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ALBRIZZI, Girolamo. [A scarce plan of the city and port of Scio]
Citta di Scio Conquistata dalle Aemi Della Seren:ma Republica di Venetia li ist Settemb.r 1694. Venice: Albrizzi, 1694. 180 x 350mm, with wide margins. Binding folds flattened.
Plan of the city of Scio with a 13-point key, published in 'Distintissima descrittione della città, porto & isola di Scio, conquistata dalle armi della Sereniss. Republica di Venetia. Sotto il comando del'ilustr. & ecc. Signor Antonio Zeno...'
[Ref: 17921]    £680.00 ($902 • €795 rates)

CORONELLI, Vincenzo Maria. [Corfu City]
Veduta della Fortezza Vecchia di Corfu verso Tramontana. Venice, c.1690. 110 x 270mm, set in a page of text.
View of the city of Corfu, with the title on a banner above.
[Ref: 7629]    £200.00 ($265 • €234 rates)

VISSCHER, Nicolas Jansz. [Morea during Venetian rule]
Peloponnesus hodie Morea... Amsterdam, 1698. Original colour. 455 x 560mm. A very fine example.
A decorative and detailed map of the Morea or Peloponnese, published at when it was in the tenuous possession of Venice. Thus the title cartouche features the campanile of St Mark's and the Venetian lion surrounded by vanquished Turks. ZACHARAKIS: 2350.
[Ref: 15291]    £650.00 ($863 • €760 rates)

BERTELLI, Donato. [A reissue of a 16th century map of Kythira]
Isola di Cerigo. Cythera. Padua: Lasor a Varea, 1713. 210 x 155mm.
First issued in c1570, this example comes from Lasor's geographical compendium 'Universus Terrarum Orbis Scriptorum calamo delineatus'. In the title 'Cythera' has been added to the plate. ZACHARAKIS: 1861.
[Ref: 16184]    £180.00 ($239 • €210 rates)

FER, Nicolas de. [A scarce 18th Century map of Greece and the Ægean]
La Grece ou La Partie Meridionale de la Turquie en Europe. Paris, 1715. Original outline colour. 475 x 675mm. Narrow right margin, folds strengthened on verso.
De Fer's uncommon large-format map of Greece, with Crete and the Ionian Islands. ZACHARAKIS: 1498/998.
[Ref: 16833]    £1,250.00 ($1,659 • €1,461 rates)

SEUTTER, Matthäus. [Deatiled map of the Morea]
Peloponnesus Hodie Morea... Augsburg, c.1725. Original wash colour. 490 x 580mm. A very fine and crisp example.
A large map of the Peloponnese, with bright original colour. Although the Venetians had lost hold on the Morea in 1714, over a decade before publication, the title cartouche still features a Cross and of the Venerian lion surrounded by vanquished Turks. ZACHARAKIS: 2177.
[Ref: 15338]    £450.00 ($597 • €526 rates)

CALMET, Augustin Antoine. [View of Patmos]
Vue de l'isle, et du port de Pathmos Paris, 1730. Coloured copper engraving. 320 x 440mm.
A view of the island and port of Patmos seen from the sea. The Convent of St Jean is represented. From Augustin Calmet's 'Dictionarium, historicum, criticum, chronologican, sacrae scripturae'.
[Ref: 16445]    £270.00 ($358 • €316 rates)

EULER, Leonhard. [18th Century map of Greece, Albania and Romania]
Tab: Geogr: Græciæ Et Romaniæ... Berlin, c.1753, original colour, 320 x 370mm
Greece, Albania and Romania showing all their main towns and cities in original colour. Published in Euler's 'Atlas Geographicus’ under the auspices of the Prussian Royal Academy of Sciences, whose privilege stamp appears to the bottom right of the map.
[Ref: 16560]    £320.00 ($425 • €374 rates)

ROUX, Joseph. [Corfu]
[I Corfu]. Paris, 1764. 135 x 200mm.
Chart of the island of Corfu, noting many depths, published in Roux's 'Plans et Rades de la Méditerraneé'. ZACHARAKIS: 1967.
[Ref: 9108]    £95.00 ($126 • €111 rates)

ROUX, Joseph. [Corfu City]
Carte du Mouillage de Corfou. Paris, 1764. 145 x 210mm.
Chart of the coastline of Corfu facing Greece, including the town, published in Roux's portulan book 'Plans et Rades de la Méditerraneé'.
[Ref: 9074]    £100.00 ($133 • €117 rates)

Records: 31 to 40 of 45
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