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 South America 

PETROSCHI, Giovanni. [An important map of the 'War of the Seven Reductions']
Paraquariæ Provinciæ Soc. Jesu cum adiacentib. Novissima Descriptio. Post iteratas peregrinationes, & plures observationes Patrum Missionariorum eiusdem Soc. tum huius Provinciæ, cum & Peruanæ accuratissime delineata, & emendata Ann. 1732. Rome, 1760. Original colour. Two sheets conjoined, total 745 x 550mm.
An important map of Paraguay , showing the Spanish towns (including those destroyed) and native villages. Engraved by Petroschi in 1732, this example comes from the second edition of 1760. During the 17th & early 18th centuries the Jesuits can created an empire in the region, founding 'Jesuit Reductions', colonies of Guaraní natives converted to Christianity utilised as workers. In the account that accompanied Juan Francisco D'Avila's map of 1732 the population of the reductions was recorded as 141,242. The wealth of the reductions was envied by the Spanish and Portuguese and in 1754 the Jesuits surrendered control, but force was needed to force the Guaraní to leave the missions. In 1756 a joint force of 3,000 Spanish and Portuguese soldiers fought a pitched battle with the Guaraní, killing 1,500 for the loss of 4 troops. This new version of D'Avila's map, drawn by Jesuit cartographer Giovanni Petroschi (1715-66), records the aftermath, prior to the expulsion of the Jesuits from Spanish territories in 1767.
[Ref: 19269]    £2,500.00 ($3,295 • €2,913 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century French map of Brazil]
Le Bresil, dont la Coste est possedée par les portugais et divisée en Quatorze Capitanieries... Paris, 1683. Original outline colour. 205 x 280mm. Small archival tissue repair in top margin.
Reduced version of Sanson's map of the Portuguese possessions in Brazil. A reasonable amount of detail along the major rivers of the interior and a frame-like title cartouche filling the
[Ref: 19116]    £250.00 ($330 • €291 rates)


DU VAL, Pierre. [An extremely unusual proof state of Du Val's map of Asia]
L'Asie Reveuë et augmenteé. Paris, c.1676, Original outline colour. 410 x 530mm.
A rare 'proof' printing of Du Val's map of Asia, engraved by François de Lépine (signed FD Lapointe) in 1664 and first published in Du Val's scarce atlas, 'Cartes de géoraphie', in 1667. However this is apparently an unfinished proof of the 'second' state, 1676, with the original huge island of 'Jesso' removed but without the engraving of the replacement 'Kamchatka' peninsula, leaving the coastline near Yupi unfinished. Korea is still an oval island rather than the corrected peninsula. The title has been updated with the 'Reveuë et augmenteé' and 'au coin de la Ruë de Harlay' added to the address and the date of 1644 removed and not replaced. The cartouche around the title has been heavily re-engraved. We have been unable to find another example of this state.
[Ref: 19002]    £2,500.00 ($3,295 • €2,913 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century map of Asia]
L'Asia divisa ne' suoi Principali Stati Di Nuova Projezione. Venice, 1777. Original outline colour. 315 x 410mm.
Asia on a curved projection. The sea between Korea and Japan is named 'Mare di Corea' which means Sea of Corea.
[Ref: 18998]    £380.00 ($501 • €443 rates)

LEVASSEUR, Victor. [Map of Asia with illustrated borders]
Asie. Paris, A. Combette, c.1850. Original body colour with additions to the decorative borders. 310 x 410mm.
Steel engraving, with a highly decorative engraved border, with vignettes of costumes and animals, published in the Atlas Universel Illustré.
[Ref: 17827]    £150.00 ($198 • €175 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Mid-19th century map of Asia with vignettes]
Asia. London, J. & F. Tallis, 1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, printed area 250 x 320mm.
A detailed map of Asia, drawn and engraved by John Rapkin, for the 'Illustrated Atlas', one of the last decorative atlases to be produced. Five vignettes scenes includes Petra in Jordan.
[Ref: 18527]    £170.00 ($224 • €198 rates)


SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century map of China]
Royaume de la Chine... Paris, 1683. Original outline colour. 250 x 195mm.
Map of China, engraved by Peyrounin for Sanson's 'L'Asie en plusieurs Cartes Nouvelles', with the privilege and date not found in later examples. An interesting cartographical Korea shown as an island.
[Ref: 19110]    £345.00 ($455 • €402 rates)

STOCKLEIN, Joseph. [A scarce 18th century sketch map of China]
Land-Taffel der Insel Sanciano. Grab-Statt des Heiligen Franc. Xaverii auf der Insel Sanciano. Augsburg, c. 1735. Sheet 325 x 225mm.
A rough sketch map of the environs of Shangchuan Island, marking the site of the grave of St Francis Xavier and, on the mainland, Macao. Above the map is a ground plan of Xavier's crypt. Shangchuan (originally ''Saint John'' in Portuguese) was one of the first Portuguese bases in China but was abandoned in favour of Macao when they were given permission to move to the mainland. Xavier was about to begin a missionary trip to China when he died in 1552.
[Ref: 19027]    £320.00 ($422 • €373 rates)


MOLL, Herman. [17th century English map of Japan]
Isle of Japan. London: Robert Scott, 1681. Coloured. 75 x 130mm. Trimmed to printed border top and bottom, new margins added.
A miniature map of Japan, engraved by Herman Moll for 'A New Geography, with Maps to each Country', part of Sir Jonas Moore's 'A New Systeme of the Mathematicks'. HUBBARD: 47.
[Ref: 19186]    £350.00 ($461 • €408 rates)

RELAND, Adrien. [Japan with Sino-Japanese script]
Le Japon Divisé en Soissante Et Six Provinces, cette carte est tireé des cartes des Japonois... Amsterdam: Jean Frédéric Bernard, 1715. Coloured. 310 x 455mm. Trimmed to printed border lower right as usual, remargined.
An important map, published in the First Edition of Bernard's 'Recueil de Voiages Au Nord'. Reland ignored previous European maps, instead relying on a Japanese model, with the result that many of the fictitious places disappear. All sixty-six provinces are named in Roman and Sino-Japanese characters (the first Western map to do so). The map has an inset of Nagasaki and armorials of the Emperor and his shoguns. This influential map was later copied by Ottens, Chatelain and Seutter. HUBBARD: 69.
[Ref: 19038]    £1,500.00 ($1,977 • €1,748 rates)

Records: 41 to 50 of 142
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