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Dépôt de la Marine. [A folding travel set of sea charts owned by one of Napoleon's Generals]
Carte des Côtes d'Angleterre. Paris, Dépôt des Cartes et Plans de la Marine, c.1798. 17 charts, dissected and laid down on ochre linen as issued, average size 600 x 950mm, in two original red morocco gilt boxes. Each chart with a manuscript title tab (written by Reille?) and the baron's name stamped in ink. Channel chart with minor loss on a fold; canvas worn on another chart.
A fine collection of maps of the coastline of the British Isles, dissected and laid down onto linen as issued by the Dépôt de la Marine and contained in two custom-made, red morocco cases. These maps were all first individually issued between 1757 and 1798 but the present collection is certainly a special commission from the Dépôt de la Marine, as each chart bears the bookplate of Baron Honoré-Charles-Michel-Joseph Reille. Reille (1775-1860) was an extremely important figure in Napoleon Bonaparte's army: he was Commander of the Army of Portugal at Vitoria during the Peninsula War, and commanded the II Corp (25,000 men) at Waterloo. He was later made a Maréchal of France and is buried in Pére Lachaise cemetery in Paris in the tomb of his father-in-law, Maréchal Messéna. The date of this collection coincides with the peak of Napoleon's determination to invade Great Britain, the only power standing between France and total European domination. However, having massed 180,000 troops at Boulogne in order to invade, the British victory at Cape St Vincent in 1797 proved to Napoleon that his navy was not strong enough for the attempt. The two boxed sets comprise the following maps: (Carte Des Côtes D'Angleterre 1) Carte Reduite des Isles Britanniques, Prémiere feuille, partie Meridionale de L'Angleterre Carte Reduite des Isles Britanniques, Seconde feuille, partie Septentrionale de L'Angleterre Carte Reduite des Isles Britanniques, Troisiéme feuille, partie Meridionale de L'Ecosse (1757) Carte Reduite des Isles Britanniques, Quatriéme feuille, partie Septentrionale de L'Ecosse (1757) Carte Particuliére des Costes Occidentales d'Irlande Carte Générale des Costes d'Iralnde et des Costes Occidentales d'Angleterre avec un Partie de celles d'Ecosse Carte des Entrées de La Tamise (Bellin 1759) Carte Reduite de La Manche (L'an VII de la Republique) Carte Reduite des Costes de Flandre et de Hollande (1763) (Carte Des Côtes D'Angleterre 2) Carte Reduite de L'Isle de Wight et Costes Voisines depuis Selsey Jusqu'a La Pointe Peverel (1762) Carte Particuliere du Canal de Bristol (L'an VI de la Republique) Carte Reduite des Isles Britanniques, cinquiéme feuille, contenant L'Irlande Côte Orientale d'Angleterre, depuis South Foreland jusqu'a Lowestoft comprenant les entrées de la Tamise Côte Orientale d'Angleterre, depuis Lowestoft et jusques L'Humber (L'an VI de la Republique) Carte Reduite de la rade des dunes avec une partie des entrées de la Tamise (1757) Carte Particuliere de la Mer d'Irlande appellée communement Canal St Georges (L'an VI de la Republique) Carte Reduite de l'entrée de la Mer d'Irlande et du Canal de Bristol
[Ref: 10323]    £3,750.00 ($5,250 • €4,249 rates)

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [Map of the ancient British Isles]
Le Isole Britanniche Antiche cioe' La Britannia Maggiore o sia Albione e la Britannia Minore o sia Ivernia. Rome, 1799, original colour, 380 x 505mm
A scarce and decorative map of the British Isles divided according to their ancient boundaries with the names of the tribes marked in each region, also shown are cities and towns called according to their old names. With a large and attractive title cartouche in the upper left-hand corner depicting Neptune in a shell chariot urging on his team of hippocamps.
[Ref: 13868]    £300.00 ($420 • €340 rates)

BOWLES & CARVER. [The British Isles at the end of the 18th century]
Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; delineated from the latest Surveys, London, c.1800. Original body colour. Dissected and laid on linen, as issued, total 675 x 555mm. Repairs to linen.
A scarce map of the British Isles in particularly fine colour marking the counties, not just the countries of standard colouring. The title cartouche features a busy port scene. Henry Carington Bowles and Samuel Carver continued the family firm after the death of Carington Bowles in 1793.
[Ref: 17557]    £700.00 ($980 • €793 rates)

SOCIETA CALCOGRAFICA. [Uncommon Italian map of the British Isles]
Les Isles Britanniques Assujetties aux Observations Astronomiques Combinées avec les Iteneraires Anciens et Modernes Par Robert de Vaugondy Geographe et Delamarche Geographes. Venice: la Societa' Calcografica, 1800. Original colour. 495 x 600mm. Narrow top margin
A very scarce map of the British Isles, with an inset of the Orkneys and Shetlands in a trompe-l'œil border in the style of Antonio Zatta. It comes from a never-finished atlas by the ‘Società Calcografica’, a partnership of the two main Venetian publishers of the period, Zatta and Giuseppe Antonio Remondini, which probably ended with Zatta’s death in 1804.
[Ref: 16616]    £900.00 ($1,260 • €1,020 rates)

CARY, John. [A wall map of the British Isles in fine colour]
Cary's Reduction of his Six Sheet Map of the British Isles; Comprehending the whole of the Turnpike Roads. With the Great Rivers and Course of the different Navigable Canals, Also The Market and Borough Towns and Villages adjoining the Road, to which is added The actual Distance from one Market Town to another, with The exact measurement to each from the Metropolis. Drawn from the most Recent Surveys. 1836. London: John Cary, 1836. Fine original colour. Dissected and laid on linen, total 1260 x 985, folded into original paper slipcase with publisher's label. Slipcase scuffed.
A large and detailed map of the British Isles, published the year before Queen Victoria came to the throne. Despite its age the original hand colour is still fine and bright.
[Ref: 15007]    £800.00 ($1,120 • €906 rates)

BRADSHAW, George? [A rare old railway map on cloth]
The Railways in Great Britain also the line of Navigation from the principal Sea Ports to both home amd Foreign Stations. Manchester? c.1850. Printed on cloth in black and red. 580 x 600mm. Some faint toning.
A scarce antique map on cloth of England, Wales and Southern Scotland with the railways overprinted in red. It shows a line to Plymouth, opened in 1848; and the line from London to Norwich is named the Eastern Counties Railway, before it became the Great Eastern Railway in 1862. The title cartouche features a train crossing a viaduct. Bradshaw published a smaller map on paper with the same title in 1843.
[Ref: 12333]    £1,200.00 ($1,680 • €1,360 rates)

TALLIS, John. [19th century decorative map of the British Isles]
The British Isles. London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, printed area 350 x 250mm.
A detailed map of British Isles with an inset of the Shetland Islands and decorative vignettes of London, Edinburgh and Dublin.
[Ref: 18024]    £240.00 ($336 • €272 rates)


VRIENTS, Jan Baptist. [Vrients's scarce map of England, Wales & Ireland]
Angliae et Hiberniae Accurata Descriptio... 1605. Antwerp: Plantin, 1609 or 1612, Latin text edition. Coloured. 435 x 570mm. Slightly trimmed at sides due to the width of the map, new margins added as normal on this map.
A most decorative map, showing England, Wales & Ireland, issued in only eight posthumous editions of Ortelius’ atlas, with a royal family tree, armorials and vignettes including Neptune on a sea-horse. This example is from the second state, with the controversial description of James I as king of France removed. As this map only appears in the later editions of the Theatrum it is comparatively rare: Van den Broecke estimates that only about 1,250 were printed. Shirley notes that because the map is larger than the standard Ortelius maps it is 'often found with damage to the margins'. SHIRLEY: 323 & 275 for main description, 'an exceptionally fine map'.
[Ref: 15776]    £5,500.00 ($7,700 • €6,232 rates)

MERCATOR, Gerard. [Early 17th century map of south-west England]
Cornubia, Devonia, Somersetus, Dorcestria, Wiltonia, Glocestria, Monumetha, Glamorgan, Caemarden, Penbrok, Cardigan, Radnor, Breknoke, Herefordia & Wigornia. Amsterdam, Jan Jansson & Henricus Hondius, 1633. German text edition. Original colour. 360 x 425mm. Tiny repair in map area, a good impression, very attractive colours.
South west England and southern Wales engraved by Mercator himself.
[Ref: 12653]    £460.00 ($644 • €521 rates)

MOORE, Jonas. [Seventeenth century map of England]
England. London, Robert Scott, 1681. 210 x 170mm.
Scarce map of England, published in 'Moore's ''A new Geography with the maps to each Country and Tables of Longitude & Latitiude'.
[Ref: 16793]    £190.00 ($266 • €215 rates)

Records: 31 to 40 of 341
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