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 London Maps 

PATERSON, Daniel. [A circular plan of the environs of London]
Paterson's Twenty Four Miles Round London, with References to Seats of the Nobility and Gentry. London: Bowles & Carver, 1804. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen as issued , 660 x 660mm
A very decorative map of the environs of London with numbered references surrounding the map, referring to the owners of various estates. It extends from Windsor Castle in the west, clockwise to Hertford, Harlow, Billericay, Tilbury, Gravesend, Reigate, Dorking & Staines. Of particular interest is the Surrey Iron Railway, which is probably Britain's first public railway. Established by Act of Parliament in 1801, the nine-mile track from Wandsworth and Croydon was built by William Jessop and opened in1803. Independent hauliers, using their own horse-drawn wagons, were allowed to use the tracks to haul goods at speeds of four miles an hour, charged per ton per mile. HOWGEGO No. 212a State 4
[Ref: 13524]    £800.00 ($1,040 • €920 rates)

PALMER, William. [Circular map of London environs at the beginning of the 19th century]
Twenty-Five Miles Round London. London: Scatchard, 1806. Coloured. 290 x 280mm.
A beautifully engraved map of the environs of London stretching from Welwyn in the north to Reigate in the south and from Windsor in the west to Stanford Le Hope in the east . The Counties have been delineated in outline colour. Updated to show the Paddington Canal and Grand Canal. Published in 'The Ambulator: or a pocket companion in a tour round London'. HOWGEGO: 187, state ii of iv.
[Ref: 16456]    £280.00 ($364 • €322 rates)

STRATFORD, James. [London at the beginning of the 19th century]
London, extending from the Head of the Paddington Canal West, to the West India Docks East with the propsed Improvements between the Royal Exchange and Finsbury Square. London, 1806. Coloured. 300 x 530mm. Minor repair to left margin.
A plan of London showing from the Serpentine clockwise to Islington, the West India Docks and Lambeth, with an extensive key underneath. Engraved by Russell for Hughson's 'London, being an accurate history and description of the British metropolis'. HOWGEGO: 240.
[Ref: 15860]    £450.00 ($585 • €518 rates)

LANGLEY & BELCH. [Town plan of Georgian London with illustrated borders]
Langley & Belch's New Map of London. London, 1812. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen as issued; 530 x 800mm, in original slipcase with publisher's titled label.
An uncommon map of London, with 24 vignette views of buildings. On the map and illustrated are the West & East India Docks, opened 1802 & 1806 respectively. Of interest is the attention paid to 'Projected Works', coloured yellow. These include: Regents Park and the 'Intended Road' running south (although still showing Jew's Harp tea rooms and Willans Farm, both mentioned in William Blake's 'Jerusalem'); Waterloo Bridge and the southern approach roads; 'Regent Bridge', now Vauxhall Bridge, and the Vauxhall Bridge Road; and the Duke of Bedford's development around Tavistock Square in Bloomsbury. HOWGEGO: 256, plate 13. First state.
[Ref: 16365]    £2,750.00 ($3,575 • €3,163 rates)

MOGG, Edward. [Map of London published near the end of the Napoleonic Wars]
London In Miniature With the Surrounding Villages. An Entire New Plan In which the Improvements both present and intended are actually reduced (by permission) from the serveys of the Several Proprietors... London, 1813. Original Colour. Dissected and laid on linen as issued, 515 x 940mm. With slipcase with publisher's label. Slipcase distressed.
Plan of London extending from Kilburn in the north west clockwise to Islington, Hackney, the River Lea and the East India Docks, Greenwich, Camberwell, Battersea and Kensington. King's Road is still 'The King's Private Road'; Notting Hill Gate is the 'Kensington Gravel Pits'; the Vauxhall Bridge and Road are shown as planned, as is Waterloo Bridge; and the planned Regent's Park is not yet laid out. HOWGEGO No. 237, unrecorded state between 6 & 7, lacking Regent's Park.
[Ref: 14315]    £950.00 ($1,235 • €1,093 rates)

NEWTON, J. & W. [One of the few Georgian maps of Hampstead]
Hampstead. London, 1814. Coloured. 450 x 420mm.
A rare map of Hampstead and its environs, compiled by J. & W. Newton and engraved by Quilley for John James Park's 'The Topography and Natural History of Hampstead, in the County of Middlesex'. The boundaries are the Edgeware Road on the left, clockwise to North End, The Spaniards Inn, Haverstock Hill and Primrose Hill. The title vignette features St John-at-Hampstead Church. John James Park (1795-1833), a noted jurist and legal historian, was the son of Maria Hester Reynolds Park, one of the most prolific of the 18th century women composers.
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LANGLOIS, Hyacinthe. [Plan of London]
Nouveau Plan de Londres et du Bourg de Southwark. Paris, Langlois, c. 1817. French text. 300 x 610mm.
Detailed plan of London with a translation of English to French words below.
[Ref: 17091]    £800.00 ($1,040 • €920 rates)

MOGG, Edward. [Folding map of the environs of London in fine colour]
Mogg's Twenty Four Miles Round London. London, Mogg, 1817. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen, as issued, total 615 x 570mm.
A circular map of the London area, extending to Windsor in the west, clockwise to Ware, Brentwood, Gravesend, Sevenoaks, Dorking & Ripley. Published soon after the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the map focuses on the roads, with the main routes from London marked off in miles. An orange line marks the extent of the Two Penny Post delivery. HOWGEGO: 235, state 5 of 11.
[Ref: 16208]    £650.00 ($845 • €748 rates)

BOWLER & TRIQUET. [A Georgian map of Tottenham]
A Map of the Parish of Tottenham in the County of Middlesex from an Actual Survey. London, 1818. Coloured. Sheet 405 x 580mm. Laid on linen as issued, binding folds flattened.
A map of Tottenham Parish, engraved by R.E. Bowler and E.G. Triquet for William Robinson's 'History and Antiquities of the Parish of Tottenham High Cross'. Besides marking the houses, the area of each field is measured, in acres, rods and perches. The site of the White Hart Lane stadium is still fields, on the corner of High Road and Marsh Lane (now renamed Park Lane.)
[Ref: 14422]    £450.00 ($585 • €518 rates)

CARY, John. [An early 19th century large scale map of London]
Cary's New and Accurate Plan of London and Westminster, the Borough of Southwark and parts adjacent; viz. Kensington, Chelsea, Islington, Hackney, Walwortth, Newington... and Plans of the New London & East & West India Docks. London, 1820. Original colour. Dissected and laid on linen, as issued, total 820 x 1510mm.
A superbly detailed record of late-Georgian London. To the west the extent is the 'Kensington Gravel Pits' or Notting Hill Gate as it is known today; to the east the plan has been extented past Limehouse to the new docks, the Isle of Dogs and the River Lea; to the north it is Islington, with its workhouse, and to the south are Kennington and Walworth. HOWGEGO: 184.
[Ref: 16278]    £4,500.00 ($5,850 • €5,175 rates)

Records: 41 to 50 of 132
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