rates)

Records: 31 to 40 of 103
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