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 The Netherlands 

DE WIT, Frederick. [Friesland]
Tabula Comitatus Frisiae Amsterdam, c.1680, original colour, 470 x 560mm.
Comprising the region of Friesland and its coast with an inset map in the top right hand corner of the islands. The title contained in a decorative cartouche in the bottom right hand corner, surmounted by a coat of arms supported by putti and flanked by wine barrels and livestock.
[Ref: 7681]    £270.00 ($363 • €307 rates)

VISSCHER, Nicolas Jansz. [A two-sheet map of the polders Mase & Achterdyken]
Seer net Gemeete Kaarte van de Respective Polders Mase en Achterdyken, met der selver sluysen, wateringen, weg slooten, stegen en wegen, in den quartiere van Maasland, gelegen aan de rivier de Mase, en in de Mayerye van 's Hertogenbossche, sig uytstreckende van de gemelte stad, langs de Dieskant, tot aan de stad Ravensteyn. Amsterdam, c.1680. Original body colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 475 x 800mm.
A map of the polders in North Brabant on the course of the river Meuse between Greveceur and Ravenstein. It has decorative cartouches for the title, scale and blank text box, and an armorial featuring a cow. An unusual map, i is more often seen as the reissue by Pieter Schenk jnr.
[Ref: 14946]    £1,200.00 ($1,614 • €1,363 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [Holland]
Les XVII Provinces des Pais Bas. Paris, 1682. original outline colour. 120 x 100mm.
An attractive miniature map of Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and part of Northern France, marking rivers, regional boundaries and main settlements. Published in Du Val's 'Géographie Universelle'.
[Ref: 10777]    £125.00 ($168 • €142 rates)

DU VAL, Pierre. [Holland]
Provinces-Unies Des Pays Bas Connues Sous Le Nom De Holande.. Paris, c.1682. original outline colour. 100 x 125mm.
A miniature map of Holland, published in Du Val's 'Géographie Universelle'.
[Ref: 10859]    £140.00 ($188 • €159 rates)

MAROT, Daniel. [Antique print of the Siege of Maastricht, 1673]
Mastrich. Ville du Duché de Brabant fameuse par les longs Siéges qu'elle à autrefois soûtenus, l'un contre le Duc de Parme, l'autre contre le Prince d'Orange Frederic Henry... c.1685. 430 x 330mm.
Original antique print of the Siege of Maastricht by the French army of King Louis XIV in 1673, part of the Franco-Dutch War (1672-8). After capuring the city the French held it under 1678. Above the scene is a map of the defences of the city within a cartouche of military trophies. Frenchman Daniel Marot (1661-1752) was an architect and furniture designer as well as an engraver. It is likely that he engraved this homage to Louis XIV before 1685, because in that year the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes caused him to join the Hugenot exodus from France. He entered the service of the Stadtholder, William of Orange, and accompanied him to England when he became King William III of England. Marot is now best known for his designing work for William and Mary at Hampton Court in the 1690s.
[Ref: 12437]    £1,200.00 ($1,614 • €1,363 rates)

VISSCHER, Nicolas Jansz. [Large and decorative 17th Century map of Holland]
Hollandiæ Comitatus in Ejusdem Subjacentes Ditiones; una cum Toto Ultrajectino Dominio… Amsterdam, c.1690. Original colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 760 x 570mm. Repaired tear at fold.
A detailed map of Holland, a province in the west of the Netherlands. The elaborate title cartouche celebrates the region's maritime accomplishments.
[Ref: 15109]    £900.00 ($1,211 • €1,022 rates)

COMMELIN, Caspar. [Plan of Amsterdam in the late 17th century]
Amsterdam met des Selfs omleggende landen. Amsterdam, 1693. 420 x 580mm. Backed with archival tissue.
A plan of Amsterdam, highlighting the defensive walls and the docks, with a 110-point key, published in Commelin's 'Beschryvinge van Amsterdam', first edition. When the work was republished in 1726, this map had a small compass rose above the key.
[Ref: 17412]    £900.00 ($1,211 • €1,022 rates)

JANSSON, Jan. [A 17th century antique town plan of Rotterdam]
Rotterdam. Amsterdam, Frederick de Wit. c.1698. 400 x 510mm.
Detailed bird's-eye view of Rotterdam, although not attempting a correct perspective, with a 48-point key. Originally published by Jansson, this example comes from de Wit's Townbook of the Netherlands, in which he used plans from the defunct Blaeu & Jansson firms in addition to his own.- KOEMAN: Wit 26 & 27.
[Ref: 11767]    £1,500.00 ($2,018 • €1,704 rates)

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [Map of Holland and its colonies with views of New York and Jakarta]
Belgii Pars Septentrionalis communi nomine vulgo Hollandia nuncupata Continens Statum Potenentissimæ Batavorum Reipublicæ seu Provincias VII Foederatas. Nuremberg: c.1705. Original hand colour. 490 x 570mm.
Homann's map of Holland with inset maps of the Dutch colonies on the eastern seaboard of America and in the East Indies, with vignette views of New York City) and Jakarta. The allegorical title cartouche represents Dutch mastery of the sea, adding to the celebration of the Dutch empire at its apogee.
[Ref: 17201]    £650.00 ($874 • €738 rates)

JAILLOT, Alexis-Hubert. [Overijssel]
La Seigneurie d'Over-Yssel subdivisée en Trois Parties, Sallant, Twente, et Drente... Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier, c.1705. Original colour. 565 x 440mm.
A large and decorative map from Mortier's issue of Jaillot's 'Atlas Nouveau', with fine baroque title and scale cartouches. KOEMAN: Mor 1.
[Ref: 7636]    £350.00 ($471 • €398 rates)

Records: 31 to 40 of 113
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