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OTTENS, Reinier & Joshua. [Decorative antique map of Norway]
Norvegia Regnum... Amsterdam R. & J. Ottens, c.1730. Original colour. 585 x 500mm.
Original antique Map of Norway with an inset of the northern part, and a decorative cartouche of a merman and mermaid. Despite being ascribed to De Wit, the map is not a later state of his map but a copy of that of Danckerts. The Ottens brothers probably never acquired any De Wit plates but are just using De Wit's name to sell their map.
[Ref: 12260]    £800.00 ($1,045 • €922 rates)

PURCHAS, Samuel. [English whaling at Spitzbergen in the early 17th century]
['Greenland' & 'Edges Island'.] London: A. & J. Churchill, 1744. 295 x 335mm. A very fine example with wide margins.
Despite having 'Greenland' written across one island this is a map of Spitzbergen, flanked by eleven scenes of whale fishing & processing, and bear and walrus hunting (here called 'seamorces'). It was designed to illustrate the accounts of the whaling voyages of the Muscovy Company from 1611, including those by Thomas Edge (still remembered in the name of one of the islands, Edges Iland), William Baffin and Robert Fotherby. Purchas is not confusing Spitzbergen with the modern Greenland: the name was an anglicisation of Nicolo Zeno's name for the Arctic land he 'discovered' in the 14th century, 'Engroniland' or 'Grolandia'. The name stuck despite Fotherby writing that there was nowhere 'yet knowne and discovered that is lesse greene than it'. The discovery of Spitzbergen was the beginning of English whaling. In 1612 the Moscovy Company obtained a charter supposedly giving them exclusive rights to exploiting the islands; in 1613 a fleet of seven ships under Benjamin Joseph and Edge arrived to find 17 foreign ships, which they either bullied into leaving or forced to hand over half their catch. By 1625 competition from the Dutch made Spitzbergen less attractive to the English, so the whalers turned west to the real Greenland.
[Ref: 16125]    £980.00 ($1,280 • €1,130 rates)

PONTOPPIDAN, Erich. [The Natural History of Norway, including sea-monsters!]
The Natural History of Norway: containing, A particular and accurate Account of the Temperature of the Air, the different Soils, Waters, Vegetables, Metals, Minerals, Stones, Beasts, Birds, and Fishes; together with the Dispositions, Customs, and Manner of Living of the Inhabitants... London: A. Linde, 1755. Folio, rebound in full calf gilt with original front board, marbled edges; two parts in one; pp. xxiv + 206 + viii + 292 + (xi)(index); coloured folding map, 27 engr. plates and a plan, as called for.
First and only English edition of Erich Pontoppidan's description of Norway. Pontoppidan (1698-1764), the Bishop of Bergen 1747-54 and a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Copenhagen, published the Danish version in 1752-3. The first part deals with geology and plants, the second animals, birds and sea creatures, including a depiction of a huge sea serpent. The folding map, a derivation of Homann's map "corrected by Martin Hubner, Professor of History at the University of Copenhagen", was probably engraved by Thomas Kitchin. There was no map in the Danish edition. GINSBERG: 19.
[Ref: 11264]    £1,950.00 ($2,547 • €2,248 rates)

ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, Didier. [18th century map of Norway]
Norwege pars Robert de Vaugondy ... Paris, 1795. Original colours. 260 x 235mm.
French map of Norway, with an inset of Denmark. Originally published 1749 this example has been updated to 'Year Three of the French Republic', i.e., 1795.
[Ref: 15238]    £150.00 ($196 • €173 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [Southern Sweden]
Ostro-Gotlande Ou Sont Les Provinces De Ostro-Gotlande, Smalande, Et Oeland.... Paris, Pierre Mariette, 1666, original colour, 570 x 430mm
Showing the Smaland/Ostergotland region in Southern Sweden, divided into its counties and marking the cities of Vadstena, Vaxjo and Karlskrona (Christianopel) and the Vattern Lake.
[Ref: 10971]    £250.00 ($327 • €288 rates)

SANSON, Nicolas. [Southern Sweden]
Sud-Gotlande, Et Pays circumvoisins... Paris, Pierre Mariette, 1659, original colour, 570 x 430mm Minor paper tissue reinforcement on verso, good impression.
Showing the tip of southern Sweden and part of Sjelland (Denmark), marking Malmo, Helsingborg and Copenhagen and the islands of Bornholm, Gotland and Oland.
[Ref: 10974]    £250.00 ($327 • €288 rates)

FRESCHOT, Casimir Don. [An extremely rare miniature map of Sweden]
(138) Svecia Regn: in Europa. ha il suo propio Re popoli di Religion protestantante. Lengh:: 300. leghe incirca. Venice: Giovanni Pare', c. 1680. Sheet 51 x 71mm. Trimmed from a large broadsheet.
Don Casimir Freschot, a Benedictine Priest and author of about 50 books on history and Venice, composed a 'goose game', 'Geografia ridotta a giuoco per istruttione della giovane nobiltà veneziana', to facilitate "the teaching of geography to the young Venetian nobility", of which this map was a section. Engraved by Anton Francesco Lucini, this was probably the earliest geographical game to be published. The 'board' comprised 153 squares containing small maps, arranged in a spiral, with a plan of Venice at the centre. Above the game were four larger maps of the continents, the rules, including the prizes and forfeits for landing on squares, and a dedication. There is only one known complete example, in the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana in Venice. Even incomplete examples are extremely rare. "Charta Geographica" magazine, vol.1, page 76; plus insert with facsimile broadsheet.
[Ref: 11149]    £450.00 ($588 • €519 rates)

DE WIT, Frederick. [Schonen]
Accurata Scaniæ, Bleckingiæ et Hallandiæ Descriptio. Amsterdam, c.1688. Original colour. 500 x 590mm. Narrow upper margin.
The southern tip of Sweden, with Malmöe, Helsingborg and Christianstad. An inset continues the western coast to Warberg and Gottenborg. KOEMAN: Wit 16.
[Ref: 11141]    £520.00 ($679 • €600 rates)

CHÂTELAIN, Henri Abraham. [18th Century French Map of Sweden & Finland]
Carte des Estats de la Couronne de Suede... Amsterdam, 1718. Coloured. 505 x 590mm.
Sweden & Finland. With descriptive historical tables on the side.
[Ref: 11323]    £425.00 ($555 • €490 rates)

DE WIT, Frederick. [Decorative antique map of Södermanland & Västmanland]
Sueonia Sive Regni Suciae Propriae Pars Meridionalis... Amsterdam, Covens & Mortier, c.1720. Original colour. 410 x 475mm.
Original antique maps of Eastern Sweden, marking Stockholm. Södermanland sometimes referred to under its Latin form Sudermannia or Sudermania, is a historical province or landskap on the south eastern coast of Sweden. It borders Östergötland, Närke, Västmanland and Uppland. It is also bounded by lake Mälaren and the Baltic sea
[Ref: 12254]    £500.00 ($653 • €577 rates)

Records: 31 to 40 of 73
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