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LA PÉROUSE, Jean F.G. [View of Macao in China]
View of Macao In China. London, G.G. & I Robinson, 1798. 250mm x 360mm. Trimmed to image, laid on album paper.
View of the town and bay with sailing junks in the background, etched by Heath after de Vancy, published in 'Charts and Plates to La Perouse's Voyage', an English edition of the French explorer's account.
[Ref: 10319]    £200.00 ($283 • €229 rates)

SPARROW, Thomas. View of Macao in China. London, 1823, coloured, 140 x 200mm Very fine condition.
An attractive view of the harbour of Macao, with monks conversing with natives in the foreground. Published in "The World, or the present State of the Universe".
[Ref: 10533]    £150.00 ($212 • €172 rates)

TIMKOVSKI, Egor Fedorovich. [The plate volume from an account of a Russian diplomat's journey to Peking]
Voyage a Péking, a travers la Mongolie, en 1820 et 1821. Traduit du Russe, par M. N******, et revu par M. J.-B. Eyriès; Ouvrage publié, avec des Corrections et des Notes, Par M. J. Klaproth. Atlas. Paris: Dondey-Dupré, 1827. Folio, original printed wrappers; pp. 32 (including letterpress title); lithographed title with vignette, folding map, 2 double-page plans and eight lithographic plates, as called for. Some foxing.
The plate volume from the account of the journey through Mongolia of a Russian Mission to Peking, written by diplomat Egor Fedorovich Timkovski. A 1728 treaty with China allowed the Russians to keep a Russian Orthodox school and a church in Peking, although they were only allowed to send one mission a decade to change the staff, making Russia the only Western country with a permanent presence. Timkovski accompanied the mission of 1820, departing from Kyakhta in August and crossing the Gobi Desert. His account was edited by the orientalist and explorer Heinrich Klaproth, who had previously travelled through Mongolia in 1805-1807 as part of an unsuccessful Russian embassy to the Imperial Court. At the front of this Atlas Klaproth contributes a statistical overview to the atlas, detailing the wealth, agricultural output, and population of each of the Chinese provinces, with an estimate of 142,326,734 for the entire nation. The text includes a description of each plate (which includes the titlepage vignette in the numbering).
[Ref: 16185]    £850.00 ($1,203 • €975 rates)

LAUVERGNE. [View of Macao]
Couvent de la Guia a Macao. Paris: Imprimerie Royale, 1832-3. Aquatint on india paper. 295 x 380mm. Blindstamp of the stern of "La Favorite"
A view of the Franciscan Monastery in Macao, from the Praia Grande, Macau. This would be the location of the barracks close to the present day Clube de Militar. Engraved by Himely after Lauvergne for 'Voyage autour du monde par les mers de l'Inde et de Chine', the official account of Cyrille-Pierre-Théodore Laplace's voyage to the South Seas (1830-2) on 'La Favorite', a French corvette.
[Ref: 13687]    £200.00 ($283 • €229 rates)

BELCHER, Edward. [Belcher's chart of the approaches to Hong Kong]
China East Coast Sheet 1. From Mongchow to Hong Kong. Surveyed by Capt.n Sir E.Belcher, Comm.r Bate, Lieut. Gordon R.N., and Capt.n D.Ross I.N. London: Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty, 1853. Coloured. 495 x 650mm. 19th century French chart-seller's blue ink stamp under title. Tear in unprinted sea area expertly repaired.
Sea chart of China from the island of Xiachuan Dao east to Hong Kong, surveyed by, among others, Edward Belcher, who is most famous for the first detailed map of Hong Kong, 1841 (the year before the island was ceded to Britain). He produced charts of all over the world for the Navy and also wrote accounts of his voyage around the world and an expedition to the Arctic. He ended his career in the navy as an Admiral.
[Ref: 15687]    £2,000.00 ($2,830 • €2,294 rates)

MARMOCCHI, F.C. [Mid-19th century map of China]
La Cina propriamente detta e sue isole. Genova, 1858. Original colour. 295 x 360mm.
China and its islands from Geografia Commerciale. Showing Mongolia, Tibet, Formosa, Taiwan and Korea.
[Ref: 18147]    £190.00 ($269 • €218 rates)

BREGANTE, S. [Antique sea chart of the environs of Shanghai]
Carta Esférica de la Costa Oriental de China Desde el Rio Ngau-Keang hasta el Whang-ho-kau segun los trajabos de los capitanes Kellett y Collinson de la Marina Real Inglesa. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1862. Touches of original colour. 1000 x 640mm. Blind stamp of the Direccion de Hidrografia. Slight toning at centrefold.
A scarce Spanish antique chart of the Chinese coastline, including the mouth of the Yangtze River and Shanghai. Copied from English charts, lighthouses are marked in colour.
[Ref: 12449]    £1,200.00 ($1,698 • €1,376 rates)

FORTAVION, G.C. de. [Five views of the Second Opium War, 1856-60]
Guerre de Chine: Arrivée des Plénipotentaires Chinois au Camp des Alliés à Tien-Tsin. [&] Port de Sang-Hai. [&] Forts du Pei-Ho. [&] Combat du Pont de Pa-Li-Kia-O. [&] Le Palais d'Été. Paris: Guerin-Muller, 1862. Five lithographs. Each 260 x 400mm.
Five views of the 2nd Opium War, lithographed by Haguenthal for Fortavion's 'La Guerre de Chine grand panorama illustre historique et anecdotique'. They show: the arrival of the Chinese negotiators prior to the Treaty of Tientsin of 1858; European warships at Shang-Hai, April 1860; attack on the Peiho (or Taku) Forts, 21st August; the Battle of Palikao, 21st September; and the occupation of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, prior to its looting and destruction by fire as a punishment. Although these actions were undertaken by an Anglo-French force there is not a Union Jack to be seen!
[Ref: 13686]    £850.00 ($1,203 • €975 rates)

BRYANT, Tomas. [Antique sea chart of Taiwan]
Carta de la Costa y Mar de China que comprende Todo el Canal de Formosa, Islas de Meico-Sima y parte de la de Luzon. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1863. Original colour. 640 x 990mm. Blind stamp of the Direccion de Hidrografia.
A scarce Spanish antique chart of the environs of Taiwan, with the Sakishima Islands of Japan, reaching the north coast of Luzon in the Philippines. The lighthouses are marked in colour.
[Ref: 12453]    £1,900.00 ($2,689 • €2,179 rates)

FERREIRO, Martin [Antique sea chart of China with Taiwan]
Carta de la Costa Oriental de China desde las Islas Lamock hasta el Rio Ngau-Keang con parte de la Isle Formosa, segun los trajabos de los capitanes Kellett y Collinson de la M.R. Inglesa. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1863. Original colour. 620 x 990mm. Blind stamp of the Direccion de Hidrografia.
A scarce Spanish antique chart of the Chinese coast from Wenzhou south to Chou'an, with northern Taiwan and the Sakishima Islands of Japan. The lighthouses are marked in colour.
[Ref: 12454]    £1,400.00 ($1,981 • €1,606 rates)

Records: 41 to 50 of 147
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