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EHRENBERG, L.G. and RÜPPELL, E. [A rare map of Arabia after Niebuhr]
Arabia und das Nil-Land. Den Manen Karsten Niebuhr's und den hochverdienten forschern. Gotha: Justus Perthes, 1835. Original outline colour. Dissected and laid on linen, 600 x 835mm. Linen replaced.
Detailed map of the Arabian peninsula and the Nile region, based on the work of Niebuhr but updated with new information from Ehrenberg & Rüppell's zoological expeditions around the Red Sea and Ethiopia. Trompe l'oeil inset plans include Jeddah, Mecca and Medina, and a trompe-l'oeil of the caravan route from Jeddah to 'Mekka' and on to Taife. On the map Bahrain, the Qatar peninsula and Riyadh are marked.
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WELLSTED, James Raymond. [The first expedition into the interior of Oman by a European explorer]
Narrative of a Journey from the Tower of Bá-'l-haff, on the Southern Coast of Arabia, to the Ruins of Nakab al Hajar, in April 1835. [&] Narrative of a Journey into the Interior of Omán, in 1835. By Lieutenant Welsted, Indian Navy. Communicated by Sir John Barrow, Bart. Read April 10, 1837 [Extracts from] The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society on London. Volume the Seventh. 1837. London: John Murray, 1837. Extract, modern cloth-backed marbled boards; title and contents, pp. 19-34, [Oman] 101-114; with coloured map, sheet 415 x 420mm, and uncoloured map, sheet 225 x 160mm. Original binding folds of maps flattened, with a little reinforcing. Second map with some creasing reinforced on verso.
Two extracts from the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society relating to expeditions into the Arabian interior by Lieutenant James Raymond Wellsted. The first extract describes Wellsted's expedition to see pre-Mohammedan ruins in Yemen, illustrated with a sketch map. The second is far more important: the first published account of the first European expedition into the interior of Oman in modern times. It is illustrated with a ''Map of Oman in Arabia'', engraved by John Arrowsmith, on which Muscat, Nizwah and Ras Al Khaimah on 'The Pirate Coast' are marked, with a vignette of a walled oasis. Wellsted (1805-42), a surveyor in the Indian navy, had participated in Moresby's important survey of the Red Sea in the early 1830s. In 1835 he received permission from the Imam to travel into the interior of Oman in the company of Lieut. F. Whitelock, recorded on this map. When his paper was read at the Royal Geographical Society his work was rewarded with fellowships of both the R.G.S. and the Astronomical Society. Wellsted returned to Oman in the winter of 1836 but, delirious with fever, he put a pistol in his mouth and fired both barrels, escaping death but leaving serious wounds in his upper jaw. He never completely recovered, dying in London in his mid-thirties
[Ref: 19389]    £2,850.00 ($3,684 • €3,306 rates)

LIZARS, Daniel. [A Scottish map of Arabia]
Arabia with the Adjacent Countries of Egypt & Nubia. Edinburgh, c.1831. Original colour refreshed. 400 x 500mm.
An uncommon map of Arabia and parts of Egypt and Iran, showing topography, settlements, caravan routes and oases, published in 'The Edinburgh geographical and historical atlas'. Despite the date there is no suggestion of the Qatar peninsula.
[Ref: 18832]    £300.00 ($388 • €348 rates)

PASINI, Alberto. [One of the earliest views of Jedda by a professional painter]
Veduta del Campo de Pellegrini alla Porta de Djedda detta della Mecca (Porto del Mar Rosso). Paris, 1859. Tinted lithograph on india paper, laid on card as issued, printed area 235 x 340mm. Small repaired tear in wide margins.
A view of Hajj pilgrims camped at the gates of Jedda, en route to Mecca, drawn and lithographed by Alberto Pasini, one of the first professional artists to visit the area. In 1855 Pasini (1828-99) joined the French diplomatic mission under Prosper Bourré to the court of Nasser al-Din Shah in Tehran, an attempt to counter Russian influence in Persia during the Crimean War. Pasini was invited to make a visual record to accompany the written account by Joseph-Arthur, Comte de Gobineau (1816-1882). The mission left Marsailles for Alexandria, crossing Suez to join the East Indiaman Victoria bound for Bushire. They put in at Jeddah (where they met Kemal Pasha, Guardian of the Holy Shrines at Mecca and Medina), then Aden, and Muscat (where they had an audience with the Sultan, Syed Said), before crossing the Gulf. From Bushire they travelled north to Shiraz, Isfahan, and Tehran. Pasini stayed at the Shah's court, before returning to Paris in 1856. In 1859 Pasini published his pictorial record of the mission: an album of 12 prints, lithographed by himself from his drawings, 'Viaggio nell' Egitto, nella Persia et nell' Armenia, dodici vedute disegnate dal vero litografate da Alberto Pasini'.
[Ref: 19584]    £1,250.00 ($1,616 • €1,450 rates)

ELWON, T. & MORESBY, Robert. [Rare six-sheet antique sea charts of the Red Sea]
Carta del Mar Rojo en Cuatro Hojas, segun los trabajos de Elwon, Moresby y otros oficiales de la Marina Inglesa de la India. Copia de la edition francesa de 1864. Madrid: Direccion de Hidrografia, 1869. Six lithographic charts, four double-page, with touches of original colour. Four sheets ea. c. 630 x 920mm, two sheets 500 x 660mm, all with blind stamps of the Direccion de Hidrografia. Faint toning at centrefolds of the double page sheets.
A set of six sheets, consisting of four charts of the Red Sea and two sheets of details of harbours, all based on English charts compiled by lieutenants in the Indian Navy, via a French edition of their work. Among the details is the Port of Jeddah, one of the few western maps to show the city in any detail. Lighthouses are marked in colour.
[Ref: 12274]    £5,000.00 ($6,464 • €5,800 rates)

LIBRARY & PRINTING PRESS EL-MASHHAD EL-HUSSEIN. [A view of the Kaaba printed in Cairo]
[A view of the Kaaba titled in Arabic.] Gouria, Cairo: Library and Printing Press el-Mashhad el-Husseini, n.d., c.1920. Colour-printed wood engraving, sheet 450 x 635mm.
A vibrantly-coloured view of the Kaaba, printed in Cairo for the pilgrim market.
[Ref: 17288]    £1,250.00 ($1,616 • €1,450 rates)

CHEESMAN, Robert Ernest. [An ornithologist's map of Arabia, the first to mark Al-Hofuf accurately]
Arabia. Routes between 'Oqair and Jabrin Oasis in Eastern Nejd from surveys by Major R.E. Cheesman O.B.E. 1923-24. London: Royal Geographical Society, 1925. Colour lithographic map, printed area 480 x 510mm. Original folds flattened.
A map of an ornithological expedition in Saudi Arabia, beginning at Uquair (on the coast just south of Bahrain), passing through the Hasa oasis and Al-Hofuf to Yabreen oasis in the Eastern Province, during which Cheesman collected 300 specimens. An inset shows all of Arabia during the campaign for the unification of Saudi Arabia. The map was published to accompany a report in the Geographical Journal, prior to the issue of Cheesman's own book, 'In Unknown Arabia', 1926. Major R.E. Cheesman (1878-1962) was Private Secretary to Sir Percy Cox, the High Commissioner in Iraq who initiated the Uqair Protocol of 1922, which fixed the borders between Nejd (soon to be Saudi Arabia), Kuwait and Iraq. He mapped his route using a 3-inch theodolite and a half chronometer watch, fixing the location of Al-Holuf for the first time, and presented his findings to Ibn Saud at his court in the city.
[Ref: 17675]    £850.00 ($1,099 • €986 rates)

 The Holy Land 

VESCONTE, Pietro. [The first 'modern' map of Palestine]
Tabula Moderna Terre Sancte. Ulm, Johan Reger, 1482-86. Original hand colour, slightly refreshed. Woodcut, 325 x 560mm. Very minor restoration at centrefold.
A very important and rare map of the Holy Land from an early German edition of Ptolemy's Geography, but one of five 'modern' maps added. It is based on the manuscript map drawn by Pietro Vesconte (fl. 1310-30) for Marino Sanudo's 'Liber Secretorum Fidelibus de Crucis' c.1320. This manuscript work was an attempt to encourage another crusade, nearly half-a-century after the loss of the last Crusader state. Sanudo presented his work to Popes Clement V and John XXII, but failed to inspire another attempt to retake the Holy Land. See LAOR: 603.
[Ref: 9266]    £18,000.00 ($23,270 • €20,880 rates)

SCHEDEL, D. Hartmann. [Incunable prospect of Jerusalem]
Destruccio Iherosolime. Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 1493, Latin edition. Coloured woodcut, image 260 x 540mm, set in a page of text. A few small repairs to the centrefold, as usual.
An imaginary view of the Destruction of Jerusalem, with the Temple of Solomon on fire, from the famous 'Nuremberg Chronicle'. On verso are several more woodcut illustrations. LAOR: 1125, illus.
[Ref: 16824]    £1,600.00 ($2,068 • €1,856 rates)

MUNSTER, Sebastian. [A woodcut map of the Holy Land]
Terra Sancta XXIII Nova Tabula. Basle: Henri Petri, 1552, Latin edition. Woodcut, sheet 300 x 375mm.
A woodcut map of the Holy Land in Biblical times, orientated with north to the right. This example comes from the last edition of Munster's 'Geographia', the only edition with the longitude and latitude bars. The map continued to be printed in the 'Cosmographia' for another 70 years. LAOR: 526.
[Ref: 18763]    £700.00 ($905 • €812 rates)

Records: 41 to 50 of 106
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